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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. Did it not look like a gimp suit the people that helped them in the pod were wearing? They also just called them by their number on the suit lol.
  2. Every riot that’s ever happened called and they are calling bs. This happens every time it’s not a huge pre planned thing lol.
  3. Great message during the press conference but you know who’s not watching this probably? Most of the people who have been out late rioting and looting. People saying Russia, antifa, white supremacist, China and who ever else and maybe a few are... If you watch though it’s mostly kids 16-25 or so who are white and black.
  4. I remember that one. Mace being sprayed all over the place at anyone who was around. We hid in the entry nook in front of the door of Coppertank until we could figure out how to get back to our car.
  5. At a memorial for a family friend and after they had a crawfish boil. His son and all his friends are mostly aggies. One guy just went on for five minutes about a picture of the college station skyline that he just bought... Seriously.
  6. He wasn’t working at the nursing home he was also a patient there for rehab. They ought not have him with the retirees though.
  7. I hear you, I do this also with turkey. What I use is not what is usually ground in a chicken patty they probably get from Sysco or you get from the grocery store, they call that chicken parts.
  8. It says in the last article they arrested a third person.
  9. From Wikipedia, I was surprised as I thought all whales were endangered. My question is where the hell did he find the meat? As of 2018, the IUCN Red List labels the common minke whale as Least Concern[31] and the Antarctic minke whale as Near Threatened.[32] COSEWIC puts both species in the Not At Risk category [1]. NatureServe lists them as G5 which means the species is secure on global range [2]. Population estimates are generated by the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission. The 2004 estimate yielded 515,000 individuals for the Antarctic minke stock.
  10. Who’s not always hungry for a ground chicken parts burger!! 🤮
  11. http://Vince McMahon could be trying to buy the XFL - ProFootballTalk So you’re saying there’s a chance!! The league ratings and attendance were good so I could see it turning a profit eventually.
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