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  1. I'm late to the answer party, but Giles as a DL coach has proven to be positive. People have bitched quite a bit about his recruiting. I don't follow recruiting as much as others, but it seems Giles does a good job recruiting guys he can coach to play well, and to me, that matters. As far as I am concerned, he was the only defensive coach who proved he belong to come back....every season.
  2. Every year... day... Whatever.
  3. Snacks

    Houston Oilers

    I have a signed Earl jersey. Yay.
  4. This has me wondering what the hell happened under Vance Bedford. I think it was the 2nd year when the team improved at tackling. Then everything went to crap somehow.
  5. I need to call him. I could use an education like that.
  6. How do you come up with this shit?
  7. I'm kinda hoping for a road trip...
  8. I think DL has been the best unit every year, aside from QB. To me, he is the only defensive coach that earned his job via performance... And going to a 43 should amplify his coaching. I know some people don't line his recruiting, but 95 doesnt screw around. He gets his guys to play their assignments, regardless of star ratings. If nothing else, keep him from other teams. Dude can corch.
  9. Snacks

    XFL: The sequel

    It won't. Teams will move faster like in college. I didn't see how long the play clock would be.
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