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  1. Yep. My daughter got her weekly assignments by Sunday night and was typically done by noon Monday. Hybrid of face to face and synchronous/asynchronous instruction would give your best balance of safety and quality. Rotate through the school every week or two. Why so many districts are requiring parents to decide a single path now seems premature. I get it. A lot of families need the daycare aspect of school when they go back to work. Transportation drives what districts do, so if the busing doesn't work expect kids at home a lot more. Shitshow inbound either way.
  2. Can't believe that bitch was married to Gavin Newsom. Still would.
  3. Goddamnit. Worst decade of music. Worst decade of film. What's this thread about again.
  4. I'd be thrilled if we have a result by Christmas. Gonna make 2000 look like candyland.
  5. Is that like when Jeff Kent broke his wrist "washing his truck"?
  6. Whole family got tested this morning at Comal County health department. In and out in 20 minutes in the drive through. Wife and I have felt run down the last few days. I haven't worked since March and we never go anywhere, so it must be airborne or they are injecting it crown royal and pinot noir. Whoever they is.
  7. Can't force them to? It's your fucking job. Tenure protects them from telling the department head thanks but no thanks?
  8. And that man's name was Bill Cosby.
  9. Waistline should not extend beyond tits plumbline.
  10. Put your thumb down dipshit. There isn't a single UT grad on this site that would do that in aggy solidarity, but mah conservative votes.
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