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  1. I used to tell out-of-town friends when I'd drag them around to Joe's Generic, Antone's, etc. that "SRV could walk in right now and still be the 2nd best guitarist in the room". A few of those times I was probably right, but the sentiment was well-placed.
  2. It's a damn shame when an Aggie has to correct a Longhorn.
  3. Great, now I'm stuck in the "find Judy Greer pics" wormhole.
  4. nm, looking at 1pt3acres At any rate, NY is at 599 fatalities for today on 1pt3acres, which is probably what worldometers is reflecting.
  5. You do realize I was mocking the jackasses in the DT thread, right?
  6. I'd love to start a band called "Poverty of Expectations", but honestly, it would be a better album title.
  7. Oh, that's definitely true. Some of them are purists, but most of the session players are probably well-versed in a bunch of styles and country wasn't choice #1.
  8. That's why I said "get permission from the boss". At this point, media access means nothing. AP can get their access back with the next POTUS, and if Trump wins, what do they lose by not being in the room? Trump has destroyed the press. You know, despite his oath to uphold the Constitution. Fuck him, fight back, get the people on your side.
  9. Eh, unless it's at warp speed, I don't see much of a difference. I think it's a matter of where you want the accent, along with the tonal differences that occur when you strum up as opposed to down.
  10. I so wish someone like that AP reporter would just stand up and yell "sir, you didn't answer my question and you are a bully". Fucking engage. Trump won't be able to resist. Just fucking do it. Get permission from the boss and do it.
  11. Why in the blue hell would Russia and SA being engaging in an oil price war if they didn't want prices to drop?
  12. It's well-assisted by his nature to completely forget or at least ignore everything he's said in the past. In his world, there is no harm in taking a stand, because it can be dismissed down the road. Never happened. Fake news!
  13. Actual question: can the price of generics spike or are they capped by statute? Certainly the Trump administration has no problem ass-fucking every state on the cost of ventilators.
  14. JESUS FUCK stop talking about HCQ. Damn, you are not a fucking doctor. God his profound ignorance is just overwhelming.
  15. If it jumps to chihuahuas, I'm fucked.
  16. Oh, it gets even better. Yesterday I looked her up on LinkedIn -- she was in HR.
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