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  1. There was and is nothing remotely ‘fast’ about WaB in the first place
  2. She has some solid work on ig. And love was borderline homely.
  3. agreed on unsolved mysteries. and davey is the only thing that kept that ship afloat for me today.
  4. Gonna try to find a showing of this, he was a main player in the Breakthrough book about the history of cancer immunotherapy.
  5. So what lucky hotel gets to host those vectors? How was it chosen? Discount rates on the rooms after they vacate?
  6. Nightmare discussion segment was a hard punchOut today
  7. what was wrong with it? i wanted to go when he came through austin years ago
  8. Fair self assessment and review considering it won the academy award for best doc. But ya, great doc/story and actually bought an album of his that is still in the rotation.
  9. Sux isbell is playing at shitty winstar, not making that mistake again
  10. Or just learn to talk Asian
  11. If you go nickel Texas sent at least 8 starters on D to the league. Linebackers were lacking, secondary was not. On offense all but wr2 and maybe an OL went to the league, so that’s 9 or 10. Ahmad hall at fullback plus 2 RB’s as well. (Uggh on ramonce) In total I’m saying it was at least 17-18 starters depending on alignment with many making significant impacts at the next level.
  12. Finally got one to contribute from lunch at a restaurant (non strip club nor even breastaurant for that matter)... “I didn’t know what to give up for lent one year so I decided i wouldn’t flash my tits. It was high school, before I got implants, there’s no way I’d give that up now”
  13. bluto

    Son of a Butcher!

    Front Burner folks know what they’re doing so I’m looking forward to this
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