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  1. Paul Pierce was the best player on the team.
  2. He kinda looked like an ass playing for the horses.
  3. tbh, he wasn't trying to play him there...
  4. So, yeah... if we have an idea of who the guests are, we might be able to come up with some actual good questions... Now go get my man Cleve Bryant scheduled.
  5. 9-4 with a bowl win... Texas is BACK... AGAIN... MAYBE.
  6. Right now I'm hoping we punt on 1st down.
  7. Yeah... But I want it to also be because rat fuck called him Sark.
  8. Yeah, I picked up on FCB and his "Sark". In my mind, that was why he got the unresponse he deserved.
  9. market team has to practice, too... getting ready for some superhero level NLI shit.
  10. Why do "we" do this? A guy contributes (or doesn't) and makes a decision to transfer and gets shit on. Some of you need more Telephone Enrollment eXchange in your mood.
  11. Not gonna lie, this thought crossed my mind earlier today when I was trying to figure out how it all came together so quickly and easily... And all with Tony Buzbee...
  12. I'd take Sampson in a heartbeat. He can coach his ass off and has proven it everywhere he's coached. If Texas wants the best coach it can afford, Sampson is the answer. And he's only making $3MM. He's 65, though... may not coach for much longer, and his wife and son help he run the team today...
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