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    Tex Mex

    We stuck with Joann's to try it out. I thought it was pretty good. They have happy hour 7 days/week from 5-7, which meant half price apps and some decent $5 margaritas. Queso was good, their ribeye steak fajitas were probably the highlight, and my SIL said she liked her chicken tinga tacos but I didn't try them. We'd heard from a friend their pozole is excellent, but apparently that's a special they do which wasn't available last night.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I don't really have a choice on the timing. My wife and I can't leave until after July 4th for work reasons, and we need to be back a few days ahead of school starting for the boys. Thanks @Orale, I signed up and posted a couple questions to the expat site. Just what I need, another message board in my life, ha! @Napoleon I'll shoot you a PM. I was looking somewhat exclusively at Palermo, but good to know Recoleta may be an option as well. I'd like to have our boys play with other kids rather than a nanny/babysitter situation. I found this place: https://www.clubdeamigos.org.ar/ and have requested information. I understand the schools have their 2 week winter break in the second half of July. I'm hoping that means maybe there are camp type options around then for parents to put their kids in, and not the opposite that everything like that shuts down.
  3. Spoosner

    Tex Mex

    Thoughts on Joann’s fine foods on south congress? Alternatives in the area if the vote is no bueño?
  4. There seem to be 2 Argentina threads, but I'm going with this one as it has the most recent reply. I've got it stuck in my head that I want to take the family down to Argentina for around 5-6 weeks starting in July. Rent an apartment in BA for 3-4 weeks, hire a nanny or put kids in daycare, wife and I work as little as possible to keep our jobs, explore BA, take weekend trips, and then take actual vacation for 1-2 weeks before heading home for the kids to start school. I used to be fluent, but am down to conversational due to inactivity. Hoping this would help. My kids are 3 and 6, both in Spanish immersion programs so the language would be no surprise to them. My wife would need to practice before we go, but would not be nervous about it. I'm aware it's technically winter, but average high/low of 59/47 according to google sounds glorious compared to Austin at that time. We also like to ski, so might fill a weekend with that. Is this a great idea or just ok? Recommended neighborhood (seems to be Palermo)? Think it will be easy to find care for the kids? Any real safety concerns above and beyond travel to any foreign big city? Thoughts on the best weekend trips? Helpful websites? I welcome it all.
  5. We stayed at Meadow Lake Resort & Condos. We had a nice big 2 bedroom Condo (more than we needed for my wife and 2 very young kids). There's a golf course on property, at least 1 restaurant that I recall, and a couple community center type places with pools and hot tubs. It was May for us so the outdoor pools were still too cold, but I think they had indoor too. Certainly not the Ritz or anything, but it was nice enough, close to grocery store and town.
  6. Are you saying a paper calendar at home, or do y'all use an app? An app you or anybody on here likes? Preferably something that can be accessed via mobile and desktop. I'd like to get the shared calendar going, but I can't access personal google stuff from my work computer so it rules out google calendar. I don't like the iphone native calendar for adding events.
  7. Best Texas bourbon, preferably expensive? Wife’s boss is trying to impress somebody, but also wants it to be from Texas.
  8. Thanks. That’s what I thought. Sent him on his merry way.
  9. Spoosner


    We stayed at the Park Hyatt. It was pretty awesome to end each night at the New York Bar. Our room would have checked all your wife's boxes 😉. However, this was in 2017 and I was able to use my corporate rate of around $500 per night. No idea how many arms and legs they're charging these days. 6 days in Tokyo sounds a bit much to me. As I've said before in this thread, I'd shorten and work in some days in Osaka.
  10. Driver's seat on my 2001 LX470 is getting pretty rough. Anybody have experience with a DIY replacement? Found this on ebay. Looks right, just no idea what I'm getting into. About Installation: Installation Takes About 60-90 Minutes Tools Required: Snips, Flat Head Screw Driver, Phillips Screw Driver, Socket, Wrench & Drill. More Information: Actual Replacement Cover, Not A Slip On or Pullover, You will Remove The Old Cover & Then Install the New Cover.
  11. Spoosner

    Tex Mex

    Que Divino opened up in NW Hills on Greystone near Mopac. It's very relevant to my geographic location as we're less than 5 minutes away. They just opened and seem to be going with a quiet/soft approach to work out the kinks. Google still says "Opens July", and when my wife called the person that answered the phone just said "Hello" such that she wasn't sure if she had the right number. He was very nice after that, but when asked about closing time it was "6 or 7". My FIL and SisterIL took my kids last night as my wife and I had plans. They said very friendly and the food definitely has potential, but it wasn't great. Some of it came out cold, carne guisada gravy was very thin, but flavors were there. Curious if anybody else has been. I'll post an update when I try it out.
  12. Spoosner


    And old school video games/consoles.
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