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  1. That flintlock pistol is much earlier than the civil war, bruh.
  2. One of my FIL's good friends owned a donut shop in a small town outside of Tyler. He said that place printed money, but the hours were pretty terrible and he didn't trust paying someone else to manage it enough to give him reasonable hours. He ended up selling it and moving out of state.
  3. A drive through movie? That's a pretty novel concept, but I'm not sure it will take off. Heck, people get pissed when you order food at the Sonic drive through, much less try and watch a movie.
  4. Holy spitballs batman have I ever seen a more elitist and completely clueless statement? Probably, but that is besides the point. Do you think that all of our "poors" live within walking distance of a decent paying job? Or maybe they could just take the bus? Do you think they want to sit around all day being poor and living on government subsidies? Did you compete against a three month old jar of mayonnaise in an IQ contest and loose? A reliable(ish) form of transportation is probably one of the key things that allows a "poor" to succeed in life and at least make it so that their kids will have a decent shot.
  5. The whole situation has seen more dicks than South Austin's mom, but outrage at the fact that someone wasn't indicted for shooting Breonna when they demonstrably (assumably) didn't shoot her is your indictment of American Justice? Do you want that standard applied equally accross all racial barriers, because, spoiler, that is what is happening right now. If you try and push BS charges against someone who is obviously not guilty of said BS charges, who do you think is going to suffer the most? I'd prefer we not set that precedent. Yeah, it sucks, but if the guy just fired recklessly into a bunch of apartments and didn't hit anything of consequence (funny how the law is worried more about the consequences than the intentions...) then the charge is appropriate. If there isn't any other accountability then we have a serious problem with the way the law is written. But that doesn't mean we should go about enforcing it in whatever way tickles our fancy.
  6. If he didn't fire the shot that killed her it can't really be negligent homicide. That's probably the only real charge that could stick. Now, the other cops on the other hand...
  7. Beavers Bend is a little outside your ideal range, but they have plenty of cabins in the area. It's pretty nice for Oklahoma.
  8. I mean, you have a .2% chance of guessing correctly. Shouldn't be much different than your normal running of the stonks.
  9. Trigger can be smoothed with a little time and patience. There are lots of moving parts in a double action revolver that can rub. Stone everything that could rub something else except for the actual sear surface and whatever else might be critical for safe function.
  10. They look to be made about like the AB Horsepower boots I dissected several pages ago. Stitching doesn't go all the way through the uppers, and they claim their welts are both glued and stitched. That probably means the have a gemming strip glued down with a row of stitches sewn with a blake stitching machine to secure it. It looks something like this. The jagged fabric stuff is the gemming, which holds the welt to the upper. Since their little diagram didn't mention anything about a leather insole, that probably means they use a fiberboard insole like you will find on a lot of less expensive commercial shoes. Contrast that with hand welted insoles, where the upper, insole, and welt are all stitched together with the same thread like this There you can see there is a grove cut out of the leather insole, and a curved awl and needle is used to saddle stitch all three parts together. This is the best and most durable method, but you can't create boots at that low of a price point using this method as easily because it takes a lot more time and a lot more skilled labor. Glueing and stitching down gemming to a fiberboard insole is a perfectly acceptable way to make boots that you don't expect to repeatedly get rebuilt, so if you just want something to wear on the weekends and aren't planning to have the resolved until the upper falls apart they should be just fine.
  11. That bastard John Adams and his hideous hermaphroditical character probably stole the missing sections from Lewis's diary in order to frame him.
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