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  1. Snacks

    Fire Mike Yurcich

    So, did Herman call the plays last year or not?
  2. Nope. He's gonna be, but hasn't been. He's just not on a team.
  3. Whoever came up with smart keyboards can eat a drink.
  4. Golf: The ultimate team sport.
  5. Agree... But let's not leave out bars, restaurants, stores... packed with people... Still. Protests didn't help coronavirus for sure... Coronavirus will be solved before systemic racism. /NoCR
  6. Might have been Texas Textbooks... One of the two on the drag.
  7. I had a black t-shirt with UT in paisley... Bought it at the Co-op. It looked ok relative to the time. Now, I hate that I had it.
  8. So... What happens when the starting C tests positive on game day? Won't the negative test of the OGs and QB be almost irrelevant?
  9. I only read the last sentence. Yes.
  10. i hope he becomes a contributor. i think the game is going to be much tougher when he's not drinking on 5`10“ dudes.
  11. I wasnt involved so i don't know how the Evans conversation went... he would have been a nice QB...
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