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  1. Two attorneys, two toddlers 4 or younger. We're going on 3+weeks without a break from the kiddo madness or quiet enough to get substantial workday in. I don't know how we're going to do it, other than we have to.
  2. I am a vegetarian (Indian descent), wife is not. Kids are for now (both under the age of four). This thread is inspiring.
  3. I am jonesing for Enchiladas, and EyM is closed. I saw the rec above for Casita Guanajuata. Any other recommendations?
  4. He's a good egg, good job Dad
  5. What's his current thinking on Mike Fiers?
  6. Just started the pilot to do a rewatch. There isn't a better show I can think of to make me forget about the world burning and crack me up.
  7. About a month ago, a family member that is a chef gave me a huge 750mL flask of one month fermented Carolina reaper hot sauce. They occasionally did crazy stuff like that at the restaurant. You only need a couple of drops in anything. And you take coronavirus type precautions around it (wash hands after handling, DON'T touch your face, etc.). It has been a lifesaver.
  8. Sorry to hear that man. Yeah it's tough. We loved the new house, neighborhood, schools, etc. It was considerably bigger than our current place, so would've been better to hunker down in with two toddlers while working from home for the next few weeks. But we were worried about being stuck with two mortgages in this climate where even relatively safe jobs are seeing pay cuts. I hope that we have flattened this curve enough by the summer to have more certainly about things. At that point, assuming our financial situation is similar to what it is now, we'll start house hunting again.
  9. We walked away from a 3.125% 30 year fixed on a new house a few days ago because we were worried our current house wouldn't sell with the new economic reality that was setting in. Still interested in refi on current house, but not sure rates will make sense to for a while...our current mortgage is a 3.625% 30 year fixed (got in Fall 2013).
  10. Wtf is BOB doing?! Nuk going to AZ in that trade?!
  11. What airpor? They're definitely what I would consider a super spreader...
  12. Yeah mine are still day care age (2 and 4) so a little bit different. The day care doesn't actually close for spring break. But I am keeping them home today and by the end of the day may decide to just do that for the next few days/weeks. Wife and I are lucky enough to have flexibility to work from home most days. I haven't figured out how it's going to work yet.
  13. Anybody voluntarily pull their kids out of school yet?
  14. Thanks. I have the insurrection report from when we could l bought our current house a few years ago, and it's the same inspector. I have just been looking for a checklist of things I should look at while he goes into the attic, climbs on the roof, etc. Not because I think he'll miss something, but more because it'll give me the feeling of having vetted the house myself too.
  15. Anybody have recommendations on checklists/resources for home inspection? Have one happening this weekend on a house (Austin) we should be under contract on tomorrow morning, and wanted to read up ahead of time and be at the house while the inspector worked.
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