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  1. Sifting through the bargain bin among the families who brought their own coolers filled with rc cola and dr thunder
  2. This is why I only carry small amounts of high power edibles in my car when I have to. If I get pulled over I’m eating that 50mg gummy worm like a damn large mouth bass.
  3. Going to a sporting event with tickets in hand in good locations was rich to me. We were either $5 bleachers for rangers or scavenging/scalping on gameday for non ranger games.
  4. Dallas mayor has been giving updates on healthcare system numbers and they’ve remained pretty much level for about 3 weeks. Friend of mine works at parkland and their covid px count is up from about 80 to 140 in the last 10 days, so something seems off. Then I came across this article that makes it sound like the Dallas icu bed count is fluffed by pediatrics and neonatal https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcdfw.com/investigations/nbc-5-exclusive-icu-bed-count-missing-inconsistent-as-covid-19-patients-fill-north-texas-hospitals/2395910/%3famp
  5. Hell of a read, sure would like to get these folks’ takes presently as they (like others) nailed this shit https://ccforum.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13054-019-2616-1
  6. It’s gotta be in relation to the Fox News line that R power players aren’t giving full support and backing to trump.
  7. How is Dallas still in such good shape on hospital/icu/ventilator right now? Just the lag factor? The numbers are within a few pts of a few weeks ago
  8. Twisted root went down hill hard over the years, think they expanded a bit too much (guessing franchises?). That short lived west campus location was a total disaster. They took my go to buffalo sauce burger off the menu a while ago too, but damned if their pickles didn’t keep me coming back on occasion
  9. Fox news just had one of their military analysts on, he claims the veracity of the intelligence was 70% which is fairly high. The only aspect of the story in question in his mind is whether American deaths were linked, zero doubt that the WH claim of not being briefed is false.
  10. A big old clay Davis shiiiiiiiiit on even having 40% capacities on those big ass auditorium classes. Old af staff and faculty are in trouble.
  11. The kush called bs on the reports, that was the dissenting opinion of it.
  12. Spurrier gotta be up there with a heisman. Effin heupel
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