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  1. The ‘twisties’ going on in GQP land over this are fantastic https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/gop-senator-says-grateful-ashli-babbitts-killer-insists-warned-shot-dead-cold-blood/
  2. Tattoos, seems like 90% of the adult population under 30 has one.
  3. They are averaging a whopping 1k more than they did in 2019, and this years average is sure to crater down the stretch. Their #2 rank would be 17th in 2019. Bitch
  4. Hang zone annoying with the ‘rangers are second in attendance’ when they had at least a month head start on almost every team allowing full capacity.
  5. He showed his defensive pussy ass during the dude perfect roasting “this is really because they’re aggies isn’t it?” ‘Had no idea they went there’
  6. Just why the fuck do surviving spouses of deceased office holders feel like they have any qualification or ‘right’ to that vacated office? Crosses party lines to be clear.
  7. That’s not even the issue, it’s that they wouldn’t care anyhow.
  8. So you just talk out of your ass? Not shocking in the least but good to have confirmation
  9. I’ll never understand the nasty fuckers that swim or float in it for panther island pavilion events.
  10. Shit, send sea cow out there in place of junior
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