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  1. Jan 2020* in prior post if that wasn’t obvious
  2. Looking at old news, it closed Jan 2000 pre covid actually. Manager of it said “only corporate can tell you why it closed”, looks like FW closed too.
  3. Tried the new place on fitzugh east of central, Joe Leo. Same group that is the rustic. Place was packed and tail on display, service was great. Food was pretty good, no complaints from my group. Def not your hole in the wall prices but not obscene. Cool place, especially the patio. Thinking inside would be an ass whip on a busy night.
  4. Lmfao at post game with poster child SHSU fan happy crying then next shot shsu closeup player yelling THATS WHAT THE FUCK WE DO
  5. Duncanville playoff game at Texas stadium?
  6. Turo is hit or miss depending on airport location I’ve found. And my buddy has been using a major corp code for years, about 50% discount every time. Trips me out using a corporate code for telluride or Caribbean.
  7. In terms of work migration, is that because the areas where there are shortages are just too damn expensive these days? And it’s expensive as hell for a paycheck to paycheck person to move unless single/no fam. (Lease break costs alone freeze many people in place)
  8. “No long lines” seems like chopper overhead shots are all the national news has shown on tv with regard to this shit show
  9. West Tx = oil/gas generally speaking? Seems like it’s similar to the service industry folks saying f this, going dif route, never going back to that work… we’ve even seen that on this board.
  10. Holy hell if you watch the original video kinz is referencing, how much Botox does gaetz get in his forehead.
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