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  1. These businesses have often been shut down part of the last year and are barely getting by... But a lot of y’all’s solution is just pay more, you know how I know you don’t own a business?
  2. If you buy fentanyl laced weed or pain pills and you don’t know it how do you get hooked on something when you don’t know what it is? This seems to be what is happening.
  3. I don’t get why people are lacing things with fentanyl?? Are they just trying to kill people or what?
  4. My friend has storage buildings and just bought some land to build more. His materials supplier gave him a estimate and it was 60% higher then the ones he built in December so she told him to wait six months and check back then.
  5. How did he not win the heisman that year?! Then I looked up who won Troy Smith just cause they were ranked #1.
  6. Are you sure about that...... A simple google search of Europe shortage of restaurant workers brings up articles from many countries with the exact same issue.
  7. Idk but every person I asked at the restaurants I’ve been to said the people that didn’t come back are still getting the states and bonus unemployment’s from the pandemic so the 6 month or what not limit is not in effect and won’t end until August. Maybe they were full of shit but I doubt it.
  8. @tx 3 putt Not really true at all. Texas companies still pay waiters and bartenders $2.13 a hour only and not Minimum wage. Texas benefits do not run out for waiters or bartenders in six months with covid as most of their money earned is in tips and not pay from the company they work for, therefore they are consider independent contractors and it was extended for their Texas benefits also. There in lies the issue with why people are having a issue finding employees, unemployed waiters are making the federal bonus plus their state portion still until August. So yes the reason is
  9. The people that work at the restaurants I’ve been to have all said they can’t find employees, the ones working are doing doubles almost every day.
  10. No that’s just the kind of guy sc is, you aren’t new here you should be up to speed on that. He’s definitely not ever winning the “I think that guy is a great person in real life” award.
  11. Having the same issue and you are right it just says softball next. Might have to listen to the TCU feed
  12. What a game and a much needed win! 🤘🏻
  13. Witt had the 2 up on the counts but couldn’t close it out. I wouldn’t say it was terrible leaving him in.
  14. Whew didn’t expect to come out of that with only one given up.
  15. I don’t know what this is but that field looks like shit. Jerry freaking Glanville is one of the head coaches!
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