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  1. I can't even use the Bob Uecker gif.
  2. Call me skeptical, but I doubt he wins ROY again.
  3. I had golf ball size hail on the edge of that storm in Boerne. We could hear it coming, almost sounded like a train. 😳 Don't worry Rox. I'm already in a remodel and am scheduled for a new roof, if they can find enough shingles.
  4. We've joked on this thread about the fact that venomous sneks have slotted pupils, while nonvenomous snek has round pupils. It's true, but who's going to get close enough to see? Well, these fantastic pictures do a good job of showing that. So if you encounter a snake in the wild and want to see its pupils, make sure you have Patricio Swayze and his camera with you. Seriously, great pictures.
  5. That's awesome. Good teamwork all around.
  6. 4" in Boerne today, after 1.5" on Thursday. I'll take it.
  7. Is that Adam Sandler? Just kidding. But there is a resemblance, right?
  8. So is it still going to flood on Memorial Day this year, or is this it?
  9. Envenomated is the name of my new metal band.
  10. That's beautiful.
  11. Relocated to hell, or just down the street?
  12. KSAT with good coverage as usual. Adam had a 3d imaging app on his green screen thing. He could cut a vertical slice through the storm and see where the hail was. Pretty cool. Anyway, stay safe. https://www.ksat.com/weather/2021/04/28/tornado-watch-has-been-issued-for-areas-west-of-san-antonio/
  13. No rain yet, but continuous thunder in Boerne.
  14. I'd have expected a bunch of errors for Boston, but there's only 1 on the box score. Baseball!
  15. Don't make me fire up Harry Doyle again.
  16. This whole thing feels like a prequel to the movie The Martian. So cool.
  17. Kent is no Spanabama. Lots more Ukrainians. One good thing about Kent is that one of the main roads there is James Street.
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