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  1. bluto

    Driving Pet Peeves

    I prefer aggressive drivers (within reason) to timid bitches. I can semi predict how an aggressive driver will respond to situations, timid drivers are a wildcard though.
  2. Re the vaccine, the sane minds are saying mid 21 for a gen pop rollout is where expectations should be. And as much as I would like for the vaccine to be THE answer, I’ve yet to hear a friend/acquaintance say they would step right up for it, besides a couple of at risk friends. And I don’t really run in anti vax circles. Hopefully between herd immunity via transmission and the ppl who will get the vaccine it’ll be enough to fully pull us out of the ditch though.
  3. FWIW futures down 1% currently
  4. That last part, similar to govt budgeting in other sectors if you don’t use it all the budget will get cut the next yr.
  5. bluto

    Alfred Collins

    That sideline view is real trippy on it looking that way. I def thought that watching it live, like the rb blew our guy up
  6. What’s word on feac bringing ‘skillz’ public? Any read on it? Buddy of mine is hot to trot on it
  7. Flew dfw to Denver yesterday on AA... 100% full flight despite there being a couple dozen open seats to choose from when I booked 24 hours before take off ($150 r/t). Besides being packed, nothing to report on.
  8. Based on stubhub prices and my buddy tryin to sell a 4 pack lower level yard lines with zero luck, gonna say not many people.
  9. Notice one of those clips “we love you” is the latest chant for him at rallies
  10. You don’t want to learn how to count to infinity?!!
  11. Athlean x is one of the few things on the internet ill 100% vouch for. I’m not some anatomy/phys expert but everything I’ve taken from his vids has been great. And he comes across as the antithesis of gym bro.
  12. Besides his admonishing California for not sweeping their forest floors as he’s requested for many years, has there been a mention of the west coast wildfires by him in speech or tweet? Honestly asking as I’ve stopped watching the circuses
  13. Seein smoke about options market indicating a XOM div cut next round and deeper cuts in ‘21. Not fucking good bob as I hold the bag on a shit ton of shares
  14. This market hates slack so hard it’s not even funny
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