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  1. Some frosted tips would really round out the whole look. Borrowing a phrase from Barking Carnival re Mike Gundy,: "He looks like an Amarillo gigolo from 1984.
  2. Also, did not know about this other angle
  3. Anybody heard anything about these guys? Looks like spic is doing most of the work.
  4. There was an episode of Hogan's Heroes where a bomb dropped in the middle of the camp but did not explode. After messing around with it and getting to the final choice of wires to cut for disarming, there was a red wire and blue wire. Col. Klink said cut the red wire so Hogan cut the blue wire and the bomb disarmed. When asked his logic, Hogan said whatever Klink said, he knew it would be wrong.
  5. The kids went to Colorado with their team a couple of weeks ago and got some good climbing in. They are pretty hush hush about what they climbed though. On the Covid Front, gym shutdown and pensiveness over crowds have shut the climbing down for us, so we started a home gym wall build. We should be finishing with the phase one structure in the next couple of days. After that its a little painting, some crash pad work, and real route setting (kids are setting routes when I turn my back just for a second). Phase two will be a 8' X 10' 5 degree slab wall and a beam install for support and hanging of various training stuffs. Phase 3 will be working all of the behind wall space into storage and upgrading the garage n general. Will post some picks when we have a few routes up on phase 1. I can't wait for this build to be over.
  6. Now, is this the fence portion that already had funding from way back when, or is this the fence that was built with the siphoning of defense department funds?
  7. I used to be a Republican. Switched over about 15 years ago, but I still got it.
  8. Massive prison outbreak of Covid-19. The only preexisting condition she has is deep involvement with Epstein.
  9. No shit. Gotdammit. We are Texas. We should be able to figure out how to govern properly. This is not that hard if your heart is in the right place.
  10. I rewatched season 1 and 2 as a primer and enjoyed it much more the second time around as I was not fumbling with the characters etc.
  11. Through 4 episodes of season 3. Can concur. Diagram is helpful.
  12. I think what is being said is that, they behaved themselves for the most part while he was in office, and probably would have continued to do so had anyone but Trump been elected.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Started my rewatch yesterday. Good thing I did, too. Shit got complicated quickly.
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