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  1. I'm almost 5 years into a 15 year @ 3.125. LTV is 43%. I'm guessing I can't save much with a refi but thought I would ask the experts. Wife and I have great credit and I wouldn't be opposed to throwing some additional funds at the principal to save some interest long term. Is my best bet to just pay down some principal and sit tight? On my first house I refied from a 5.25% (30 year) to a 2.625% (7/1 arm), paid down some principal and cut my payment by more than half but kept paying the same amount as I was when I had the 5.25. I'm obviously not going to find that kind of a deal now. But that is sort of my line of thinking.
  2. Will trade steak and/or bacon for booze if this shit goes to 11.
  3. Around Halloween my 6 year old comes up with what she's swears is her own joke. "What did the poop say to the toilet?" "Can I jump in your pool?" Not sure I believe her, but she always trying to make poop jokes so maybe she did.
  4. Did Oregon ML last night Did a 4 game teaser (7 points) tOSU -9.5 LSU Pick OU -2 Oregon +13.5 Probably come crashing down as I have been on fire lately. Yep OU gonna fuck it up... Also Took tOSU -16 And did a parlay with Wisky and Georgia (hedge) Having legalized gambling from your phone is tooooooooo easy here in Iowa.
  5. ^Still wouldn't drink it... But no they are donating $10 to some charity for each bushel they sell. There was a big hubbub towards Busch Light when they dropped their affiliation with the dude who raised $3 million for charity after it was discovered he tweeted out stupid racist shit when he was 16 (quoting Tosh.O). Busch Light still did the match though. Pretty big story up here in Iowa. After Busch Light dropped their affiliation a bunch of people took to twitter swearing they would never drink Busch Light again. And I don't blame them but that's because I think Busch Light tastes like piss water.
  6. "Like a bad neighbor, Kirk Ferentz is there" https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2018/01/10/iowa-coach-ferentz-faces-an-unusual-rival-his-neighbors/109328838/ And my favorite so far "Brian Ferentz still plants in 38" rows". Some good farming humor...
  7. These songs are quite different but I like em both.
  8. Well, does the fact that I'm trying to do it, do it for you? Here are just a few of the key ingredients: dynamite, pole vaulting, laughing gas...
  9. My thoughts drift back to erect nipple wet dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the great homecoming fuck fantasy.
  10. My 90 window was up so I took my sample back earlier this week. Still have swimmers. Good god, I probably have more bastard children than Robert Baratheon.
  11. Why didn't the tag his twitter handle? @ISUMayor32
  12. Small world. He is a friend of a friend. Have partied with him a few times back in the day.
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