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  1. President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.
  2. for my own health and well being, I really need to avoid this topic for the next 48 hours. but will/can i?
  3. Leicester 2 - 0 Southampton --- cheap goal at the end.. competitive match, Southampton's play looked pretty and the first Leicester goal was against the run of play... BUT that don't mean shit. Southampton has no offensive teeth at the moment. Last 6 matches... 2 goals scored, 4 goals allowed Also, lots of starters out due to injury/covid: Ings, Redmond, Romeu, Versterguard, Djenepo. 8th place / 29 points
  4. i checked my ipod (remember those?) that has close to 20,000 songs and this is the song I have played the most. my perfect song : Husker Du - "Celebrated Summer" punk dynamics classic intro - introduce the guitar riff, isolate the bass for a sec, drum snare cracking thru power pop melodies abound quiet/loud (stolen a lot since then) monstrous loud melodic guitar solo wistful lyrics "Do you remember when the first snow fall fell? When summer barely had a snowball's chance in hell?"
  5. i am enjoying that part, but instead of thinking i would also just slip into a zen like state, now i have to worry about unleashed MAGA/Q-Anon assholes who want to fuck shit up.
  6. yeah, i think Yeomans has the chops to be a national weather guy some day if he wants to go that route. Young, photogenic, affable, knows his stuff.
  7. that break up letter! sheesh. "My parents and i think it would be best that..."
  8. Jim Spencer is my reliable local go-to. David Yoemans assumes the Chief Meteorologist job at KXAN. He seem like a good guy.
  9. Fox News = fake news https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/pelosi-gender-ban-house/
  10. He does have a general ability to read a crafted speech off a teleprompter when he is in deep shit trying to save his ass. Again, the motivation is saving his ass, not the country's. the same people he is calling out today in a canned speech are the same people he extolled : 'We Love You, You're Very Special' extemporaneously a week earlier... hmmm, i wonder where his true feelings lie/lay?
  11. 50 years from now in history books, students will read, "The president was impeached twice, but not convicted? " and ask why? the GOP will not be looked upon favorably.
  12. my Biden/Harris sign does not come down until Biden is sworn in.
  13. the likes of which no one has ever seen before.
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