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  1. I used to bring a 6 pack of Alaskan Amber home from every Anchorage layover. TSA guy would just grin as my bag went through the belt. Good shit, but the correct answer is Bud Light. Gunspoint can fuck off with all fag beer snob swill.
  2. So this is more like an umpowered glide?
  3. What's the typical timeline from nomination to confirmation?
  4. If both bypass filter lights are on that's a pretty good indication it's contaminated fuel.
  5. Lobo doesn't even understand that. Really no different than aggys century club sticker. My wife is a life member and graduated from UTMB Galveston.
  6. No shit. We've jerked that circle. Runaway pitch trim procedure on Boeings hasn't changed in 50 years. You know when the trim is running on the 737 as a giant clanking wheel is trying hit your knee as it's running.
  7. Yes I have. It's a non event. That's what we've been trying to say. I'm sure the FAA will waste sim time making us repeat this failure annually after its been engineered out of the plane instead of more important things. Nobody is advocating for Boeing or polyester wearing FAA dorks. We're advocating for the 346 dead people that deserved well trained crews.
  8. Get a new wife. I solve problems. I'll always be a native Houstonian, but our move to the hill country 4 years ago was the best thing I've ever done. My job is still in Houston for another 4051 days if the place doesn't go tits up.
  9. No that wasn't wrong. What I learned on my last trip through the simulator about these accidents is more of a face palm from these pilots. Much of the return to service has been a political boondoggle, but that doesn't change the mistakes Boeing and the Feds made. Both can be true.
  10. I'm going to be upset if they don't do a season 3 and wrap up the BTK buildup.
  11. We have Money; we'll be fine.
  12. Jesus, I didn't know that. There were 3 a day before all this shit. Of course there was an IAH airline that had 2 a day to CDG; now none. plz die painfully jeff smisek.
  13. Give his scholarship to Money.
  14. Want to see Coastal play aggy for the lolz
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