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  1. More directed at jersey... They signed up to care for patients while being provided proper protection and equipment, not to act like live battlefield triage. In the hotspots, The stress has undoubtedly wrecked their immune systems further compromising their well being. I’m not exactly mr. ‘bless our nurses/troops’ as I agree with the you signed up for it, but what is being done to our medical professionals on the frontlines of this is borderline criminal.
  2. Get the money machine printing, futures down about 2.5% right now.
  3. saw a 'stat' today that if you bought every day at 935AM and sold at close you'd be up slightly over the last 6ish weeks. in that same time period, if you had bought at close then sold at 935AM the next day you'd be down 30%.
  4. Stranger in the closet, lock the diary The past is running faster singing harmony Just one of a million wtf did that come from lines. There’ll never be another like him after he’s gone, I sure as shit hope he pulls through. I wish they’d get his documentary released (I don’t think it’s out yet). I took a Friday off work back in December and caught a flight to see him do a show in Florida, then flew back the next morning by myself. Damn I’m happy I did.
  5. Ya that video is perfectly fine without sound
  6. Saw an article saying the Hamptons luxury rental market is insane right now as the richies are trying to escape the city
  7. Got bored and drove around love field today, creepy stuff. Shuttle parking lots have about a half row of cars. Garages have about 30-40 cars on first level each. Outside curbside areas about 15 ppl total. Unreal, esp when thinking every airport is prob like that. Then pulling out of their seeing another swa flight heading down the runway
  8. mowed the yard yesterday and my eyes burned and watered like i was cutting a damn onion. if i go outside more than 5 minutes today, I'm effin toast
  9. You turn it off and back on again? Maybe jiggle the plug? Or if it’s really borked, a couple taps on the side?
  10. Update: offer came in early this morning, base bump about 30% plus signing bonus and promotion/bump on deck for next year. Overall total is approx a 15% bump for this yr .... but I’ve come to realize that I damn well shouldn’t be calculating anything more than base salary/sign bonus into these figures for this year no matter where I work, and be damn happy I’m not having to take a cut or worse. We’re going to finalize things early next week.
  11. Just one of the many situations that makes me wanna pistol whip the next person on this thread who says Herman/play calling turtled in the 4th.
  12. Not an expert but isn’t there something where if your AC system is too powerful for your home then it cools the air without taking care of humidity too? So it’s actually over efficient resulting in inefficiency.
  13. as much as I try to social distance from CR and appreciate the attempted quarantine of it, effin politics do have a big damn role in economics at every level
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