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  1. wtf is this shit with people saying "already" or "bet"
  2. A free truck? Oh boy, that completely changes our cost structure. Our G and A goes down fifty percent.
  3. You are a loverboy! You are a loverboy!
  4. Kramer still testing his bladder system idea https://external-preview.redd.it/iATP64Y9_k7B4EUS2d4C416a9jVTVDpOdAVIWf-UUMQ.gif?width=728&format=mp4&s=1caa5ded2ad1afbd135f77b1b37d464a409b04fb
  5. The field across the street has a million of these things. I've killed at least 5 this week with a bb gun. Very addicting.
  6. Had some Earl Campbell sausage in the fridge along with some frozen fried rice. Cooked the sausage with an onion and put it over the rice. Found some packaged hot mustard.
  7. i should be getting a stimulus check. single guy. i kind of want to give it away to someone that really needs it. my job is safe.
  8. First death reported in Lubbock County. Person in their 60s.
  9. The Smelly Car is Season 4 episode 21 on imdb https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0697778/ The combined The Pitch and The Ticket together on HULU.
  10. It shows that season 4 episode 22 on HULU is "The Pilot" The Handicap Spot is season 4 Episode 22 on imdb https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0697708/
  11. Looking for a good time, sir? You wanna step out of the car, sickie?
  12. Why am I retard when putting a roast in a crock pot? Sorry guys if I'm messing up this great thread.
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