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  1. On the bars thing, they must get 51% of their revenue from the sale of alcoholic beverages for onsite consumption to be classified as a bar. If they sell food, they are classified as a restaurant. Many bars are technically restaurants, and many proper bars started selling food during the pandemic to get reclassified as restaurants so they could reopen. In Texas at least.
  2. I was curious about Juneteenth outside of Texas and was reading the wikipedia article and saw that. It looks like the Choctaw were formally practicing African Slavery until the reconstruction treaty with them was ratified on June 28, 1866 and proclaimed July 10, 1866. I'm not sure which would have been the proper date for it to be in effect, but that is a solid year after Juneteenth. If I had to guess why we still cited Juneteenth as the end of Slavery in the US, I would think that there was in the past some anti-Indian bias justified by the fact that they are "sovereign nations" within our bo
  3. So Mrs. NAAL was giving the one month old a bath in the sink... Mrs. NAAL: Can you turn the thermostat to 73? NAAL: I'll just turn the AC off Mrs. NAAL: Why would you that? NAAL: Well you just want to keep the air from blowing on the baby while you are bathing it, right? Mrs. NAAL: yeah, but that uses up so much extra power. NAAL:...silence...
  4. I can't believe nobody has mentioned the masterpiece that is Drive Angry yet.
  5. I'm seeing one extra magazine and what looks like handcuffs. Probably a cop, as others have said. But do go on about your fantasies of his fantasies, lol.
  6. Full sized van is really the best answer for families and road trips. Especially if they involve something like camping that requires extra gear. I can have the third row in and still fit out double stroller in the back without even folding it up. And for tens of thousands less than a suburban or comparable.
  7. Working cowboys have worn loud colors and stuff going all the way back to the days of the trail drives. Maybe brighter colors stood out better in the dust?
  8. The very idea that this thread has existed for so long should give any rational thinker pause at the idea that the Univeristy of Texas is a premier source of education for anyone in America. There is a hugely disturbing lack of understanding of history, religion, and basic logic being pushed here by folks who style themselves as liberal.
  9. If we made all non profits pay property taxes we would basically have to eliminate property taxes for them to even exist in most large metro areas.
  10. Not really. Spend enough time standing around holding each other's dicks and you eventually get a sort of telepathic connection. Allegedly.
  11. "I'm thinking of taking the kids to the science discovery center tomorrow. On Thursdays they have three dollar Tuesdays."
  12. Yeah, it's the water condensing on the coils and dripping down the drain that makes the difference.
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