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  1. So, @bad_teammate apparently thinks anyone to the right of far left is a racist and a misogynist. is that where we're at?
  2. Well, that deserves a hearty "fuck you". This is how you build a coalition?
  3. Oh, no offense taken. I get it. I said 3 years ago the Dems needed to start playing dirty. Of course, they play dirty in primary season, and then back off once the nominee is in place. In retrospect, I'm shocked Obama took the White House.
  4. Every time I see that deconstructed whateverburger I laugh my ass off. I am so simple.
  5. Huh. I wrap the string and cut it after I tune it up. Or, I let the long ends wiggle about like I'm as lazy as I really am. One day I'll poke my eye out.
  6. Trump is going to attack whichever candidate is nominated. Frankly, it wouldn't be the worst tactic to put forth the least-attackable candidate (least progressive, least female, least gay), simply because it would make his attacks all that more transparent. I'm not saying that's the way the DNC should go, because it kinda points to Biden, but worrying about Trump's attack angle is silly. He'll say whatever he wants, truth be damned, and his base will fall in line. It's the others who need to be swayed.
  7. Yep, he was trying to hide the fact he's just a run of the mill country negroe.
  8. My heart? Warren. Actual alignment with my principles overall? Probably Klobuchar. Still pulling for Warren, I admire her intellect and her toughness.
  9. It's all over this fucking thread. Maybe read? I've asked for proof multiple times, and yet nobody seems to be able to corroborate. Deal. In. The. Truth. Oh, fuck off. He's not my candidate. I just happen to get a perverse kick correcting you and yours when you step on your dicks, over and over again.
  10. I don't disagree -- I'm just trying to get b_t and the others to actually show evidence of the claims they are making. You know, the truth. Democrats. Eat. Their. Own. Of course, b_t isn't a Democrat. He's a fucking anarchist.
  11. News flash: Elizabeth Warren was a Republican. Donald Trump was a Democrat. I'm pretty sure we can all dig deep into the microfiche files and find evidence of others switching parties. God, y'all get completely swayed by shiny objects. Stop focusing on the labels.
  12. Yeah, that's a giant fucking reach. You implied he paid off the local government (presumably councilmembers). Don't walk it back now. I don't think he's change his perspective one bit. He is to some degree a centrist, meaning he supports some left policy and some right. I understand the concern, given his wealth, and my thoughts are completely antithetical to his regarding race and crime, etc., but this bullshit about "sexual assault" and "paid off the government" needs to stop. He has enough shit on his track record as it is. Dwell. In. The. Truth. I know it's hard for you.
  13. LMAO. OK, so the evidence for his Republican leanings is the massive amount of money he has donated to Democrats. I get it, these things are strategic at heart and the long game matters, but where is the part about where he paid off local government employees? Did I miss it? I only skimmed the article, so mea culpa if I missed something.
  14. Well, all I know is when I see Melania in a sleeveless dress, I immediately think "white gorilla".
  15. Why do you keep saying this? What were the terms of these "payments"? (Again, for the record: not a Bloomberg fan) (Ad nauseum)
  16. Golly, who could have predicted that? Democrats eat their own.
  17. Man, I remember the Fauci/Duesberg wars over HIV. Fauci seems like a complete dick . . . what happened to Duesberg? His theory did not seem to play out.
  18. Yes, I remember. U3 was a horrible metric for unemployment, right up until 1/20/2017. It's funny how these things shift over time.
  19. Never mind the fact that the Republican Party in 1865 was not the same as the Republican Party of today. "Lincoln freed the slaves and he was a REPUBLICAN" goes hand in hand with "Nazis were socialists, it's right there in the name!". Fat, dumb, and stupid is no way to go through life.
  20. I feel like I have to preface every comment I make about Bloomberg with "he's nowhere near my choice among the Democratic candidates BUT . . . " Can you please provide any evidence he has ever been accused of sexual assault? This keeps coming up, and to the best of my ability, I can find no credible accusations.
  21. Jeez . . . 60-ish is "old age"? I gotta start living.
  22. Some cut through a live mix better than others, but I would tend to agree that the biggest differences are heard on a good recording.
  23. Yeah, that guy is gonna get plenty of chances to off himself in the future.
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