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  1. https://www.theringer.com/tv/2020/9/25/21454806/noah-hawley-fargo-season-4 Another non-glowing review.
  2. Yeah, I'm a history buff, and was never taught about the Tulsa massacre at all in school here in Arkansas. I learned about it later on in life. Same with Elaine massacre, which occurred right here in my region of Arkansas. Never mentioned in school.
  3. I'm so fucking glad that she's gone.
  4. He's a dick, yes. I haven't seen him come across as racist, though.
  5. I thought the exact same thing.
  6. It's how I built up a Covid immunity.
  7. As the lone A-State fan and grad on this board, I'd like to say Go Red Wolves!!
  8. My wife, watching a movie: She was in the one movie. What's it called? With that guy, what's his name?
  9. Nope. My father-in-law still drinks them.
  10. What're you saying Farva? You wanna light my ass on fire?
  11. Remember the Titans sucks ass.
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