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  1. Like the woman with the $40,000 Rolex is going to listen to the target worker with the $2 wristband? COME ON!
  2. Yea it’s actually weird. The music bit and Jonah traveling around getting his supporters sick.
  3. Pasken


    I know this sounds really stupid but I don't know how I feel about buying the Cybertruck if it's made in Oklahoma.
  4. Pasken


    Blame Travis County Commissioner's court. They cold have approved on Tuesday but decided not to.
  5. Pasken


    Announce that it's going to Tulsa?
  6. They need to change the name from early voting to just voting so people. People are dumb.
  7. Pasken

    Austin FC

    I was thinking as long as it wasn't Mrs. Zimmerman. https://www.facebook.com/morgan.witt.393
  8. Pasken

    Austin FC

    Leslie Pool has an opponent for November, Morgan Witt. I'm hoping people remember all the crap she pulled during the Austin FC saga, landuse reform and just about everything else. We don't know much about the challenger other than that she is a bilingual education advisor with ties to Southwestern University and for police reform.
  9. Guess for Travis County cases today? I'll be the optimist and say sub 400.
  10. Maybe if people were protesting inside buildings that had circular airflow. The "media" is reporting what studies are showing.
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