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  1. Would’ve been a lot cooler
  2. Sucking 1/3 of the time and unable to stay in on the court is not a good combination
  3. Cheaper than the libel/slander damages he exposes them to
  4. I don’t see this distracting Biden at this point. Unless Hunter kills someone what is there left he can do to disappoint Biden? This assumes of course he has come to terms with his son as an addict, and all that goes with it, including the real possibility of losing him to an overdose
  5. Shit man surly just needs to convene a citizens’ grand jury of our own and indict that stupid fuck
  6. Texas photo ID is $16 and good for 6 years. $6 if you’re over 60. Make them free for up to 400% of federal poverty level. Or make them free for everyone who gives a fuck
  7. Cost is bullshit. They should be free if you qualify for any federal assistance
  8. I think we should definitely have a national ID card. I know Mexico does. I’m not sure if Canada does as well. We have some fucking loons who think that will be like assigning number of the beast to you or will affect your Sovereign citizen status.
  9. How the fuck does having an ornate chair work as a monument to someone?
  10. I think we are closer to herd immunity than most estimates say. That is the most likely explanation for the drop in numbers
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