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  1. Damn good movie. Wes Anderson tint to it in parts. Yorky stole his scenes as most fat kids do in movies.
  2. For as much shit as we heap on Miller, deservedly, his Rick Steves might be the best pure imitation on the station.
  3. Stirr isn’t exactly punch bowl but those guys have to be sweating some after dropping the cash they did to redo Kona in such a tough location. Can’t imagine the food hall is long for this world either. I have never seen it busy, not even during SS/rodeo just 2 blocks away. For as much shit as I give FW’s limpdick ability to support the attempts at new bars/restaurants, I gotta say I think Cook Shack has struck gold. Went on Sunday late lunch and couldn’t find a parking spot. And every other time I’ve been there has been folks eating there.
  4. Just discovered Luke and her are effin
  5. Son of bitch, isbell apparently played the new arena for free last wkend, it was invitation only.
  6. Flipped over to the fan this morning to see wtf they had... 3 consecutive segments of Jerry, Mickey spagnola, then Garrett. the mouth breathing nfl/cowboy fan is beyond my understanding
  7. Oh hell you know Texas dkr Jumbotron ppl are gonna pick up on that promo
  8. Had no idea Sam’s gf on atypical is from Bedford... and is a total damn smokeshow on google image search.
  9. Hit up bearded lady this weekend, cool spot with lots of room outside. Had the new zolis... meh. Typical wet paper towel crust that requires two hands. Really like the layout/setup and everybody working there seemed pleasant. Ice cream next door looks legit.
  10. nitpicking, but couple issues I have with north shore are the surf can be hellacious and the 2 lane road factor with how much the tourism has exploded on oahu in the last 5 years (according to the locals i talked to, it's total overload now). i saw an army convoy back up traffic multiple miles around north shore area, they were going 15 mph and no way to pass them.
  11. bluto

    Dallas | Sushi

    Do they have a store in the trader joe's center on Walnut? If so, had the worst service in recent memory for lunch. The food was just ok too.
  12. bluto

    Utah @ Washington Fox

    Surely there’s a young qb behind Eason on the roster, must make dub fans sick seeing them piss away a 5-4 season watching Eason not develop.
  13. Do Oahu but rent a car and an Airbnb in Kailua within a couple blocks of the beach. Only 30 min to get over to Honolulu for Pearl Harbor or w/e off peak. Kailua is a great setup as there’s minimal beach access so the beach is hardly ever crowded, and almost no commercial housing/resorts so it’s retained small beach town setup.
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