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  1. This was in an upscale residential neighborhood. Speed limit probably isn’t any more than 30. If the car was on autopilot, how the fuck was it going fast enough to hit a tree hard enough to kill the occupants and burst into flames?
  2. I don't know how to answer this. The rest of the house is elevated on piers (flood zone), but the garage is at grade. I think it's just a good ol' concrete slab. Below about 5 feet or so, the exterior wall (far left side of my drawing) has some sort of cement board or something on top of it, meant to flood. The wall is flush all the way down to the garage floor. I don't know if its cinder blocks or wood framing or what behind the cement board. I'm attaching a pic taken during construction. This is the wall that the stairs would run down. They'll have to be steep enough to miss that electrical
  3. Good idea on letting the ledger run long, although now I can't picture how I would attach the stair stringer to that. So lag screws to attach the ledger to the studs, then the screws you linked to hang joists from the single ledger?
  4. Here's a shitty powerpoint drawing of the general plan. Idea is to do 2x10 or 2x12 ledger boards attached with lag screws straight through the drywall and into the studs along the two walls. I'm thinking I'll double the ledgers so that I can drive the joist hanger screws to a good depth. I'm not really sure how or if to connect/attach the ledgers at the top left corner. Then put a 6x6 post at the bottom right corner, attached to the concrete as already discussed. No idea what to use for the beam. The biggest question right now is if I need to do a post at the bottom left corner as we
  5. So the idea is that if I have the ledgers good, I can basically pull the post level if it's not just right? Why do you say that base is better?
  6. So the weight won't be any problem for the wall studs? The short side is an exterior wall, the long side is interior. Do I set the joists on top of the ledger, or hang them from it? Should I consider doubling up the ledger? Was looking at something like this for the post base: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Simpson-Strong-Tie-E-Z-Base-Black-Powder-Coated-Post-Base-for-4x4-Nominal-Lumber-FPBB44/100655350. Still not clear on how to get it perfectly level if my garage is sloped. Shim the bottom somehow? Interesting on the screws. I had read somewhere that nails are stronger but I don't kno
  7. I've seen those hanging racks and they are pretty nice, but I think they'd be too high for me. I'm not planning to put anything very heavy up there, but I think it'd be pretty awkward and dangerous to try to drag an extra large rubbermaid tote or whatever up my highest ladder.
  8. Our garage has very high ceilings - about 15'. That's a lot of unused vertical space that I'd like to use for storage so I'm thinking about building a platform. Size would be something in the neighborhood of 12' x 8'. Height about 9-10' off the ground. Stairs running down from a corner of it, along one wall of the garage. This is basically a simple, rectangular deck but with 9' posts underneath it. There's plenty of YouTube videos on how to build a deck that I can watch. I'm not a huge DIYer, definitely never built anything this big, but I'm also not an idiot and I'm patient and willing to lea
  9. Shaw would probably be on the hot seat at a traditional powerhouse but I wonder how much Stanford administration really cares. He may have done enough in the past to earn himself a pretty long leash there.
  10. I'd like to see some tape of a high 4-star DT playing JV, just for the lulz.
  11. I can’t find the Masters app on Android TV. Am I just an idiot or are y’all casting it from your phones?
  12. Jacoby Mathews seems at least worth thinking about, unless I missed something. Is Coleman a Bama lock?
  13. I feel like RB recruiting is a TV show and I missed several episodes this season. Early on, Tavorus Jones was a high 4 star guy, all Texas on Twitter, and making it on to a bunch of “realistic dream class” type posts. Then one of the pay sites (IT? I don’t remember) left him completely off their top 60 in state players, and his name wasn’t mentioned on this thread a single time in months, so I assumed he just started off wildly overrated or something. It happens. Now, in the last two weeks, he’s pretty much back in the calculator. Meanwhile, every single pay site has been telling us for mo
  14. Big part of it has got to be the Fed as well, right? They’ve decided that they absolutely do not want anyone to save money, so there’s nothing to do with it expect pile it into the stock market or real estate, no matter how out of whack prices get.
  15. I think I waited a good 2 weeks to bust a nut. The soreness lingered for me longer than most, maybe about a week or so. Not bad pain, just sore. I think my problem is that I wore some fairly loose boxer briefs like day 2 or 3. Keep those compression shorts on.
  16. So the worst case scenario here is that we hire a very well-liked former player who is universally thought to have a bright future in NBA circles?
  17. I can’t stress enough how bad a situation we’re in if we’re having to rely on megacorporations to stand up for democracy.
  18. Are the 3rd row seats in the Model Y even usable? The only pics I can find online make the legroom look pretty much nonexistent.
  19. We just bought and I found "shopping around" to be much more difficult than it needs to be. I personally can't fucking believe that people make this huge of a financial decision without trying to get the best deal possible, but that's just my personality I guess. If you have a bank or credit union that you do business with, I found that to be a pretty good option. We did an application with the credit union that issues one of our credit cards. Their process was very easy - after we did the app, they sent me a link to a website that would update once a day with a full menu of loan terms/in
  20. Article is a few paragraphs, short read. It's interesting that on some RW forums, the GA and similar states' laws are being feted. Opposing viewpoints are countered with a few different refrains--if you can't get out to vote between 7:00-7:00 then it's not that important to you, mail in voting is ballot harvesting, people need to learn how to bring their own water, why do you have the bigotry of low expectation for urban (read: POC) voters, people can stand in line it's not that big a deal, and my personal favorite: women shouldn't be allowed to vote anyway because they're too emotional. Is vi
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