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  1. Mbappe playing against Bayern and not ManC is a big reason
  2. Lol I had to check and make sure I was watching the live feed when I saw snow... lame British weather... it’s probably 0 degrees below Stone or some shit like that. I did mistakenly watch 15minutes of a Madrid match last week, I was like “it’s snowing? Hmm crazy... wait how is Ramos healthy and playing?!? As goddamnit I’m watching the wrong Bein sports channel!”
  3. Ligue 1 was stupid for taking that Barcelona startup Mediapro deal anyways. They had no plan for tv distribution and when they finally announced a $30 plan for 8 games a week, they offered no other sports coverage or anything... Bein sports basically stepped in and bailed them out on coverage and additional financial support. But Bein also stopped paying last year when Ligue 1 completely canceled their season over covid. Which I think was a big concern/scare to La Liga and helped them figure a way to finish last season. Canal+ was smart not to pickup the full rights and just sublease them
  4. Oh man that’s impossible. I guess I’d have to say SF2... I mean almost every fighting game used it’s template, we’ve all picked up a fighter and been able to tell who that games Ryu and Ken are... and then right away did the hadouken to see what special it did for that character. So 1A SF2, and the others are barely a 1B. All three of those I would have a player move set I’d carry with me at the arcade...
  5. Lol yeah it kept the concept of John Kelly/Clark and his “creation” and that’s about it. That being said, I enjoyed the movie and there is a mid-credit scene that sets up a HUGE sequel
  6. Lol yeah, around Black Friday and Xmas but it’s not much and it’s usually a mad rush to get something. If you want savings buy it used in arf or tgt... Otherwise buy it now and wait 1-8 weeks for it to get made and shipped
  7. Lol I always like when you see someone with 2 skins as the game catches up on resolution.
  8. I don’t even need BR, just new realism based MP... been waiting on BF6 and insurgency sandstorm forever
  9. This is all the education y’all need: Feel free to fix it for non-Tapatalk users
  10. Lol, and the norm continues. PSG will continue to fly in the face of FairPlay. ManC will probably be announcing something just as obvious soon
  11. We are watching The Serpent, as mentioned above it’s pretty good and the stock footage is cool. The main chick is smoke
  12. Lol I’d expect Madrid to go full fuck you UEFA soon. They tried to do the whole fair play while manc and PSG kept pulling more and more deals. Against Perez’s wishes Zidane and company kept the checkbook closed. I’d expect a full galaticos push this summer so they have what he wants for the new stadium next year. I’m glad the ESL failed but I fear what Perez is gonna do now that he’s pissed and UEFA. But as long as Mbappe is still a Madridista by July, I guess I’m cool with it
  13. Coach beard wants coach Tom foolery back. I stream so I’m way late
  14. Long play by American money to help the USMNT win a world cup in the next decade?!? Bam, I’m on board with ESL now! I knew I was OK with Florentino Perez still leading my Real Madrid
  15. Psshh could they do it in Stoke in the rain?!? I think not
  16. Florentino Perez didn’t need to learn that shit. He was elected on the promise of Luis Figo and financial rise to power. Galaticos and spreading the Real Madrid brand to the US, Asia and the UAE. He’s even tried at times to have Real Madrid basketball to be included into the NBA... he knows how to be the devil without learning that shit from others. And I’m a huge Madridista... this all sucks. I love Madrid being the king of the UCL.
  17. Ooohhhh, I like that. I keep getting tempted by one that shows up for $699 every so often. And yes they take glock 17/19 mags. They are outta Plano
  18. Yeah I think it’s UEFA trying to extend their power past the euros. But UEFA has no say over CONCACAF and further more FIFPRO represents the players. No way that would stand for World Cup participation
  19. How long till some of the match days are played the UAE and the US? For the players health obviously. Not money
  20. It my understanding that City is on board with the breakaway. They are one of the 6 that are agreed to leave from the EPL. Edit- signed on. I see what you’re saying. Yes I think that’s what I read that City is on board. They haven’t, I guess, signed up along side the other 11
  21. Yep. Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen had some good comments on it during the Eibar game, especially comparing it to little Eibar when they got promoted and had to raise money grass roots style to allow them promotion. I’m sure they’ll have more during the Madrid game in an hour.
  22. Well they just played their hand today. And UEFA responded as did the Prem, La Liga and Seria A. Sounds like if the 6 prem, and 3 each from la Liga and Seria A do leave they’ll be cutoff from everything else in each of their home countries(including players being banned from international competitions). This is gonna get ugly I think.
  23. So I changed the port I used on my Xbox since I was having issues and also couldn’t play with my son when he wanted me to drop in with him... After I did that I got a message that I was missing a few MP packs... so downloading them yet again but maybe it shakes out my problems
  24. Yep. My dearly departed 300blk with sandman S and subsonics can get decently quiet if I dial my gas block down so it won’t cycle but it’s no where near Hollywood quiet and what’s the point in single shooting and having to charge it each time. I’m fine with supers for hogs. My drowned Sandman K has no chance of being quiet, that one is 100% about taking the bite outta whatever it is on.
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