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  1. Led Zeppelin 1 Led Zeppelin 2 Led Zeppelin 3 etc
  2. the Amorica album cover would also be useful on a deserted island
  3. this feels a little confirmation-biased, but it seems like people are generally being kinder to one another. i'd bet some of that is due to less frenetic daily living, and i bet it goes away quickly when things revert to "normal" but it's nice regardless.
  4. and hotels are in every city, whereas cruise ships clearly aren't
  5. so as the drugs are generic, there should be several manufacturers, right?
  6. pics of regarded wife that works out on the regular?
  7. thank you kindly. both BoB and the Pacific are there, looks like they're both free with prime
  8. where can i watch Band of Brothers? is it only on HBO go?
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