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  1. Yea today’s choices kinda suck. App -5 over Marshall wake forest -1 over Louisville
  2. I’ve been wanting to try those I’ve heard great things but HEB does not carry them.
  3. Don’t you still have to be touched while down? If so that’s a TD
  4. Man Giggity’s had some surprisingly really good food. I use to have a pic of some wagyu steaks they posted they had got in that they post on Facebook and they looked amazing. I never had a bad meal there.
  5. Saw Chick-Fil-A is testing this bad boy out in NC, honey pepper pimiento and jalapeño chicken sandwich.
  6. Kingdom I know I’m probably late to the party on this but it’s like Animal Kingdom focused around a mma fighting family. But I think the directors and actors do a great job of building the characters and telling a story and the music selection is on point. Great show.
  7. You missed one of the best things, their tator tot casserole is amazing.
  8. Nothing better when I was a kid then snickers blizzard.
  9. Not a good sign for the Giants if you can’t punch it in from the two yard line..
  10. It was a rough weekend. Hey who knew Herman was actually going to turn over full control of play calling and let us finish a game for once lol.
  11. Nice comeback Bears, Trubisky has a good fourth quarter!
  12. Gruden got fat and balding fast with the raiders.
  13. Yea those were some bad throws into the end zone even if it was PI
  14. Duverney caught one for 12 yards.
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