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  1. As mentioned above, old houses usually = old badass trees, and I’ll add front porches too. Love some beer drinking on the covered front porch on a very popular jogging street.
  2. Indeed mtg did. “We’ve caught the fda buying aborted baby parts, no more. No more abortion!”
  3. I’ve pivoted on my nachos from doing the pile of chips to getting the upright cylinder bag of toastadas... and my life has improved by at least 2.7x since. And don’t even need a plate.
  4. Consequences will never be the same... but seriously this combined with players making money from their likeness are gonna be an incredible 1-2 punch. Just be happy we’re a big dog on the block even if our performance has been lacking (gentle)
  5. Buys Charbroil instead of Weber Xbox over PS Semi related, love this theory/paper https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0022243719867935
  6. bluto

    Root Beer

    Had virgils tonight, not horrible but very meatyokur, tasted like a cough syrup somewhat. Got an abita waiting on me next to cleanse the palate tomorrow. Big thing for me on RB is most are caffeine free too, stuff effs my sleep.
  7. Travis cad is far from an upright operation, wasn’t always the case, it started about 6 yrs ago. With that said, you guys have to keep in mind these increases are based on 2 years of appreciation since they didn’t increase home values last year. So you really should be asking “has my home appreciated ~20% since Jan 1 2019”. And per the tax code, they are required to value property at full market value, and I’m willing to wager the majority of you think your home is worth more than their new values, even with the bump. Sorry for being preachy guy, I really hate property taxes as a form of f
  8. Lulz that sammich shop before that was a complete fail. Tried going once and was a disaster.
  9. Also love this one from elephant “Surrounded by her family, I saw that she was dying alone” And then sometimes he just doesn’t dance around it “There's one thing that's real clear to me: No one dies with dignity” I’ve always been a little lost on this one though “I've buried her a thousand times, given up my place in line But I don't give a damn about that now”
  10. Big chief (not tablet) showing in front of the capitol recently talking up opposition to const carry.
  11. I’m with Al, that last game as a small town kid you realize after it’s over, that real life is next up. Your identity as football player/king of the town is dead, the transition to being a man giving the game and football grabass. I suppose it could also be last dream of ‘winning state’ or glory. I like jj’s angle too. Damn isbell delivers some lines.
  12. Weird that Fairmount is still asking around $200 per foot which doesn’t seem too far off where has been for a couple yrs it seems like.
  13. There was a write up in the chronicle last wk about it. Lotta bitching about emergency services.
  14. HtF worse than the 14 minute Anxiety? Cumberland gap? What’ve I done to help (another 12 min slop job)? Woof I dig the lead track on SMtF, if it takes a lifetime. Especially the line toward the end, struck me in my own life a time or two.... I thought that I was running to but I was running from Full disclosure, I’ve used decoration day as a piss/beer break at his shows on multiple occasions
  15. bluto

    Mad Men

    Worrrrd, it condenses the run time considerably on rewatch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Their whole house looks like a buccees bathroom entrance. A 5,000 sq ft she-shed
  17. bluto

    Luka Doncic

    Eh gimme Derka West logo over that
  18. Other issue is the second a hard number is given on case count for example is the second some hoax asshole politician shutters testing centers. Bc remember, the only reason it even exists is bc we tested for it!
  19. Well that sucks. The oysters looked good and banhs intrigued me.
  20. Fiiiiiiiine, thank you for your service. Happy now? (Insert Scene from Curb)
  21. Based on every the fact he’s that guy in literally every screen appearance, it either comes totally natural or he’s the best actor to ever live. And the fact lobo likes him has me leaning former.
  22. Ugggh I’m that guy with this bc they look really good.... is there any concern using fence slats for this as I assume most are pressure treated/loaded with cancer stuff? Or am I off on that assumption?
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