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  1. Jack Grealish 'waited in the tunnel' to confront Southampton's Oriol Romeu https://www.si.com/soccer/manchestercity/news/jack-grealish-waited-for-southampton-midfielder-oriol-romeu-in-tunnel-in-altercation-following-manchester-city-draw-reveals-ralph-hassenhuttl haha.. what was Grealish gonna do?
  2. yoladu

    EPL 2021-22

    City has dropped 4 points against Southampton this season. Hey, we did our part... the rest is up to y'all.
  3. yoladu

    EPL 2021-22

    1-0 leads create so much anxiety. My heart can’t take it.
  4. it's crazy. this country is currently averaging 2,000+ deaths a day from Covid-19. It was never that high for most of the bad ole days of 2020 (lockdown worked, but realistically not sustainable) We have pretty much decided we can live with 2,000 deaths a day, I guess. Let's hope this Omicron variant burns itself out, but hope is not the best strategy.
  5. that patsy non-conference will help... ALL home games Sam Houston Appalachian St. UMass Miami
  6. why is pic of Jimbo's gut included?
  7. So Gorsuch not a right wing hero then? There is no animosity within the Court? Going to be so much sads.
  8. He did. Would see him at Tarrytown UMC often. Speaking of that, he would often do a reading from the pulpit during Sunday Service. His voice would just bring back all those football memories as he spoke. Like a warm comfortable blanket.
  9. ahem... https://texags.com/forums/16/topics/3266843 If the court may allow, may I present Exhibit A?
  10. i couldn't imagine a worse room to be in there.
  11. uhh, if Crenshaw gets primaried, your mother is going to be represented by a crazy religious nutjob Trumper.
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