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  1. Between the ads, data collection, and hate, I couldn't stand the FB apps. I dumped FB and ig. Linkedin, Twitter, and reddit.
  2. This ain't gonna do shit... Might get Giuliani arrested...that's about it.
  3. Snacks

    Fire Tom Herman

    Greg Davis is our standard.
  4. We supposed to be SEC? No. That's why.
  5. C is for 'Cookie' That's good enough for me C is for 'Cookie' That's good enough for me C is for 'Cookie' That's good enough for me, oh Cookie, Cookie' Cookie starts with C
  6. Snacks

    Not a coach

    Not a game... Not... Not a game.
  7. All football players get much ass. So, yeah.
  8. DPO: Draw Pass Option. You were here when I made that up.
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