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  1. He gets injured chewing gum. Herman said it wasn't serious.
  2. My boy is in that Lip Dub. Watched it last night, it's a big production for them. He said this may be the last one.
  3. I'm admittedly a novice when it comes to Bourbon, but best bang for my buck isn't $15 Very Old Barton. Really solid, and practically free!
  4. I know this is somewhat suburban legend, but my step son was ranked #2 in his private school class of ~100 and got a perfect score on the ACT and was CAP'd by UT computer science. He got in to Harvard. Un-fucking-believable. This happened this year.
  5. The lodge at the top of Lanai is my favorite place in the world.
  6. Eagle Rare in Austin for $29. Saw several bottles on the shelf, and I only bought two.
  7. I have a Makita. Love it. Milwaukee was the standard.
  8. I was a freshman engineer in 87 too. I had Gleason, but don't remember the guy you're talking about.
  9. His son definitely went to Doss w/ my son. His wife is the college counselor at St. Stephen's, so he may go there.
  10. Same here. If Laguna ever goes up for sale, I'm sure Westwood CC will be first in line to buy it. They are severely limited on space and impervious cover.
  11. One of the boys goes to LASA w/ my son. I've seen Kelly around the school a couple of times. Her voice is sublime.
  12. Thanks for the tips! Luckily, I'm going with my wife who used to live on Maui. She's got us booked for a lot of what you suggested.
  13. I'm heading to Kauai on Saturday. My first time on this island. Staying at Timbers Kauai.
  14. No blind test. We just went through the lineup (a few times). We all agreed the WLW was the best of the bunch. I thought the birthday bourbon and 1920 were next, followed by the EHT. W12 was as smooth as ever, but next to those higher octane bourbons wasn't a fair fight The OF rye was good, but not special. The Old Portrero is a true 100% rye. It was clearly the most unique of the bunch. It had a very distinctive nose and taste. If I were a more seasoned rye drinker, it probably would have been more enjoyable. Very strong grain smell and taste. We we had a blast.
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