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  1. On first glance, I thought you wrote Armybrat's grandson. Which still would've worked.
  2. I was shocked that he's not Jewish.
  3. He was an assistant at A-State under Malzahn and Harsin. Everyone here really liked him. Very good play caller.
  4. Well, his daughter is in rehab. Getting clean off the Turkey.
  5. Vegas Vacation Audrey was the best Audrey.
  6. You're giving Jerry the benefit of the doubt here much more than I'm willing to do. But I see your point.
  7. Yall act like Jason Garrett was hired from a legit coaching search. That's how the numb nutts was able to get and keep the job. And we've been stuck with him for nearly a decade now.
  8. Not at all what I said. I'm all for firing Garrett after the season. No real sense in firing right now with three games left. No one on that staff has earned the right to be elevated. HOWEVER, if somehow Richard was able to rattle of some wins, then we very well may be stuck with him getting the permanent spot. Same way Garrett did when Wade was fired. Look at how that turned out.
  9. You stop that right now! I fully support Houston Dale Nutt getting another head coaching gig. The world of college football needs HDN back in the game, heppin people.
  10. Problem with promoting Richard is what if he rattles off a streak of wins? Then you'll have players and a subset of fans that want to remove the interim tag, and make him the full time guy, without doing a proper coaching search. Same way that Garrett got the job. And I'm sorry, but nothing about the defense has blown me away, much less performed well enough to justify making Richard the head coach.
  11. As an Arkansas State alum and fan, I fully support them hiring Blake Anderson.
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