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  1. "Not everybody's the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever. I think that people need a second chance, and I've always looked up to Mike Vick, and I always will." Abraham Lincoln
  2. So you've bought into the buzzer conspiracy? Get a grip.
  3. 4 hours of video left on the cutting room floor
  4. Oh man. Those Rangers almost got ya.
  5. For you bitching about how we're going to lose.
  6. He's a douche. Just look at his beard and tats.
  7. Gargle, Gargle, Gargle SEC - "No, no, don't stop...right there...no, no don't...don't stop...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yes!!!! Swallow it you little bitch!" What a stupid fucking take. Not a single person outside college station believes that.
  8. So Pat Benatar didn't make it, but some of these non rock ass clowns did. Makes sense Cleveland.
  9. Have we confirmed that international signings are not part of the sanctions? Because give me all your Cubans.
  10. Honestly never knew that about the shot heard round the world.
  11. Who wants to be surrounded by old people when you're old? Can't believe I'm eligible for del lago vista in 2 years.
  12. You can't skip Paris if you've never been, but I'm aligned with Penelope. We're taking the kids there for spring break.
  13. I thought they didn't either, but saw reports on another pilot forum as well. Whatever widebody it was took a piss on kids.
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