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  1. Now this I know something about
  2. Lol top 3 picks all continue to be on IL. Yelich teased me for a day before back on the shelf. Rendon lasted maybe 3.
  3. Also, that is now three managers that have shown up midseason and took us to a Champions League final (RDM, Avram). We should fire the gaffer every holiday.
  4. This team has taken it to Man City already this year. We'll be ready.
  5. Timo heard y'all talking shit. Kante is the little big boss.
  6. Matchday, boys and girls. Not sure why you don't start Pulisic with the form he is in, but let's get it done.
  7. Bad Kershaw showed up today
  8. I'm not a fan of ESPN's trade interface. You can't explain why you are declining a trade, which is usually a help to me if I was the one that made the offer.
  9. Anybody interested in a top 5 closer? I'm thinking about punting saves outright, so Edwin Diaz is available for a worthwhile bat (my team is Viking Quest).
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