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  1. The only part of this plan that isn’t stupid is the electronic strike zone.
  2. Because understanding what went wrong in the wave 1 response can help us in future waves. Also, there are 435 house members each with staffs. They can do more than 1 thing at a time.
  3. Any state without mail in voting available for all is going to cancel their November election. I don't know why this isn't more obvious.
  4. WOW. For the first time, Biden leads Trump in Florida and he leads it by 6 points according to UNF. That is a monumental shift.
  5. Pasken

    Austin FC

    Starting to look like a stadium.
  6. This is very good news. They were suppose to release the update on Saturday. When they didn't I thought that might have meant the projections were getting much worse.
  7. They’re going to take up resources that you might need in a couple weeks.
  8. Where is the best place for a running tally of daily US deaths? Hoping we can keep it under 1,300.
  9. Why in the world would you get on a cruise ship on March 8th?
  10. The Washington St model predicts 899 deaths today with the high end at 970. Let's see where we end up.
  11. Pasken

    Its happening

    It looks like the east suite tower has toped out. They are also putting in a glass wall on the top floor of Moncrief.
  12. I explained it in this thread however that explanation is waiting for approval along with this post.
  13. Understood. So this is what I was reply to: And this is what I said: My intent was to add context to a statement that was very misleading without it and created a false sense of security. Instead of saying Trump's name, I should have said that assumes we are going to see a monumental improvement in testing, tracking and isolation. The meaning is effectively the same however I understand I violated the rules but it wasn't my intention. It would be really nice if I could get the ability back to freely post outside of the DT forum without having to get every single post approved by a moderator.
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