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  1. I agree with pretty much everything above. Which is why I wonder if we couldn't do better than what the Thunder did the Paul George trade if we moved Harden. Not saying that it is the right move, just saying that for the first time I would think about it. Problem is that the NBA more than any other league is superstar driven, and there is no guarantee you will get one or two with the boatload of picks, youngsters, and/or expirings Harden would bring.
  2. This is Emmy/Golden Globe worthy. Which I didn't expect. And yet every Friday morning for the past several weeks the wife and I start the day by figuring out when we are going to watch Ted Lasso.
  3. They gonna play Man City in the last week of the season and will need a result to avoid relegation, right?
  4. Oh, and Team Donna. Still. Always.
  5. One of my favorite shows of the 2000s. That last season was brilliant, even though I sometimes wonder whether the major event needed to happen a few episodes before the end (no spoilers, but y'all know what I am talking about). And yes, the finally was absolute perfection. Solsbury Hill will never be better. Not really breaking any new ground from my OP, but worth saying again.
  6. Same. And I am in Dallas right now so watching the Arlington feed.
  7. APMP

    Dallas | Tacos

    Any suggestions for TexMex curbside pickup or delivery? We are currently visiting Lake Highlands area.
  8. I know this is not like any other trade deadline, but still a pretty stark difference between Luhnow and Click. Did we ever do ZERO when Luhnow was here?
  9. Origination is 1%. $250 processing $225 underwriting $300 closing coordination $395 loan delivery Rest is third party fees (with the two title insurances being the biggest chunk) and tax prepay/escrow.
  10. I got a worksheet with a bunch of line item costs on it. I assume you are asking about the percentage of the loan amount that is listed as 'origination cost"? There are a bunch of other fees there too.
  11. Our current lender (we are selling and house is under contract) pre-qualified us for 30 year fixed jumbo at 3%. Said we couldn't lock until under contract. That sound about right or should I be shopping around?
  12. End of an era with Dhoni retiring from international cricket. What a legend.
  13. Another great episode
  14. Full asking within 72 hours of listing. Austin market as advertised.
  15. APMP


    All of this. Did takeout for lunch today. Probably having it at some point this weekend too.
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