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  1. Booze and food for sale in the back for the poors on ual starting June 1st.
  2. Shaking another man's hand is gross, stupid, and probably makes you gay. Hope it goes away forever. Bow to your sensei.
  3. That's watered-down/aggy
  4. How do you prove you're vaccinated? Is there like a passport or something?
  5. Since we can't fix this can we blame the British. They broke the egg.
  6. This was a Tom Herman level loss.
  7. If the whole world used zulu time you wouldn't have to worry about making the conversion with folks far away. It's a made up number either way, so who gives a shit.
  8. You're a troll, autistic, or a piece of shit.
  9. Kill grandma for the good of the economy. It was what she wanted.
  10. Kids are morons with undeveloped frontal lobes. You've given them 15 other vaccines, but let's ask their feelings on this one. Be the parent and help us end this goddamn thing forever.
  11. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeV3rPcc/
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