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  1. https://www.kqed.org/arts/13849625/pandoras-new-corporate-parents-gave-millions-to-trump-gop Pandora Media shareholders voted Tuesday to approve its $3.5 billion acquisition by satellite radio company Sirius XM, adding the struggling webcaster and one of Oakland's largest employers to the portfolio of major Donald Trump and Republican Party donors at parent company Liberty Media. ... The deal consolidates Pandora and Sirius XM under the control of Liberty Media, a Colorado company owned and run by conservative donors, at a time when music industry political giving and tech ties to the Trump administration are increasingly scrutinized. Policy experts also say the merger empowers a company that’s aggressively fought to suppress royalty payments for artists and copyright holders.
  2. I wish they would also include the handing over of bases in the Middle East to Russia. Seems a lifetime ago.
  3. Bad grammar. Wonder what would happen if this was a black man.
  4. Perfect example of why defund the police needs to be implemented at some level. These police officers did nothing wrong at all and super patient (wonder what would happen if this was a black man), but there needs to be a mental health professional there to manage the situation with one officer giving lots of space in case something goes sideways. Someone with mental illness will just escalate when they get surrounded by authorities with weapons.
  5. Ahhhhhh, this: https://www.thecut.com/2019/03/stacey-abrams-whats-next.html Yep, just like Trump and all the others out there that are running a grift through politics. She decided to look at things holistically and try to find answers that balance the impact as much as possible. What a worthless striver. Her aversion to class politics in favor of identity politics is outlined better here: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/print/node/1123763 She seems like someone who has thought thru this pretty deeply and I think would serve her well if ascending to President. But you are probably right, just a face who wants to be wealthy.
  6. Yeah, but who from each side will want to hang out in lines for hours during a pandemic? The side who thinks its a mild flu and refuses to wear masks or the ones who know the risks and do everything they can to mitigate that risk? I know I will willingly stand in line all day with a mask but who else will? Especially if they think that Biden will win big due to how poll numbers are looking (2016 anyone?).
  7. Is it bad that there is so much Trump chaos that I forgot he assassinated a top Iranian general? But was it really the IC who ordered the hit?
  8. Bump for all things IC based hand waving
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