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  1. Jay Valai Interview Video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qfjFgse-QPE Seems like he'd be a good recruiter. He talks about recruiting starting at 3:30 on the video.
  2. Good thing seeing Brandon Jones wrap up out there!
  3. This team doesn't understand have any type of situational awareness. That's a coaching issue.
  4. Our defense will wear down if the offense doesn't get its shit together.
  5. I am taking my two sons to their very first UT game this Saturday. Looking for 3 or 4 tickets, preferably lower level.
  6. Tim Tebow disagrees with your post
  7. Our kickoff returns really hurt us the entire game. It seemed like we started every drive from the 10 or 15.
  8. RoJo with 12 yards a carry. Should’ve carried more than 8 times.
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