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  1. I don't know you. Who is this? Prank caller, prank caller.
  2. Speaking of the worm gear, he appeared to already be stacking line to the right in the vid. I didn't watch the entire vid but noticed it a few times. I would assume the gear is still good (new), but the tolerance might not be tight enough. Similar to when he was trying to dial in the spool tension.
  3. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    @texas08 What is the thought process behind building a raptor in lieu of grabbing a factory one? Even better components, cheaper, other? I've never really looked into the Raptors in detail as they wouldn't work great for what I do, but just curious. Truck looks great btw.
  4. I would assume longevity, and part replacement would be the issue. I still have Chronarchs and a Calcutta I bought in the late 90's that get backup use. Hell my go to is a MG51 I bought 12 years ago, and that was at the tail end of them (old technology). Shimano has become like ATT to me, and they are just begging for me to find something different, but they make a damn good reel that will last you a long time. Now whether they will continue to make parts for it past 5 yrs is another story/rantover. I also don't believe $4-500 for a reel that can be heavily fished for 10+ years isn't a large expense in the grand scheme. Hell it takes me $75 in diesel and another $75 gas in the boat to make a day trip. That said, I'm sure the bass guys that buy 10 rigs at a time find the cost irritating. My luck the drag would blow out about 10 seconds after I put eyes on a 10# sow. ETA: the Chinese are sooo damn good at copying things. If you were a once or twice a year freshwater guy, this might be the ticket.
  5. Well, could always be like my wife and come to the table with 0.00 acres in the family. They've got enough money, but that sort of thing was never big in the family I guess. The grandmother did have a chunk a long time ago, but they bought, lived and farmed it, then sold it.
  6. Did anyone here fish Freeze Out last week? Saw Simmons took 35k home for first. Not too bad for a days work with only 20 boats.
  7. So there was an aggy that did girlsdoporn once... No for real, not a sheep, but I’ve never, I mean a friend of mine has never located that vid. But I’ve, he’s, seen it in stills on reddit.
  8. If you can beat them, buy them? #Belkbowl. Didn’t work out so well with Chavis. Here’s hoping for more of the same.
  9. My brother did it for years when he was wearing a badge and shooting constantly. The $$$ works, especially if you are super smart like me and but tons of Wby mags. My advice would be do it IF you think it’ll be a small hobby where you view it as getting away for a bit.
  10. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    Overall a cool video, pretty good tire talk at 12:30. Michelin's...damn.
  11. I was about to say, I'd guess he was well over 6, but I guess a really hard rut can make a young buck look old too. Every year, @williemackgarza you have me going against my senses and really hunting for a place down there. Very jelly.
  12. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    How's that? Our Denali has been a great truck. Easy 70k for well equipped. I was pricing 250's last week and $74.5 was best i was seeing on a KR on a '20. Down from 83k sticker. I'd prefer a 350 single wheel but not going to pay the premium for it. 5 years ago when a loaded one was 55k, yeah, but not a chance now. My buddy ordered his '17 KR and got out for 70, back when they first came out. I thought that was crazy but looks like they took another bump since then.
  13. I used to watch a lot of detail videos when I would try to amp myself up to do an annual detail on the truck. Anyhow, one of the popular detail guys on Youtube recommends this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G00BT72/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=thedetailge06-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B00G00BT72&linkId=bd64e919b3a8a61d3197b31b5b496da8 I was thinking about picking one up, but never did so can't vouch for it. But it worked great in his videos.
  14. Pages and pages of cheese puns, DC/Baltimore geography, and other non-sensical bullshit, but my annoyance with that broke the camels back? Ok. Back to your regular programming, some fucking guy trying to equate CTJ to Cardi B.
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