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  1. Why? Fucking aggy had a 70 yo bombed out merchant marine whore dropping bags and talking about it on social media without issue. UTenn dug some McD's bags out the trash and filled them up with cash. Shit seems pretty easy. Aggy going to buy themselves a championship one way or the other it seems.
  2. Awesome. Buddy sent me a pic of a full ice chest from the surf this AM. Perfect timing to be across the country, fml.
  3. We just got back last week as well. Did a cabin as usual but a few scorpions this year (first time wife has ever dealt with that) means we’ll probably be taking the camper next year. We are usually at Neals, will have to check out Andy’s.
  4. I’m sorry if already posted but holy shit I’m dead. Rivals the laughing Mexican guy. https://streamable.com/dbjm7a?fbclid=IwAR2dLTGIWycOIAM-VFtGicRXGAlZwL8rhO-FWTdBLu3bTJVpb9SunNZPiK4 Fuck you, aggy.
  5. I’m a bit young to remember but wasn’t he instrumental in fucking aggy on that deal too? Per his age, his kids look too old to still be home but I don’t know. I do know they keep that yard in tip top shape. Also, he as a huge black poodle that looks like a horse. Seems like a decent enough guy when I’ve said hello etc.
  6. That’s the look of a man who couldn’t get it done when he had the SEC to sell and ability to drop bags without thought. LSU got to be looking better and better by the day.
  7. Lolwut? No, I’m not sack. I just don’t see too many AA lawn guys in the Fort Bend burbs.
  8. Yeah. That fabricated score seems a whole helluva lot closer to what bama usually hangs on the ags than anything they’ve hung on the horns. Of course looch considers aggy part of bama so I guess that’s why he’s so excited. Also, looch, you off kilter face having cocksucker, UT is back. Back to having a better version of every single thing you have. Every. Single. Thing.
  9. I wouldn’t say that. I’m not rich at all and I can’t remember the last AA lawn guy I’ve seen. That is in no way a knock on anyone, I’ve just never seen it. We do have the same 3-4 crews that just stay in the hood it seems.
  10. I live down the street from Hart Lee Dykes. His kids do the lawn like 2x a week. His yard is fucking fantastic.
  11. Yeah I thought he was very calm, especially when Tucker started to put his hand lightly in his chest.
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