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  1. The difference in price between good leather and crappy leather isn't all that big, however the nicer shoe brands probably pay more attention to which part of the hide and orientation when they are clicking out the pieces. So they probably have more waste versus a large company that clicks out pieces in whichever way will give them the most shoes per side. So while the price difference may only be $10 pers square foot, that is magnified by the amount of scrap. Even still, the price difference for the leather is not all that high like some people think. I think this is kind of a myth promoted by shoe companies to help ensure their proces stay high enough.
  2. Yep. It's like watching something like Rawhide. They are going to have a background story, but most of the episodes are going to be stand alone adventures like an old western TV show.
  3. By modern I meant using semiautomatic magazine fed firearms that use these new fangled metallic cartridges. Somebody says shootout and I think old west.
  4. I like them. They are perfectly adequate for what they were designed to be. If he tinkers with rifles he may already have a vice. Maybe look into a stoning jig for smoothing out triggers or something like that.
  5. Not exactly a shootout, but I love the way they did the train robbery scene at the beginning of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.
  6. The Matrix bank scene is pretty good for a more modern shootout. Open Range for a western.
  7. They've apparently been dropping shows at 12 AM GMT, so not really a mistake.
  8. I'm disappointed they didn't interview Ted Cruz for the article.
  9. Glasses just slow you down. With a wife like that you gotta drink it straight from the bottle.
  10. Yeah, I could probably bore sight it, but I'd like to be able to get the iron sights to co-witness, and I don't think there's enough adjustment on them. I really just need to pull it apart and see if I can figure out what the problem is. If there is a metal shaving or some piece of trash between the barrel extension and the upper reciever then it probably isn't head spacing correctly, and that's obviously not good. If the forearm is crooked that's easy enough to swap out. For reference, it's almost the same as this one: https://www.primaryarms.com/radical-firearms-ar-pistol-10.5in-300-blackout-hbar-10in-m-lok-fcr-gen3-rail
  11. The only way for the GOP to become a party of decency is to change from within. And for that to happen some decent folks have to stay. I don't support the current GOP, but I'm not going to hate those who are trying to change it for the better. The alternative is one party rule, which you already noted is not a good thing.
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