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  1. SEC maths and edumacation..... I-430, I-630 and I-30.....the "triangle" 🤔
  2. The douchy peleton coaches who are supposed to inspire you to reach your inner peloton. The danger for me would be cutting my knuckles smashing their punchable faces onscreen
  3. Would one of you cum already so you can end your jerkfest and get back to talking about content. I've been out of town for a few days and was hoping to get hints on what to catch up on.
  4. Did you say that because of the absence of facial hair?
  5. Maxine Waters is disappointed she won't have to rationalize riots and looting and undeserved destruction of property and lives. For which I am grateful
  6. With a few short and curlies stuck to the seat or the front of the turlet bowl where the seat has a gap for your junk
  7. I'm still up and at it....gotta be up at 6
  8. Those FelixAutos extended commercials suck ass...but the chica in them...me interesa bastante! Sorry for the shitty pics of tv screen, but you get the idea
  9. I should get in the shower before I'm too drunk to GAF
  10. New floors installed, all appliances and furniture back in place (at least where the wife approves)....I told her it's quitting time and time to start abusing my liver...I'm now 3 glasses of Balcones bourbon past the end of the runway and off into the wild blue yonder of flying my couch for the evening
  11. Stewart Cink showing the youngs how it gets done at Harbor Town. Birdie on 17 to carry a 4 shot lead to the 18th
  12. Gawd I hope the cops don't shoot him. He's a good kid
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