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  1. Isn't that what we have right now?
  2. I don't care if you think they don't "need" it. I don't "need" my guitar amp. I want it. Same thing. You are assigning nefarious intent to the purchaser, but you don't have a problem with that person purchasing a gun? One item is potentially deadly, the other is in no way shape or form deadly. You have it completely ass-backwards.
  3. This is a bizarre take. Body armor isn't a weapon. It's safety gear. A motorcycle helmet is "body (OK, skull) armor". On what grounds could it be banned? How does one justify the idea of disallowing a citizen from protecting themselves because they feel unsafe at the grocery store?
  4. Who could have predicted that NIL might turn into a Pandora's Box of un- and underregulated bullshit?
  5. I for one am willing to admit that my game has not been up to par during conference.
  6. Never forget the Russia -> NRA angle, either.
  7. It's a low margin product targeted at a declining market. It's just not great business. 98% of the consumed formula in the US is produced in the US, so it's not like we have a backup spigot to turn on. When Abbott goes off line, for whatever reason, it is a huge issue, but sure, we'll blame it on Biden because we're all disingenuous party over country politically motivated hacks.
  8. Easy top 10 song for me. I've seen the Stones once -- Texas Motor Speedway, 1997 -- and Keef just sort of magically appeared on stage at the start of their set, blasting out "Satisfaction" It was probably the single greatest moment I've ever seen live, and I've seen a shit ton of music live.
  9. Yes, unsafe. Are you unaware of the actual fucking truth? Answer that.
  10. The FDA found serious safety concerns at Abbott. That's why they shut their production down. It doesn't matter that there was no evidence linked to the 4 illnesses (2 deaths). It is an unsafe product line and needs to be brought up to snuff. But you knew that, @Immaculate Vibes. You're just doing your usual schtick. Do you ever tire of being a giant dick, unconcerned with the truth? Don't answer that.
  11. I highly doubt Baerwald would comment. Neither would Dan Schwartz (bass player). Gilbert is dead. Not much left. They generally dislike her but aren't going to raise a fuss.
  12. I don't think he outed himself specifically, but he did reveal his family connections.
  13. Yeah, that definitely worked more than it didn't. I think it took some low end out of his voice, but that's a minor nit to pick given the overall improvement.
  14. Topic for discussion: WW2, European Theater . . . should the US have remained on the sidelines?
  15. I'd bring the vocals up. My monitors are bassy, so I might be overestimating it, but I think the voice is a little buried.
  16. Double jeopardy: heat-related miscarriage kills mom
  17. No, what's insanity is Americans questioning aid to Ukraine, a country that is hanging on by a thread against a far superior, decidedly anti-American invader. Komrade.
  18. I could watch "Goodfellas" every day for the rest of my life. What a film.
  19. Now THIS is how one uses technology and the internet. Someone swapped MTG and Rudy's teeth:
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