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  1. What’s your take on their partnering company that caused this increase? Worth throwing a few coins on them as well?
  2. There’s 4 main medical advisors for abbott on covid... two have said they had zero discussion about the decision. Another, the chief advisor, hasn’t answered if he was part of the decision (based on his action/recs over the last year it seems doubtful he would’ve signed off). The only one confirmed to support the decision is Zerwas who was a GOP Texas house member til 2019.
  3. When my wash sale clears on pfms I’ll buy back in on the discount if still hammered
  4. bluto

    Getting old sucks

    That’s an issue with the nerve that runs through a channel through the elbow. I get same numbness from propping my elbows up like on an arm rest or lying on my back holding my phone up using elbow as the plant point.
  5. Discord was just imma getting in on the pump and dump with more subs, I see ya
  6. Closed all of xom, ccl, and aal before lunch for 30% pop in total. Felt foxy so picked up some Friday exp xom puts in preparation for opec fears And as mentioned in stonk thread, leaps on uranium plays as the world builds more nuclear energy.
  7. Restaked on uuuu and uranium in general after reading up more. Bought Jan 23 calls on uuuu and ccj, and rebought some uuuu July calls as well at $10 strike as opposed to $5 I had previously in case green new deal gets cozy with nuclear.
  8. Really tempting to roll my current winnings on uuuuu calls into Jan 23 leaps, spreads aren’t great but they’re still really damn cheap if this company is even remotely legit/competent
  9. Damn you ain’t lying. DMN tweeted out something this wkend about CC. Love the attention he’s getting.
  10. Any read or expectation on the opec mtg this week? Crystal balls and all that.
  11. Fingers crossed this jnj vax approval provides a sentiment boost to cash in on Monday. Also back heavy on xom calls after cashing the initial batch last week.
  12. Wish it was a play by play... first and second down madden view. First down ‘needs’ on later downs and GL plays it’s either sideline or split screen. Speaking of, I miss the fell out of true dual tuner split screen on TVs. Why’d they go away
  13. This is actually probably an issue with the chicken suppliers, called Wooden Breast. Known issue in poultry world and they can’t figure it out/hard to detect. Once you bite into it the first time it just about ruins chicken breast it’s so off putting.
  14. Interesting perspective I wasn’t aware of. And I suppose my ‘gripe’ is the sheer size and scope of multiple countries being aggregated. Yelp for example had almost 6k employees before covid slashed the shit out of them. Mainly, I think there’s just enough of a market to chase on just the international P2P transactions that could be a home run and generate rev almost immediately while also beating competition in ease/cost to win users. I’m not exactly blown away with their current merchant offers or deal days sites, feels like they’re throwing shit against the wall to make it look like they
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