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  1. That’s terrible. We obviously have a gang problem. I give many fucks about plenty of people. Criminals are not one of those groups. They can go fuck themselves.
  2. Well, yeah. Finding it hard to muster a single fuck about gang bangers shooting each other.
  3. Yeah no shit. Gang violence isn’t a sexy headline, let’s just leave that out.
  4. I’ll give credit where it’s due. So far, you’ve been pretty damn spot on as much as I can remember.
  5. Infuriating. Thank GOD he had the ability to control himself through all of that. Hope the officers get fucked (they wont).
  6. Unless you are super tight on gas, I’d have to recommend the harbor. The river ramps can be a bitch with any tide running through, and overall aren’t near the condition of the harbor ramps. Rawlings doesn’t even save you that much time/mileage. Also, that last 10 miles or whatever is a great time to Italian tuneup your outboard after a long day of idling and long periods of low rpm cruising. I typically catch all my live bait up and down the river on the way out, and is a good warmup for the motor before you get to the breakers.
  7. This bothers me less than 0%. The literal only issue I have with the NRA is how they fucked away money. As soon as they figure that out, American Rifleman will be back in my mailbox.
  8. The boat I had couldn’t make the trip and then fish a week in the landcut due to fuel. So we would all launch from Yarborough. This would be circa 2000-2005. I had a little lifted single cab Chevy on 33’s, and a 17’ skiff. I could take care of myself but a lot of my fiends had 3/4 tons and bigger boats. They could handle bird Island but were just along to keep the group together. I don’t know how many times I had to go thru, drop my boat, then back in there and snatch one of them out. Going the other way was easy peezy, I remember that. 0% chance I could do it with current ride and b
  9. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNdO3PjhlMH/?igshid=48z5o81pd93c
  10. Agreed. Easy one. I don’t want anything to do with this unless it is absolutely bipartisan. If it’s something that gets shoved up our ass with a VP tiebreaker then they can go fuck themselves, and I would absolutely expect equally painful legislation the other way when that time comes.
  11. I do not miss dragging the boat thru there. I never got stuck but damn that was hairy going in sometimes. Plenty of people I was with would bury up in there, the trailer axles would just dig and take the top off the sand until you couldn’t go anymore.
  12. Sea Pro and Key West are the manufacturers I assume? Surprised a Sea Pro can even make it through the entire route. 2 of these are not like the others. I guess it’s all for the good cause but to have one of the best skiffs of all time, next to a good co that built a skiff, and then the other two just seems eclectic.
  13. No one freaking out. But getting braces back would be nice. It’s low hanging bullshit that will accomplish nothing. You want to do something, do something benign but meaningful like working on making sure we enforce the laws we already have. Then move onto things most Americans agree on like better back ground checks etc. Banning an accessory is stupid and largely useless.
  14. Wonder if the small Zuks have the same high rev limit as the big ones? Those extra 3-400 revs on top end can certainly help in this scenario.
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