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  1. It's straigh out of the show PJ Masks, so not too much imagination.
  2. Gecko would be better Yep. PJ Masks is the current favorite TV show.
  3. The barrel costs more than the oil. The oil is just the cheapest thing to put in the barrel to keep anybody from stealing your valuable barrel.
  4. So we now have a dog named Catboy. Wife made the mistake of asking our 3.5 year old what she wanted to name it.
  5. Like I said, when the queen survives this because she is immortal we will all use her blood as a vaccine.
  6. First case was domestic travel a while back, so I would hope that the other two positives were either family or people who treated them. Supposedly there were several nurses and staff quarantined because they did not know to where propper PPE at first. But like I said a few posts ago, there are a lot of people who travel back and forth from Tyler where there is community spread to Longview for work, so it is only a matter of time, especially since Tyler seems determined not to lock anything down.
  7. Tyler is just trying to prove to the world how good their hospitals are. Gregg County (Longview) has tested 70 people. 27 negative and 3 positive with 40 still outstanding. Smith County (Tyler) has 21 confirmed cases and evidence of local spread, with one case being a postal mail carrier. Not sure how many tests they have administered, but I'd imagine they still have a lot of outstanding tests. Gregg is mandatory SiP, while Smith is doing nothing. There are a lot of people who travel back and forth between Tyler and Longview for work who work in essential industries like health care or chemicals production. Tyler is going to kill us all.
  8. The muzzle break on yours looks about like mine, which is perfectly adequate. I doubt you'll need a new one. Edit: but go ahead and double up on ear pro and make sure you have eye pro.
  9. So, when the queen gets it and survives because she is immortal we can just use her blood as a vaccine, right?
  10. I had a Vortex on mine, but just iron sights now after a cousin's fiancee scoped himself pretty bad. It's just a fun gun for blasting stuff, so no need for fancy glass. If you want to get into super long range stuff then I would get some quality glass. As far as best position to shoot, shoot it off a bench, off hand, or with a tall enough bipod to sit on the ground. The muzzle break will slow the recoil down, but it still pushes you back enough that your body needs to be able to move to absorb it.
  11. Your takes are usually well reasoned. Calling this semi-plausible is not well reasoned.
  12. It should have been split off and set as an auto reply to any posts on the threads in the cloak room.
  13. A good 11 in 1 screw driver, a pair of channel locks, and a crescent wrench are just about all you should need for ordinary stuff. Maybe add a hand drill, a hammer, and a set of files, rasps, and chisels if you want to get fancy with the woodwork.
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