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  1. Fucking amazing story. Thank you for taking the time and effort to get all that into this form so we could share it with you. Also, here's an amateur sketch of Klaus, probably:
  2. I'm still sticking with my consistent eth buys. Think I'll buy another bit today.
  3. Damn. You are right, the vast majority of Americans cannot even fathom this level of emotional/mental scarring. Even those American families who have lost loved ones fighting overseas were not all consumed by it like the Germans were. It was overseas, not here surrounding all facets of their being for years and years. My dad worked for a German pipe mill for quite a while when I was growing up and would travel with clients over to visit the mills a couple times a year. The clients would inevitably want to visit Holocaust sites and I can remember my dad telling me about how his German counterparts would try to discourage this and how full of shame they were about it.
  4. Fascinating, thank you for the perspective. I can understand their mistrust of US foreign policy, but if I was in their position, I'd be much more resentful of Russia using my energy security as a pawn in their geopolitical games. At least I think I would, impossible to say I guess.
  5. @Shady Ray do the people in your circle consider the decision to bail on nuclear a colossal fuck up as well? I've never been well read on this subject, but I just can't fathom a conscious decision to become MORE reliant on Russia for energy by moving away from nuclear before replacing it with something else.
  6. Hell yea, one of my prized possessions tbh.
  7. As soon as things start getting a little heated these MAGATs start smearing shit all over themselves and the walls with the LGB chant. All riled up and looking to be assbags at the first opportunity.
  8. Buying some $RAIDER at current prices and staking it is decent lotto ticket. I sold a little bit of it at $6 during the last run but am still holding quite a bit - most of it given to me for being early to the game and owning the characters before the coin existed.
  9. Agreed. I wish we could go sideways for a bit, but I don't think that is in the cards. The supply crunch is here.
  10. Damn. I hadn't heard this yet. My dad was in the OCTG business for 35+ years and retired a little early when it fell apart around 2018ish. They've had a really bumpy ride the last 5 years with consolidation/liquidation and now it's all coming home to roost.
  11. I claimed my .1826 WETH reward today and have earned 172 $LOOKS so far for staking the 1,200 $LOOKS that I got for free. I've used it a few times for buying/selling NFTs and it's still got a ways to go to be a full replacement for OS, but you can't deny the power of their staking/rewards. I love that they pay you in WETH! One of the guys that is in the NFT discord that gyro and me are in bought 31 ETH worth of $LOOKS yesterday at $4.62 and staked it all. He's already up 10 ETH.... ffs, some of these guys have brass balls.
  12. That's a good message and he seems like a good dude. I wish him luck.
  13. I don't feel sorry for him, but what a beating it would be to go answer a bunch of "gotcha" questions like that one from dullards that think they are really landing haymakers with material like that. Oof.
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