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  1. We keep winning like this and we will be out of the too 25.
  2. Question for those paying attention: I follow COVID on Worldometer and their death count seems to be 5-6K ahead of what everybody else who is reporting. I'm wondering if it was a one time bump that occurred somewhere or if they have metrics that allow them to count COVID deaths sooner than others and if the difference will be permanent and growing or if the other sites will catch up.
  3. I think the bars are a really weak link. Case in point: I run a concrete construction company, and have had zero cases among my employees. We usually get a a wheelbarrow full of ice and cold beer and hang out at the yard on Friday's after the crews come in for the week. It is amazing to see the transformation from properly social distanced to not giving a shit that occurs just after a couple of cold ones. And this is among some pretty big dudes that can handle their booze with plenty of room to roam outside. I think this will end poorly for Indiana and I suspect they might have some plan to tweak their numbers, but I will say no more given the nature of this thread.
  4. She's got a record a mile long, and she's a catholic!!!
  5. Billy Wilder's 1961 black and white cold war comedy: One, Two, Three Starring an electric Jimmy Cagney. The film was banned in Finland, so you know its good.
  6. Sounds like something a Ridgeline owner would say.
  7. While the hate for Hillary has been been well documented on this site and pretty much everywhere, I ran a across a lecture given by Chris Hedges in 2017 that shed some additional light on some "Hillary haters": In the lecture for his book tour (America: The Farewell Tour), Hedges was discussing some block voting by disenfranchised Indiana auto workers left high and dry when their GM plants high tailed it for Monterey, MEX (NAFTA). From his interviews and polling data, these auto workers had voted in large numbers for Bernie Sanders as they had typically been democratic party voters. In the general election they had turned around and voted for Trump. In their case, it seems, they had long memories about Hillary's association with NAFTA, but were nevertheless willing to entertain progressive ideas to help their plight-just not from Hillary. What I find interesting about their case was that they had an actual verifiable reason for hating Hillary rather than the usual right wing talking points. These guys might come back and vote for Biden and I would cater to their hatred of NAFTA and Trumps "NAFTA 2.0"
  8. Point of order: That generation of Honda Ridgeline is not a truck at all. It is an SUV with the back cut out to make it look like a truck. A true truck has a separate bed. There was quite an uproar on the Tacoma forums many years ago when the Ridgeline won "best small truck". Honda has since rectified the distinction as well as getting rid of that ridiculous ramp up to the cab.
  9. Fuck it. Went back to ABP this week. Headed back again tonight.
  10. Somebody's been binging Chris Hedges on YouTube.
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