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  1. Rahul and Iyer took it down without breaking a sweat
  2. Maybe this is a sequel. She is Cusack's and Bonet's kid.
  3. Not sure yet if I like this idea or not. The original was a rare movie-better-than-the-book situation, it will be tough to measure up. But I suppose Kravitz could make it work with her rock and roll+acting bona fides. I'll miss Jack Black though.
  4. Yeah but unlike regular season byes, they only had a week to prepare after knowing who the opponent was going to be. So the stat shouldn't be quite as relevant. I hope.
  5. This game is going to be an competition between Deshaun's Superman and BOB's total suckage as a coach compared to Reid.
  6. Important thing is that the shooting touch was much improved for Harden. Headband better be history.
  7. something something pot kettle...this whole off-season so far has been a drunk stupor and/or fever dream
  8. Clearly, 2020 season thread won't be captioned "Run it Back."
  9. Classic case of head vs heart for me. Head: without Fuller, safety rotations can be delayed, making Deshaun hang on to the ball too long against zone defenses. We doomed. Heart: Deshaun is the MJ of football. JJ gonna give us one more epic run before his body quits.
  10. Godammit, a fucking bicycle kick
  11. Such a Jekyll and Hyde team. But hey always great to beat that Arse.
  12. This story been posted anywhere? Sounds like a fun read.
  13. It's all fun and games until you get shit on. By seagulls if you're a fan. By Steve Smith if you're an opposing player. By "integrity of the game" if you're Steve Smith.
  14. Kollman was rightfully super high on Cunningham during the pre draft process. Total steal.
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