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  1. I know Nazi scientists helped us land on the moon but what nazi scientists helped us develop the bomb?
  2. It'll be interesting to see how many democrats vote against impeachment. Tulsi will definitely join the 2 that voted against the investigation.
  3. Booker - 6 Biden - 2 Buttigieg - 10 Gabbard Harris - 5 Klob - 2 Sanders - 27 Steyer Warren - 28 Yang - 8
  4. Roberts would be the judge (presiding officer) but McConnell makes the rules.
  5. So jurors met and conspired with a defendant's lawyer and family member before the trial. That's something to be proud about. White House and Republicans discuss limiting impeachment trial to two weeks https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/white-house-and-republicans-discuss-limiting-impeachment-trial-to-two-weeks/2019/11/21/3e02edf8-0c9a-11ea-a49f-9066f51640f6_story.html
  6. Especially if he'll talk about his final fight with trump. Everyone at the time assumed that it was about the proposed Camp David Taliban meeting but maybe this played into it as well.
  7. They didn't care about the actual investigation. They just wanted the video of Ukraine saying they were opening the investigation on CNN to use in 2020 campaign ads and Trump could use it as a reoccurring argument in debates and rallies. The Hillary email investigation worked well for him in 2016 even though nothing came of the investigation.
  8. Trump is inviting moderate republican senators to the White House today for free blow jobs I presume.
  9. Jordan, "We didn’t call the witnesses…We just gave you a list of people we wanted to have”
  10. Red River on campus closes December 2nd and the groundbreaking for the arena is December 3rd. http://www.dailytexanonline.com/2019/11/19/board-of-regents-approves-385-million-for-red-river-street-realignment
  11. All so he can see the place that they've been making Mac pros since Obama was in office. Cool.
  12. The final gate in the airport terminal extension project is open! -Five concessionaire concepts have opened at the Austin airport, including a CNBC News store, InMotion electronics, Jugo smoothies, XpresSpa and Vino Volo East. -New Million Air fixed based operation is now operational. CNBC News, InMotion and Jugo open The CNBC News store opened on Nov. 4 just beyond Gate 12 and is open daily from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. The news store, which is operated by Lagardère Travel Retail, offers snacks, beverages, and basic travel items, as well as magazines, newsstand and gift items. InMotion, a cutting-edge premium electronics store, is now open near Gate 15. The store brings electronic brands such as Apple, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, GoPro, Sony and others directly to flying passengers. Other tech products offered include noise-cancelling and wireless headphones, speakers, tablets, portable power chargers, mobile accessories, digital action cameras and fitness trackers. The 715 square-foot location is open daily from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Jugo is a new smoothie bar located near Gate 8. In the 886 square-foot space, Jugo’s counters have a white marble and oak wood finish. Jugo is known for its healthy concoctions, grab-and-go food items, and coffee. Jugo is open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. All gates operational in 9-gate expansion Another milestone was met in the expansion of the Barbara Jordan Terminal. All 12 gates—including those that were relocated from the existing terminal—are now operational in the expansion. The expansion included the build of nine additional gates and the relocation of other existing gates. In addition to those that were just completed, amenities and concession operators open in the expansion include: Delta’s Sky Lounge, Vino Volo East, The Austin Chronical, Caffé Medici and Toy Joy / Yummi Joy. Restaurants and concepts still under construction include: Parkside Restaurant, Salvation Pizza, the Duty Free Shop, 24 Hour Diner and Austin City Kitchen (Austin City Kitchen will house Austin Beer Drop, Hardies Fresh Foods Market, Noble Sandwich Co., Sushi-A-Go-Go and Zocalo Café.). New Vino Volo East includes live music performance stage Vino Volo Wine Lounge & Restaurant opened its second location in AUS, which includes a live music performance stage. The new Vino Volo East is located between Gates 6 and 8. Vino Volo has a comforting wine cellar design with decorative barrels throughout the 1,371 square-foot restaurant and bar. The space also has wide, wooden beams along the ceiling with spotlighting and multiple wine displays for showcased wines. The original Vino Volo West location near Gate 22 is currently under construction for renovations. It is estimated to be complete and reopen by the end of 2019. XpresSpa / The Joint offers Austin travelers spa, chiropractic care XpresSpa is teaming up with The Joint Chiropractic at two locations at the Austin airport. There are locations both upstairs and downstairs across from the Salt Lick BBQ at Gate 21. In addition, there is a single location downstairs across from Second Bar + Kitchen between Gates 15 and 16. XpresSpa has created high-functioning areas around stairwells that accommodate massage chairs and nail salon workstations. Merchandise is available to purchase and includes neck pillows and nail polish. XpresSpa also has an enclosed upstairs lounge for chiropractic appointments and massages to be administered in a quiet, comfortable space. Million Air FBO opens for general aviation, charter and private aircrafts New fixed based operator (FBO) Million Air Austin is now open and operating at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Million Air provides general aviation terminals, hangars, and maintenance and fuel facilities for corporate and private aircrafts. Located adjacent to the 9,000-foot east runway, the FBO offers excellent airside access. Million Air joins two other FBOs located at AUS: Atlantic Aviation Services and Signature Flight Support. Million Air is located at 4801 Emma Browning Ave and offers a hospitality bar, seven acres of ramp space with a 14,500 square-foot FBO, with an aircraft canopy. More information can be found here. This is the gate breakdown of full leases vs shared gates going forward post expansion. Delta only has 4 full-time gates which is underwhelming after all the hype but they are using 1-6 every now and then as overflow gates. BJ Terminal 01) SHARED INT 02) SHARED INT 03) SHARED INT 04) SHARED INT 05) SHARED INT 06) SHARED INT 07) Delta 08) Delta 09) Delta 10) Delta 11) SHARED 12) JetBlue 13) Hardstand (Not Used) 14) Southwest 15) Southwest 16) Southwest 17) Southwest 18) Southwest 19) Southwest 20) Southwest 21) Southwest 22) SHARED 23) American 24) American 25) United 26) American 27) United 28) American 29) United 30) American 31) United 32) SHARED 33) United 34) SHARED South Terminal (Allegiant, Frontier, S1) SHARED S2) SHARED S3) SHARED
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