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  1. Man, tough crowd. I'm enjoying it. I knew what it was going to be going in, so I didn't have overblown expectations.
  2. I haven't yet. I'm gonna probably fire it up tonight.
  3. That's cool, but why was there a cut of Ben Kingsley from Season 6 in there?
  4. Fun fact, the original choice to play Hesh was Jerry Stiller. But he was already booked to do something else.
  5. I'm in, but vehemently opposed to the casting of Paulie Walnuts. Is there a dearth of Italian actors that could've played him?
  6. Someone who didn't figure too many comic book nerds would spend an entire day watching the tourney.
  7. I haven't seen it yet. But, I had no idea, until recently, that Lip is based on the guy that played Carmine Lupertazzi in the Sopranos.
  8. Greg Giraldo. Followed by Jeff Ross, the late Patrice O'Neal, and of course Norm.
  9. All of the above. It was quite a time.
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