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  1. Moretti definitely flopped, he's not James harden, not gonna get those calls
  2. I will be so happy next year when we don't have to rely on the likes of Clarke, Holyfield, and Benson for minutes and have one or two decent ball handlers/big men on the floor.
  3. Fuck Baylor I forgot we were playing tonight
  4. It's not that bizarre I guess seeing how badly we whiffed on grad transfers this year and that we have no competent ball handlers on the team. I'm over it.
  5. Not sure Tech wins another game this season, been a complete freefall lately. Pretty bizarre.
  6. This is by far the worst game a Beard coach Tech team has played. Holy shit way to show out in a game you kind of needed to show out in you fucking losers.
  7. We are the stupidest, worst good team in college basketball. I hope we lose out and miss the tourney. Not one player on the floor deserves it.
  8. Not sure I've seen Tech play a worse happy under Beard, and I watched the first half in Austin.
  9. Also, fucking lol at chanting airball when you're down 20 at home
  10. I'm not gonna lie, if Moretti is hurt that is directly on the Big 12 refs. He's been getting mugged the whole game.
  11. The net just got halfway ripped off at the Tech/KSU game and they're having to stop play to fix it. Not sure I've ever seen that before.
  12. WVU's is better according to kenpom.
  13. They are weirdly good at rebounding but bad at everything else
  14. Oh yeah I mean that's a given.
  15. The only real problems Beard has is that we are very young and are missing some key pieces we expected to have. Like, yeah, Ramsey has some freshman moments, but I promise you Beard is pretty damn happy to have him this year. The major problems he has this year are the grad transfers aren't as good as expected.
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