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  1. Hit the ground running with gin and tonic after work today with the warm weather that just moved in
  2. Looks like someone will be getting a good deal on rent to open a Laser Tag or Halloween Store!
  3. I thought the same thing. Can't wait to hear the segment tomorrow after they've watched it for the 1st time. Equally embarrassing is that all these "golfers" on this show barely know who the fuck Ben Hogan was. Someone literally just referred to him as some famous golfer when talking about comparing their injuries.
  4. Hogan sustained a broken collarbone, a smashed rib, a broken ankle, a double fracture of the pelvis, bladder injuries, and deep contusions to his left leg. Hogan was rushed to an El Paso hospital where doctors feared the legend would not live, and that if he did, he might never walk again. Hogan developed blood clots that reached his lungs. The doctors performed abdominal surgery and tied off the main vein to his leg to prevent further blood clots from reaching his heart. A second clot was discovered, and Hogan was operated on again. Geez...1940s medicine.... The first tournament Hog
  5. What is the Mrs Frosty thing please?
  6. Dammit...now I know I was born too late
  7. Ah ok (no pun intended). I stand humbly corrected. I'd kick that midget's ass....not
  8. Why don't you go up and punch him in the nose like old Spencer there and report back to us how that turns out for you....
  9. Most of the FCS games postponed from back in the fall are being televised on various networks. They are playing games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  10. Fuck yeah. 4 snow days this week. Finally had to work today...I went through so much bourbon and gin this week my liver had to tackle me on the way to the liquor cabinet and put a stop to this madness so I took the night off. I will be resuming these reindeer games again tomorrow night
  11. Idk, but it's come up in a less than serious manner here and at TOS before....it's just a joke
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