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  1. I, too, am three hours into a smoke session on my Passover pork shoulder.
  2. T-Bone's and keep that shit quiet
  3. begun the Ella Blvd viet and coffee wars have
  4. Thoughts and prayers to everyone crossing durham heading east on 16th from here on out. Somebody's gonna get killed by that fence
  5. I did a home study, got an apap, and concur with Lat 22. If you need it, it will change your life.
  6. my uncle kicked Sy Sperling's ass when they were kids. But Sy Sperling kicked my uncle's ass a couple of weeks later
  7. Downhouse recently retired the kimchi burger, but I am here to say that the Barback burger that took its place is, in a word, highly smashable
  8. Badass, Jimbo. I'll get to work on a new hashtag
  9. Russ and Daughters instead of Katz's. Walk around Central Park. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and back
  10. Don't forget, Starbucks isn't a coffee company, it's a milk company
  11. I learned to love mezcal at La Botica
  12. one of everything and ask for Allie as a server
  13. +1 for the Stihl farm boss also +1 for a handy electric. Use them both at the tree farm with a generator in the truck bed
  14. yawn. In my estimation the biggest problems is drivers killing bicyclists with virtual impunity in this city
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