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  1. also doing a rewatch. i just saw the 2nd season episode when chris is in the hospital and carmela comes to see him. she starts speaking about religion, and there's a quick cut to chris just hammering the morphine drip so he can tolerate her spiel. absolutely brilliant.
  2. i really, really should have been listening to a different MMJ song when i registered
  3. a confederacy of deplorables
  4. that he saw the end of it. how he didn't catch a bullet despite over half the country despising him for so long is shocking. how he didn't stroke out our succumb to covid/syphilis/orange paint suffocation is also surprising.
  5. you are right, i made a racist joke. you made a racist comment. no need to get butthurt about it.
  6. why would you be afraid of three black men?
  7. i didn't misunderstand it, and i completely agree with it. he's a self-promoting genius, with absolutely zero credentials or reason to be famous. i just thought the sitcom story angle was kinda funny.
  8. are you worried about narrative continuity of a 20 year old sitcom?
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