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  1. On the positive side, new hospital admits in the greater SE Texas region continue to plummet.
  2. HouTex


    Any recommendations for wedding wines? Probably only a handful of wine geeks will be at the wedding. We are splurging on the venue, band, liquor and food so the wine will not be classified Bordeaux. It mostly will be a bunch of millennials in their early thirties in attendance. I want to keep it under $20 per bottle. They are popular but I don’t like inexpensive pinots. I’m considering Villa Antinori and Falesco Vitiano from Italy for the red. There are a bunch of Southern Rhône’s imported by Robert Katcher that I like. There are a few Cali Cabs that I like under $20 (Louis Martini, Beringer). I would appreciate any ideas for a red and a white.
  3. Pretty much all my friends have had it. I’ve never been tested. My wife and I think we had it in late Feb 2020. She’s never sick and she got the worst flu she’s ever had. But after three days she was fine. I had a lighter case right after her. We were vaxxed by early April.
  4. 1980 Bruce Springsteen-second row on the floor. That and his show in Houston in 1978 were the best live performances I ever saw. 1981 or 1982 Christopher Cross. 1983? Diana Ross (with girl friend). There probably were one or two more that I can’t recall.
  5. This. Also, many (most?) homeowners and pool builders are just obsessed with soft flagstones for coping and decking. If I ever build another pool I would design it with hard travertine (which was my coping material) and other materials that would not be a problem with a SWG assuming proper sealing and care.
  6. For the first time in seven years Houston did not reach 100 degrees. Seattle hit 100 three times this summer.
  7. Did I miss the announcement that the Horns will be in the SEC beginning in 2022? I keep thinking I missed it.
  8. It’s on TCM now. When the old black gentleman in the balcony tells Scout (he calls her by her full name) to stand because her father is passing, and all the black people rise, that scene gets me every time. Gotta love Atticus.
  9. Gotta crank the volume. Nicole Kidman likes to whisper a lot. Or use subtitles.
  10. I was about to have surgery for tennis elbow and I got a second opinion from another surgeon. The second surgeon advised against surgery. He suggested more PT, Graston, and another cortisone shot. Eventually, I saw improvement, but the next recommended treatment was PRP. It was about $500 (at that time insurance did not cover it-not sure about now) then but the second surgeon said he gets good results with PRP. My whole tennis elbow ordeal was about 20 months. If PRP would have substantially shortened the recovery it would have been worth it.
  11. Same here. As part of my weight lifting routine I do wrist curls 3-4x per week. The PTs start with one pounders (some say to start with a can of soup) and I’m up to 12 lbs.
  12. Same for me. Same thing with the doubles (mixed) tournament as well. I always healed quickly and I thought TE was something that would resolve itself by just taking it easy a bit. Also, it’s not a one size fits all injury. So the problem is that you can’t know until it’s too late whether you have a bad case that requires months, or years, of treatment.
  13. Switch HEBs. The Antones poboys at the Fountainview/San Felipe location are fresh with lots of flavor.
  14. You are very picky. In the mid 80’s I had a poboy every single day for lunch from the original Taft location during my 1L year in law school. What I get now at HEB is not substantially different.
  15. That place is fabulous. Great CFS too.
  16. One of the things? They do many things right.
  17. I battled TE for almost two years. Ice didn’t work for me. Heat was better. The Bandit brace helped as well as did the Theraband (sp?) exercises. I was given the wristband thing to wear at night but I could not sleep wearing it. I saw two ortho surgeons and had three cortisone shots spread out over nine months and I did formal physical therapy for several months and i went to a chiropractor for the Graston treatment (hurt like hell but it helped). I ate ibuprofen like candy until it affected my kidney function. I was scheduled for surgery but i got a second opinion and was talked out of it. Lay off the offending activity until you have zero pain for two months. TE sucks.
  18. There used to be online calculators that take your scores and course ratings/slope and compute the index. I’m guessing there still are. If they absolutely need an official GHIN index call a local muny or other public course. They should accept your scorecards and give you an index. You might have to pay a small fee for the latter.
  19. 50 years ago Krause’s had very good sauerbraten. I haven’t been in a while.
  20. Agreed. I do that every time. As someone posted above, I think it’s a condition that affects some chicken.
  21. Chicken. Why does it occasionally end up with the texture of rubber? It can be a whole breast or a tender and it can be grilled or fried. I’ve never had that problem with a whole roasted chicken. I’ve had the same experience with frozen fried HEB chicken tenders with sometimes half the bag with that awful texture.
  22. HouTex

    Tennis Thread

    I’ve played since I was about 7 years old and I’m now 59. It’s a great sport. A word of wisdom about tennis elbow. I never had an issue until I was around 53 or so. I switched to a very light, stiff racquet and tried to modernize my swing and I developed tennis elbow. I was out of the game for 20 months. Avoid stiff racquets and definitely stay away from poly strings. They are evil. But everyone wants to play like Nadal . . .
  23. Of Sandra Lee, Anthony Bourdain famously stated, “This frightening Hell Spawn of Kathie Lee and Betty Crocker seems on a mission to kill her fans, one meal at a time.”
  24. As shitty of a person that Shane is, he should not be criminally responsible for Armond’s death. He didn’t get away with anything there.
  25. March was on a couple of cooking shows with Flay way back when. She seemed like a cool person. I’m pretty sure she’s a Texan. I still like Flay’s shows but my opinion of him dropped a couple of notches after he let her go.
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