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  1. "We are a Muslim family and I want those values taught at school," she said. "Our morals as a society come from the Quran. I feel we are being excluded simply because we are people of religious background." Imagine the freakout!
  2. i am bad at the maths.
  3. had a same Amarillo experience but in the opposite direction. No room at the inn. had to power thru to Plainview, which is no fun when you are ready to be done for the night.
  4. because i was curious, i went back to the last 5 season tables to look at the point separation between the 5th place and 19th place team at matchweek 24 19/20 - 5th place : 34 points | 19th place : 23 points - difference 9 points 18/19 - 5th place : 47 points | 19th place : 17 points - difference 30 points 17/18 - 5th place : 45 points | 19th place : 20 points - difference 25 points 16/17 - 5th place : 46 points | 19th place : 19 points - difference 27 points 15/16 - 5th place : 40 points | 19th place : 19 points - difference 21 points 19th place Watford is 9 points from being tied for 5th. What 19th place team could say that 2/3s into the season in the past?
  5. and yet, i don't feel safe from relegation! Anyone else think there might be a relegated team on 40 or more points this season? there is a lot more equity in the league this year (sans one team). I can't decide if the small clubs have gotten better or the big clubs have gotten worse.
  6. i keep bracing myself for the first Putin style poisoning. Sincerely.
  7. More like, Trump told the WSJ his admin is developing a plan to increase the deficit even more.
  8. it was jamb packed for 30 minutes.. you could also have included: The Lewis boycott Mocha Joe (coffee heat, scone inferiority, wobbly table) Stopping short with the server in the pantry the irresponsible pregnant woman the big goodbye dog hair / dog bowl Suzie's hat
  9. i'll second their migas (i like em wet), burger and mexican martinis. I did find a small rock in my refried beans once. I am told that is not uncommon. fond memories of the deck, for sure.
  10. Funny how everyone related to or associated with Mr. Trump is not credible or trustworthy in what they say. Talk about the perfect defense!
  11. are they do any filming Austin other than firetrucks on city streets and flyover shots? All the locations where "acting" was occurring was in LA, right?
  12. i like the extreme lack of urgency among the EMT/ first responders with the guy not breathing on the ground. 1) kind of stroll casually on to the scene 2) have a polite. measured discussion on jurisdiction before attending to the guy.
  13. Liverpool has won the title. Time to start discussing next season.
  14. the electric scooters, the selfie stick... of course!!! And just hearing "Mocha Joe" tickles me, tickles Larry too obviously.
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