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  1. The ladder is the support for the floor. There is the overhang where the entrance is that has a few poles to support it. Once you open it up you have to insert the little arms that hold out the overhangs over the windows and stuff. Other than that, the rest of the tent unfolds its self by using the ladder to pull it out.
  2. Side note, setting up a rooftop tent in July in Texas sucks. And now I have to do the yard because the house is showing this afternoon.
  3. Back in 2015 (according to my order history at REI) I bought some REI Co-op lightweight merino wool hiking quarter socks on closeout. While they were listed as lightweight, they are pretty thick and are the best socks I own. You can get them wet, and they are still good to go for another day without feeling nasty. I can't stress enough how much good wool socks make a difference for backpacking.
  4. .40 is just too snappy in anything but a full size pistol. And even then a 9mm shoots so much smoother. The advantages it has don't outweigh the excessive recoil versus modern ammo in a 9mm.
  5. Yeah, I'm a fan of non waterproof hiking shoes, at least if you live in a warmer climate. Get good wool socks and you won't even care if your feet get a bit wet. But not all wool socks are created equal.
  6. Something like the Merrell Moab low hiking shoes to me is the perfect balance between trail runners and hiking boots. Lighter weight than boots without restrictive ankle support, and a thick enough footbed to protect against fatigue from hiking on rocks with weight on your back. You've gotta be pretty sure footed and have strong ankles to hike with a lot of weight like that, however.
  7. 9 is a better pistol round with modern ammo. It's always a good idea to have you carbine match your pistol ammo. If they can take the same magazines, even better.
  8. I'm pretty sure the opportunity to wear a kickass hat like this outweighs that Thing.
  9. Maybe OP is a crazy person and we are all just part of his elaborate self delusions he creates for himself at the insane asylum.
  10. It turns out that “supremacist” and “supremist” appeared in writing around the same time in phrases that referred to people who believed whites were superior to others.
  11. Are y'all able to find holds? It seems everyone built a home wall during the quarantine and holds everywhere were sold out.
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