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  1. I don’t have the flight paths in front of me but looking at the directions of the DAL runways and downtown Dallas, I don’t think it’s similar enough to compare to austin. Are you sure it blocks the approach? I guess it’s wb traffic going to 31R?
  2. If my wife ever sleeps with another man, I would really like Adam Schiff to do it.
  3. Chronicle is a terrible source for that subject . The paper's owner is a Hyde park millionaire that wants hit keep his low density central Austin neighborhood as it is and it's usually him writing the fear mongering articles including the one you linked. He's not interesting in following the facts. He's interested in finding whatever he can that support his ultimate position which is backwards for a "journalist".
  4. There is a period of Q and A from the senators to the legal teams after the opening arguments are done.
  5. There is no way Trump's defense team uses more than 4 of the 24 hours allowed to them, right?
  6. I think there is an issue with a potential 1000’ building downtown and the FAA. It blocks something for planes on approach to AUS from the northwest.
  7. It depends if the senate demands documents and there is another standoff.
  8. They just voted on the 2nd. Will probably vote on the 3rd in the next 2 hours.
  9. Amendment to use subpoenas get state documents is being tabled by republicans. 3rd amendment to get budget department docs is next to be debated. Likely will also be tabled by republicans.
  10. Pasken

    Austin FC

    It's nice to see cement being poured. We are a few months away from nonstop rain.
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