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  1. that's exactly it. it would be so easy to have them constantly bitching about their current lot in life, but they don't really do that. but of the 4 main characters only david is funny, and he's pretty funny. the daughter has one repeated joke and it's a tiny bit funny. neither parent is remotely funny. and chris elliott, who is borderline genius, isn't even that funny in this show.
  2. I’m through a season and a half. Will finish s2
  3. It’s not funny. It is sorta good in some way that I can’t put my finger on yet.
  4. while your point is valid, we do have two national parks.
  5. i thought about @ing him, but decided against it. that would have been a bridge too far.
  6. wulaw horn bought a boat?
  7. I don’t know which of those are albums or bands.
  8. famous last words. just curious - are you getting new boobs in 8 days?
  9. his first three uppercuts were set, like at seconds 6, 12 and 18. so count to 5, dodge, then to 11, dodge, then 17, dodge. after that you had maybe a minute to do some damage, then repeat the cycle again.
  10. drummer in the lobby of the granada is awesome
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