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  1. I think the Bastrop volunteer spots get posted here: https://bastropcountyconnects.galaxydigital.com/need/
  2. I have a small position but by the time I got in it was almost $29. Still, the company has good fundamentals so I don't mind even if there is no squeeze.
  3. Bastrop has been looking for volunteers every weekend, and they get shots if any remain. I have heard that, so far, volunteers have gotten shots because there were enough left over every weekend without fail.
  4. My entry is $295 and I own a handful of shares, so honestly this isn't about getting rich. I assume I should just wait to see how high it can go, been holding on in the red for so long I don't really care to try and get my money out at break even.
  5. I don't know what the reason is, but a doctor friend of mine says that they have seen enough evidence to say that the older you are, the fewer side effects you are likely to have from the mRNA vaccine doses. Which is interesting, because we know that if those spike proteins were attached to actual viral payloads, then you would be more likely to have serious issues if you were older.
  6. Idiot lawyer? I finished at UT Law a few years before him, but he was in my wife's class. She says there zero surprise amongst her friends about him.
  7. First Moderna shot five weeks ago after volunteering at Minute Maid vaccine site. Second last week. After second shot, felt crummy for about a day and change with slight headache and bodyache. Enough to know immune system was at work. No fever. Arm soreness both times for a day and a half.
  8. So Captain America on his way out of Chelsea?
  9. We got this, it would be a monumental upset for there to even be a day 5 assuming no surprise weather.
  10. No player in recent history, in any sport, has done for the city where they played than JJ Watt. He deserves the very best, and I hope he is recognized as a Texan when Canton comes calling. Meanwhile, I refuse to give the Texans a nickel until the front office is purged, so probably boycotting them for the rest of time.
  11. Spin that rock boys, don't let up
  12. PM sent. $100 buy-in is fine.
  13. Wish we had an auction, but hey I'm the new guy, will draft near the end and make it work. New guy question: anybody got a link to the league?
  14. Why on earth would Trout drop to 4 last year
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