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  1. Goodbye and good luck. Snacks / Hoosierhorn
  2. Their rookie shoe deal would have been minimal... Nike gives out a lot of deals... They don't make a lot of money until the players shoes sell like crazy. Betting on yourself is not a bad deal. If you're great, you get all the control. If you're average, you do well on your own and/or still have the option to seek a shoe deal. The Ball Bros can get a shoe deal... They are in the NBA. They will be fine with money.
  3. Apparently, my home team Pacers want D'Antoni... I think he will be available... I hope Myles Turner likes lobs.
  4. 1. I still dont understand how 3 cops could not restrain the dude... 2. Was he placed under arrest and Marandized? If not, was there a right to restrain him? 3. Why grab his shirt? What tactic is that? 4. Why do I never see white dudes getting shot when they have guns, warrants, or should be perceived as threats? (I'd prefer to see nobody getting shot, but that isn't happening).
  5. I'm snacks and I approve this message. Paid for by the Snacks for Ass 2020 booty action committee.
  6. Morey needs to correlate fatigue and eFG. My bet is there is a way to find out when the run of missed 3FGs is going to sustain due to fatigue. And DAntoni should have rested Harden sooner. Harden was dead and it was visible. Flat foot on D. Refused to even try to drive on Dort or Schroeder... Throwing up 4FGs. I know now... When Harden gets physically tired, his metal toughness goes quickly and he forgets basketball smart... Throwing up deep 4s means long rebounds and fast runouts... PJ has the furthest to run, and has to run faster to not be late so he gets worn down an additional amount on top of how hard he works on defense... So then you have one of the leagues top corner 3FG shooters with dead legs... Snowball... Bad shots lead to more transition D leads to more tired legs lead to short shots lead to more transition D leads to mental breakdowns leads to flat D and reaching leads to easy layups and 1s leads to more desperation offense leads to a loss... Suit Russell up, even if his minutes are minimal. He used to play like Harden does at the end of games, but was worse as a shooter... He figured out his game is at the rack. EG needs to do. Rivers needs to do it. Anybody who is a ball handler needs to force okc to defend the rim late in games. Make Adams and Dort defend the lane and not foul. My advice... Worth nothing.
  7. Nope. It was necessitated by games just like this one... Nobody can make a jumper, so Russ drives for a basket or two, lessening the liability that comes with the run of missing 3FG. If you're going to play the 3FG game, you have to expect runs of misses.
  8. Yep. He is throwing up 4-pointers without even trying to go by Dort. Take him out now for recovery.
  9. Snacks

    Shit My Kid Says

    Lil bro (now 12): "Why is your knee wrapped up? What happened?" Big Bro (now 14): "These nuts hit it, that's what happened. They hang too low." Just in case you thought things have changed due to covid.
  10. Snacks

    Formula One 2020

    Is there good stuff on the F1 app? We have it. My son is the only person that even knows the login.
  11. Snacks

    Formula One 2020

    So... I'm getting bored with F1. I'm a casual fan. My son is a fan and a kart racer, so I have interest... But every race is the same.... 44 way ahead of everyone. VB77 running fastest lap in 2nd. Max telling his team the car is too slow, but chasing VB77 pretty well. Ferrari failure. Renault should close shop... Racing Point vs McLaren seems like the only thing to watch... Am I missing something? Let Ferrari cheat again.
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