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  1. i am not usually one to be crass... BUT SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  2. Mike Pence Gets Near-Instant Fact Check Over Mail-In Voting Hypocrisy https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/mike-pence-mail-in-voting-fraud-claim-fact-check-105206614.html i like the comment: "I am a big fan of Fridays but absolutely hate the day after Thursday."
  3. I am so tired of our President being angry and aggrieved over EVERYTHING! i need a break. I am hoping America feels they need a break, too.
  4. and here i was worried his golf outing this weekend would be affected because of Hurricane Isaias threatening Mara Lago I'll give him this, his golf playing has been on point! He get that shit done! None of this, "i will play golf in two weeks" and then it never happens business.
  5. not technically PL anymore, but.. Eddie Howe out. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8584037/Eddie-Howe-LEAVES-Bournemouth-mutual-consent.html
  6. yoladu

    Port Aransas

    Whats going on with that place? Harvey was 3 years ago and still not re-opened! lost cause at this point?
  7. it's funny, from my experience, people who ARE racists don't like constantly being called racists by the other side, as well. So just call the whole thing off?
  8. See the thing is.. the Right thinks or claims or believes that it is the Democrats who do everything they possibly can to fuck over minorities. (I have spent way too much time lurking on Texags, but that is absolutey sentiment spewed over there; despite ancedotal evidence, polling, and just general logic saying otherwise)
  9. yoladu


    Every time i read the name "Dexter" to myself, I do it in Batista's accent. Can't help it. There was a smoking hot blonde that Dexter fell in love with in the final season. Only redeeming part.
  10. the last two days (July 29 & 30) - 2,930 covid deaths we haven't had a 2 day total that high since May 19 & 20. more than 2 months ago.
  11. having to remember all my passwords in my head causes me to exercise my brain - i am hoping that exercise staves off brain rot.
  12. has next year's schedule been discussed/determined? I know the start date is Sept 12. Is it going to be a lot like the Restart with matches spread out, happening nearly everyday? Or is it going to be the more traditional, matches most on Saturdays?
  13. yoladu

    Ruined Names

    *Wayne *as middle name - guarantees serial killer or mass murder
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