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  1. Captain America is a monster right now
  2. Ok that Lindor prank on Tito is hilarious.
  3. APMP

    Austin FC

    Any predictions on who the player might be?
  4. Now that is more like it. Finish strong and lock up Champions League play.
  5. Captain America scores. Shocker. (I credit him with that goal)
  6. That is what makes it so awesome
  7. Happy to take the win and move on.
  8. FA Cup game is on ESPN+. People still paying $5 a month for that with barely any sports to watch?
  9. APMP


    How does he remember he has short term memory loss? I don't know if the Remember Sammy Jenkis thing is enough. But if that is a plot hole the whole movie falls apart, and it is a really fun movie, so I am not gonna harp on it.
  10. Well shit. I really liked him. But if there's truth to this (and to be clear, I am not saying that in a question the victim kind of way, but rather a waiting for investigation to finish kind if way) he gotta go.
  11. See, this here is analysis worth $9.95. Can I say Show Me A Loss, or are we saving that for the season thread? And speaking of the season, dunno how much Julia we will get, as she is like 6 months pregnant right now. But hey, Lil Shep might still be able to get her to post in the season thread after he starts it.
  12. Captain America to the rescue. Chelsea is back (from pandemic), folks.
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