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  1. It's the college station of Colorado. Endless strip malls.
  2. CVS schedule had lots of open slots around the state this morning.
  3. I just watched 90 seconds of Shaka ball for the first time in 2.5 seasons. Out. How do you people watch and/or enjoy this shit?
  4. Instagram told me these guys can rake all off-season, so I'm going to assume you're lying.
  5. The flow rate sensors on your meter or water softener are highly sensitive. If a few drips go by it will move the needle. You'll know.
  6. In their defense that does sound awful.
  7. Wherever the aggys aren't. Good luck with that.
  8. Nobody cares. Fix the water you crippled fuckface.
  9. So you're saying I should turnoff auto bill pay?
  10. My driveway was clear yesterday. We won! Now
  11. Feel fortunate we have 800 16oz water bottles stored in a closet for a wedding covid canceled. Pool water to wash my butthole.
  12. Anyone surprised Slorch is the mayor of Colorado City?
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