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  1. because, even though the song is catchy as hell, the lyrics suck? it's like tweedy started with ~15 casino-related terms that rhyme, then backed into the rest of the lyrics. I always bet on blackBlackjackI'll pay you back that's just non-sensical.
  2. i've only listened to the first episode, but so far i've learned more about this assface than i did reading an entire book. thanks for the rec.
  3. you are correct. it wasn't exactly well-written, either.
  4. Well the money's pouring downAnd the people all look downAnd it's floating out of townI hit the second deckAnd I spent my paycheckAnd my wife that I just metShe's looking like a wreckCasino QueenMy lord you're meanI've been gambling like a fiendOn your tables so greenI always bet on blackBlackjackI'll pay you backThe room fills with smokeAnd I'm already brokeAnd the dealer keeps on jokingAs he takes my last tokenCasino QueenMy lord you're meanI've been gambling like a fiendOn your tables so greenCasino QueenMy lord you're meanI've been gambling like a fiendOn your tables so green
  5. pretty much sums up my opinion of the book, also. obviously it wasn't finished, but a large part of what was finished thoroughly described various California neighborhoods/architecture/layouts where the crimes occurred, at the times the crimes occurred. a little of that was good for context, but a ton of it was in the book.
  6. i have no idea if Liz Phair is considered to be a great guitarist, but i also don't really care
  7. Can you please explain this like you would to an 8 year old? From the little I read it kinda sounded like natural selection, but it wasn’t clear. Do the antibodies in the human body kinda chip away at it?
  8. plus isbell: plus this vixen in the top right corner: /hijack
  9. this and the marvin gaye throughout were far and away the best things about this horrible, long, boring, cliched piece of shit. was this written by an 11th grader? part of some make-a-wish deal or something?
  10. the quintessential "needs to be seen in a movie theater" movie
  11. how many times did a foreman forget to grab money, and then had to send someone back to get a shitload of dimes?
  12. those dot's pretzels are delicious. that bear will come back for them, if nothing else.
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