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  1. Finished the Mormon Murder doc. It's worth the watch. Three episodes, less than an hour each.
  2. As long as Favreau and Filoni are the actual drivers behind it I am good. They have proven themselves to be worthy bearers of the torch.
  3. I would be wary about any rubber that is 40 years old.
  4. Murder among the Mormons or whatever the proper title is is interesting so far, one episode in.
  5. 59 Delegates at Washington on the Brazos signed and approved the Texas Declaration of Independence. Huzzah!
  6. I'm a fan of the Mules that convert from four seaters to two seaters. I prefer the bench style seat to the more bucket styles.
  7. Your talking at someone who doesn't understand how a top doesn't fall over. Best of luck.
  8. Also, I was just thinking, I'm not sure what the plural of Mars (the planet) is. I mean, we've got all these multiverse theories and junk now because of wandavision and comic books or something. And saying Marses instills the same enthusiasm that you get when you wife tells you she is going to TJ Maxx. I think we should come up with a proper plural pronunciation. Maybe something like "Marsen?"
  9. Am I the only person who thinks that such high resolution pictures of the surface of another planet is one of the greatest thing our species has achieved? I mean, screw world peace. Just give me more pictures of Mars.
  10. Interesting article. A lot of the issues touched on are probably pretty applicable to any sort of industry, but it's kind of crazy how much of our wealth we are just tossing out for the benefit of a few just to keep an idea that we all like alive. Any time a space program is cancelled people are sad, but this kind of gives some context of why maybe it is a necessary thing, and almost makes you like the person who cancelled it. Almost. But space is awesome and cancelling it is dumb.
  11. What was the officer's name? I'm sure we could find out if he actually does have a black wife.
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