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  1. I tried those soft science and didn't like. They were light af though.
  2. I went and bought some really tall soccer socks. You have to fold them over at the point it rubs for it to be effective, 1 layer doesn't do it. But will work fine when folded over. If I forget the socks, no go on the boots. These days open wounds are as dangerous as the damn rays, it seems. They may have fixed that default since I bought mine, but I know a few guys on my regular crew had the same issues.
  3. I only wear them in summer, and only then about half as much as I should. Heaviest most uncomfortable things on earth. I think I still have scars on my shins from them, earned before I learned a good pair of soccer socks are needed. I will bookmark this for when I inevitably get stuck. There were some misprint (labels were upside down) ones on ebay not too long ago for about $50. Mine are at least 15 yo and the zippers are still hanging in there, but hit them with corrosion x when I wash them after a trip. They are only more comfortable, slightly, than the strap on guards, which are complete fail imo. I wore them a few times after a friend of a friend got stuck, and they bought 10-15 pairs to give guests fishing out of their place. The guy that got stuck got it very bad in the calf, and it was a loooooooong road to recovery.
  4. That they are $$. Danner makes nice stuff, though. Trying to wrap my head around an actual boot over the wader stockings. Assuming it wouldn’t play hell with the gravel guards etc. eta: looks like the “foot tractor” is for stocking foot waders Going go look further into them
  5. Use caution. Dangerous place to wade. Interested if anyone has opinions on this. I wasn’t overly impressed with the Simms boots. Not to say they aren’t ok, but they appear to come out of the same factory as every single pair of wading boots I’ve ever had. Haven’t put my hands on the orvis ones, but they look really good online. My last pair of “shimano” boots lasted about 10 years, but I don’t get into too many reefs.
  6. You aren’t getting that with either candidate. I know, #bothsides. But seriously.
  7. This is how we’ve been getting HEB curbside in reasonable fashion. 2 days ago, there wasn’t a slot even available. Next night my wife was up and tried them in middle of night, just picked up.
  8. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    I watched a guy in a single wheel 3/4 or 1 just about lose one down near Wharton once. Pulling thru area with trees on both sides, then hit field with about a 25 mph norther blowing. Blew his ass clear from right lane into the left, then shoulder, then he made it back into the right lane. ~35' 5th wheel directly broadside. I'm assuming he shit his pants, I about did.
  9. Bought one after reviews on this site. Didn't work out for us. Likely just going to bite the bullet and go Sleep Number next time they go on mega sale.
  10. Campus glory holes being shut down has to have him upset, for sure.
  11. Yes, boats should either OB(s) or real inboard(s). I/O is bleh.
  12. And at the same time, realize we are largely fucked.
  13. I restrung my reels and re-re-organized my tackle in the garage.
  14. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    You can tell who’s had the tail wag the dog before, and it doesn’t have a single thing to do with the motor pulling it. Best motor evar!!1!1 Ecoboost or otherwise.
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