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  1. I am not advocating that this happen, but if the sign stealing using tech was truly rampant around the league, I wonder if any current Astros would narc on their former clubs a la Fiers. Hell, Luhnow could probably convince the right player to...
  2. This seems like one of those cases where the coach/manager actually overachieved with the team, but the front office got too big for its britches and thought he wasn't good enough. Good luck with that.
  3. The more I read about it, the more I think Kaepernick made the right call working out at the high school and love streaming it so that he could be 100% sure that unedited video footage made it to the public.
  4. We gon win the test championship
  5. There's a 13 minute highlight package available right now, but not a full archived broadcast. During the world cup though there was an archived broadcast for at least a day or two, so there might still be but I can't be sure right now.
  6. I think they're on Hotstar
  7. They should have never played the game with the air quality at ultra hazardous levels
  8. This is some crazy start. Pulisic is, once again, everything.
  9. The scouting report on Jorg was that he was always going to be a league leader in passes type, especially in Sarri's system. The defensive work implied by those stats has been a pleasant surprise.
  10. Miami shooting 60% from the field and 50% from behind the arc, give or take. This is some history making ineptitude on defense.
  11. Off-season sucks. I blame Tom Herman for some (maybe a lot) of it.
  12. You want it Astros? Then go #TakeItBack.
  13. And I thought this ump would be giving the low strike
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