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  1. Spoosner

    Dive Bars

    Dallasite Billiards, caddy corner to Jimmy's.
  2. Heading to PS for a few days after Christmas, one of which is my wife's bday. Italian is her favorite cuisine, so thinking I'll go that route. I saw Birba mentioned above, but it's pretty low on the rating/ranking scale. Any other Italian suggestions in the Palm Springs area? Don't mind driving. Would prefer something on the nicer side, but food is most important.
  3. NYC: Stout Grand Central San Diego: Pacific Social Dallas: HQ Prime
  4. My bad. Probably not too many mentions of orecchiette on here.
  5. Recipe handy? Don't feel like searching through 30 pages.
  6. Don't know that this is perfect thread, but don't think it's worth starting a new one. Has anybody been to Te Deseo? Reviews seem very mixed.
  7. Yea, book with "Super Hosts" and read the bad reviews. Stopped reading after it was apparent he didn't do his homework (although I understand they were in a bind after original place cancelled a month prior).
  8. I know it's a long shot, but would like to avoid fees if possible. Interested in any quantity.
  9. https://twitter.com/bryandfischer/status/1185605515012784128?s=21 sooner schooner tipping over. Sorry, don't know how to embed. Somebody with more skills than me needs to make a bunch of dicks tumble out when it hits the ground.
  10. My wife got us a daytime babysitter a few Sundays ago and we went to Revelers Hall. They have a New Orleans style house band that plays from 2 - 5 every Saturday and Sunday, and they were badass. Drinks were very good, bartenders were very nice, and were happy to have us there. They don't serve food (only some bar chex mix), so eat before you go, but we loved it. One of those things you didn't know existed in Dallas (granted we've only been here a couple years so y'all might not be surprised). Anyway, highly recommend. Found some video evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqo4-kSRaeg
  11. Spoosner

    Dallas | BBQ

    Thanks for the insights. VIP is the only way I'd do it. Easily justifiable since I'm not buying the usual 2nd ticket for my wife, my son gets in free, 2 drinks included, and I'm hoping the "VIP area" might have some shade or something that will help with the little guy. I'm still planning to wait and get some indication of what the weather looks like as well as UT game time before pulling the trigger.
  12. Spoosner

    Dallas | BBQ

    Has anybody ever attended this? https://www.prekindle.com/event/45957-smoked-dallas-dallas If so, is the BBQ on par with what you get from visiting these places, or a bit dumbed down for the masses? I'll be on solo parenting duty with my 18 month old son. Thinking about buying a VIP ticket and introducing him to the meat sweats (mostly kidding). Would be nice if they'd post the Okie Lite gametime Some pretty heavy hitters in the lineup: BBQ ON THE BRAZOS (CRESSON) BLACK’S BARBECUE (LOCKHART) BODACIOUS BBQ MOBBERLY (LONGVIEW) CATTLEACK BARBEQUE (DALLAS) EVIE MAE’S PIT BARBEQUE (WOLFFORTH) FERRIS WHEELER’S (DALLAS) HEIM BARBECUE (FT. WORTH) HURTADO BARBECUE (ARLINGTON) HUTCHINS BBQ (MCKINNEY) KREUZ MARKET (LOCKHART) LOCKHART SMOKEHOUSE (DALLAS) LOUIE MUELLER BARBECUE (TAYLOR) MEAT CHURCH (WAXAHACHIE) MICKLETHWAIT CRAFT MEATS (AUSTIN) PANTHER CITY BBQ (FT. WORTH) ROEGELS BARBECUE CO. (HOUSTON) SCHMIDT FAMILY BARBECUE (BEE CAVE) SMOKE SESSIONS BARBECUE (ROYSE CITY) TEJAS CHOCOLATE & BBQ (TOMBALL) ZAVALA’S BARBECUE (GRAND PRAIRIE) ALSO FEATURING CAFE MOMENTUM (DALLAS) EMPORIUM PIES (DALLAS)
  13. Puglia is pretty much what we have decided on. Will read back through this thread and do some research to plan our road trip. As mentioned, our final night will be in Rome. I know I need to go back through this thread, but best restaurant for final dinner? Would probably prefer a lesser known hole in the wall, but can also go big if that's where the best food takes us.
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