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  1. Had a friend that did this while attending UT (the real one). Got a bunch of free Longhorn athletic gear every semester. Said if you left them open they could shoot fast and accurately, but he didn't have many other nice things to say about their game.
  2. Completely agree with po elvis. I would add that if you can stay the night in Ronda, you won't regret it. The tourist buses all leave, and there are some bad ass hotels on the cliffside. We stayed here. I haven't been to Cordoba, so can't comment on that.
  3. Does anybody have a fireplace/chimney sweep person they like and trust in the Austin area? We had 2 companies come out to inspect the fireplace/chimney at the house we bought in NW Hills. Both said we needed $5k+ of work, but had differing reasons and ways of spending all that dough. They wouldn't really answer the direct question of, "Ok, but can we safely use it today?". One company was Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, who I was not a fan of. I forget the other one.
  4. Taking my 4 year old to his first Horns bball game. Would like to avoid stubhub. Don't really care where we sit.
  5. Looking at this for fun family use. Have an almost 5 year old that I think will enjoy it. Amazon Telescope Any objections or alternative suggestions for amateur home use?
  6. And while I wait for that answer, any suggestions on best parking? Right now my plan is the AT&T Hotel garage.
  7. About to buy a couple off stubhub for tonight. Long time fan, but this will be my first in person experience. Do they sell beer?
  8. Google is not making me feel good about it
  9. New homeowner in Northwest Hills area of Austin. Our St. Augustine has some brown patches as the house was vacant during the summer so we weren't watering much. The yard guy I have hired suggested spreading perennial ryegrass with fertilizer (Fairway Supreme by Pennington to be exact), saying it will live in the winter and then die when it gets hot. I meant to research it, but didn't have a chance and he came and spread the seed today while I was on a work call. Was that a good choice? Will it mess with our St. Augustine? Or should I get my tweezers and pick up seed all weekend?
  10. New to the game. Put in a Bio Bidet Bliss 2000 in the master of our new house pretty much based on this thread. It's cool, but how is there still something to wipe after I've been blasted for 2-3 minutes? Am I doing this wrong? Is that just to be expected? Also, am I right that there is basically an enema setting? I haven't tried that.
  11. I went down the rabbit hole of watching a bunch of courtroom videos. Fuck that waste of space and tax payer money. I have no idea how the judge kept her cool through all of it. I don't know anything about courtroom procedure, but how was he not in contempt of court on numerous occasions? He was constantly interrupting witnesses, the prosecution, and the judge. He would disobey direct orders from the judge, and straight up yell at her. The worst she did was send him to the adjacent courtroom and put him on mute. My only guess is that putting him in contempt would've prolonged the trial, which she had no interest in doing.
  12. New to pool ownership and the leaves are starting to fall. Any issues with this? https://www.amazon.com/ProTuff-Pool-Pole-Rake-Bundle/dp/B08BZVX2XR/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 The pole by itself is $165 and has great ratings/reviews: https://www.amazon.com/ProTuff-Pool-Pole-Telescopic-16ft-for-Cleaning/dp/B07PKTH7Q8/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=OFCDYSZU6W2R&keywords=piranha%2Bpool%2Bpole&qid=1666627723&qu=eyJxc2MiOiIyLjY3IiwicXNhIjoiMi4yNyIsInFzcCI6IjEuNzUifQ%3D%3D&sprefix=piranha%2Bpool%2Bpol%2Caps%2C152&sr=8-1-spons&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.18ed3cb5-28d5-4975-8bc7-93deae8f9840&th=1
  13. We did Osaka-->Kyoto (+Nara day trip)-->Tokyo. All 3 were great, but Osaka was my favorite. Often referred to as Japan's Kitchen, the food is accessible and incredible. I'd shorten Tokyo and Kyoto to give you a couple days in Osaka. Regardless, you'll have some of the best steak, fish, and fruit (was surprised by this) of your life.
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