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  1. They'd still win the division.
  2. Nobody including CDC, the networks, God, Tebow gives a shit about realignment in 2019. Or 2020, 21, and probably 22.
  3. We were awful at home in 2017, so fuck it.
  4. Anyone can do that for 35 dollars and an internet connection.
  5. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/11/boeing-expects-to-resume-737-max-deliveries-in-december.html
  6. That's not American Airlines, but if management wants to outsource jobs and fool the public with the paint job and ticket they can pay up when the lawsuits roll in.
  7. I agree. The elephant in the room is the swim center sitting on the primest of real estate, but how do kick the most successful program off campus. Fucking track and chick soccer has go to go across the freeway.
  8. You sound fucking insane. You want stability. Fucking win games. A lot of them.
  9. I do butt post a lot with this phone.
  10. Jesus I hope not. I have to fly tomorrow.
  11. Kmm M H U..k Kmnm.olk.. Xl3.z.. . Butnnlm Lp .j
  12. ISU players won't get to bed until 5am, so Sunday is a washout.
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