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  1. It os clearly a problem. Trump, whole having always been not great at running a business, but great at promotion, sounds nowhere near as cognitive as he did 20 years ago. Biden has clearly lost his mind. Bernie wouldn't survive 8 years as POTUS... Regardless of his ideas. Alzheimer's and/or age-related Demntia should be DQs. I wouldn't vote for any of my family members in the federation above me - and that includes the ones that are fantastic role models for life... Their capabilities are diminished. I suspect mine will be at 70ish, too... I want everyone to get old. Live to 100. Great! But dont become President at 72.
  2. Tell that to the olds... And the straight tickets... And the 2-party system supporters... Who keep things as-is... And the independents who have no shot, so they quit.
  3. Old people have wisdom and experience, but there comes a point where they seem to only be able you accept their current, long held beliefs. I am convinced 70 is too old to really do the job the way out should be done. I don't want Trump or Biden or Sanders. That's all.
  4. Snacks

    F the offseason

    This one, especially.
  5. Infection rate only has to double 8 times to get to 20M. Our current rate is 2.4x every 4 days. If that rate holds, we'll hit 100M confirmed cases by end of April. That is unlikely to be the case. Theoretically, at this rate, everyone in the U.s. will have it by May 4, and the all clear would be here by June.
  6. U.S. has 330M Italy has 65M 5x
  7. You serious? School is out. At best we're going to have summer school to finish out this year. School might not beer back until fall. This is just starting here. It's March. It's going to take months to get under control. We're still comingling. Maybe it will get solved miraculously, but the current math says several months and lots of dead people. I want the under. Let the US Virus not be the China Virus. I'm gonna do this time on house arrest and wait it out, though.
  8. I'm amazed at how many people seemingly weren't wiping their ass...
  9. I bet I'm not the only person to post about the chick on the unicycle kicking bowls onto her head. Little Snacks and I were mesmerized... And after seeing it we both contemplated what we saw, and at the same time exclaimed, "She's on a unicycle!" And ou still sucks.
  10. I'm going to the Renegades v Roughnecks game in April.... Might have to bust out some Puppies and Jesus....
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