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  1. Winning independents is not the fucking point. I couldn't care less if the impeachment inquiry is winning independents.
  2. gosh, if i recall, Spurs were European Champion runners-up last year. Seems like a panicky move.
  3. would love to have you back, Poch. a guy can dream, right?
  4. Nunes: Are you aware of these lies and mistruths that i am stating as facts? Vindmen : No. i am not aware.
  5. https://factba.se/topic/calendar Another busy day for the president.. 11:30am The President participates in a Cabinet meeting 12:45pm The President has lunch with the Vice President
  6. https://factba.se/topic/calendar Well his daily schedule shouldn't be taxing his health. today ~ Monday 11/18/19 2:00pm The President receives his intelligence briefing 4:15pm The President meets with the Secretary of State that's it. (Mrs Whiggins basically beat me to it)
  7. Yep. A 6-5 team, playing Texas Tech at 11am on the day after Thanksgiving. The stadium will literally be half full. 50,000. Difficult to image the above scenario 10 years ago.
  8. For every Republican who exasperatedly questions what qualifications Hunter Biden had to be on the Burisma board, a picture of Jared Kushner needs to be flashed on the screen.
  9. i hope none of you guys are financial advisors.
  10. i am sure the coaching staff during the time out before the kick said.. now it is 4th and 5.... don't commit a penalty.. its better they make the FG than us committing a penalty!!! i am sure they said, right? they must have, right?!
  11. i am surprised a 20 something general-services officer on her first assignment for the foreign service in 1986 didn't turn Somalia into Shangri-La. Kushner would have.
  12. is it correct that you don't have any clue about things completely unrelated to your testimony and the matter at hand? that is correct. WINNING!!!
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