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  1. I was driving to the game in Austin last Saturday and happened to be in Hearne when this bad boy was coming through there. I had seen cars pulled over waiting for it to come through for 30-40 miles before getting to Hearne and we got really lucky on the timing. It's amazing how much steam and smoke it makes! My kids were pretty excited to see and hear it.
  2. TOTO Washlet S350e user here checking in. This thread from TOS is the main reason I wanted one and I'll never live in another house without one. We remodeled a house in East Texas and when I asked our contractor to put in an electrical outlet next to the toilet he looked at me like I had a 2nd nose growing out of my forehead. Don't knock it until you try it.
  3. The same Ron Johnson who signed a letter to Ukraine in 2016 urging them to "press ahead with urgent reforms to the Prosecutor General's office" and then forgot about it recently when he slammed Biden for pressing Ukraine to reform the Prosecutor General's office? I hope he gets taken down in the fracas as well. https://www.portman.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/portman-durbin-shaheen-and-senate-ukraine-caucus-reaffirm-commitment-help
  4. I never thought it could get worse than Spicer or Huckabeef, but here we are.
  5. He has a bit of a following with the olds that suffer from Fox News Brain Rot. If he strafes Dotard with damning testimony, it's going to leave a mark.
  6. Just popping in to say that you guys who continually offer to help a stranger struggling are inspiring to me. There is still a lot of good in this world and you guys remind me of that.
  7. I'm working with some Alix guys right now on a client that filed Chapter 11 not that long ago. They have a hard time grasping pretty basic issues related to insurance and bonding, I never would have thought they would be billing V&E type rates.
  8. Ah, I thought it was tomorrow. There have been a number of articles over the last few days mentioning what he planned to say - seemed like he was keeping his finger in the wind before going on the record.
  9. Sondland sure has floated a lot of trial balloons on what he plans to testify to, I'll believe it when he actually goes on the record instead of repeatedly leaking what he plans to say.
  10. Negged for lying. If you can't formulate an argument without using bald faced lies then maybe you should quit while you are behind.
  11. You serious Clark? Trump has been openly instructing witnesses to his crimes not to comply with subpoenas. Witch hunt out front should have told ya.
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