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  1. Ecuador shut down their airspace to whitey pretty quick. It was clearly already there.
  2. Listening to a UAL townhall there's over 1000 Americans still trapped in India. UAL is taking 6 787s over to rescue them. Would not want to be stuck over there, ever.
  3. You can't guilt people to open their wallets with venmo. The plate works so much better.
  4. TEA assured funding for this academic year, so yeah I don't get it.
  5. Wife just sent this to get the daughter. Got me as well. I'm trying to get the rugrats out the door. They can come back and visit whenever they want though.
  6. If they cancel we need to be allowed to carry 110 scholarships temporarily. You can't fuck over the seniors nor the incoming class. We finally have a senior quarterback who doesn't suck.
  7. What do you need a fancy shirt for Penelope; you got no job to wear it to.
  8. No shit. All the stuff I said up thread but was poo pood. If these warbird guys aren't going to adopt a part 121 type mindset in maintenance and in the cockpit then park these planes in a museum.
  9. Lolz at online public school. Most people are poor (nobody here). Both parents work (yes they're still leaving the house every day). They may or may not have wifi or a computer. Public school IQs range from 20 to 150. This works for college online instruction, but for the non pre AP type of dipshit this will be a disaster. See you in September kids.
  10. If you check that page, they list every single person’s age and how they contracted it. They also list their towns/subdivisions. Pilot housing north. Lots of Woodlands travel related middle aged men in there.
  11. Such a stupid ruling calling it no enforcement action. Thanks Dad. Why not just extend everyone's medical 3 calendar months. Planes won't fall out of the sky if I don't read your fucking eye chart I have memorized anyway.
  12. We need time to install the offense. Fuck that. Also too fucking hot.
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