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  1. Tomorrow I'm headed to POC with the family for the next couple of days. Not really a fishing trip, but I might try to sneak in a wade or two. Might sink a gulp at the dock and see if I can coax a flounder from between the piers. If yall see a black Haynie at the pass, throw me a hook em or stop and have a beer.
  2. Quick glance shows they are almost all gone, but there are a few pre-owned for 500-550. I'll keep my eyes on it, but looks like someone grabbed a bunch of them, as they were pretty readily available. I was trying to figure out 9 vs 40 and missed it. eta: found a few new ones for $700-ish.
  3. Brat, what was the pre-spike price? There were tons on gunbroker a week or two ago.
  4. I think I'm about to order one of these. Been debating it for a few weeks now. Bad timing but whatever.
  5. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    Yeah, Jeepers don't like reliable vehicles. Any motor offered in this has decades to make up before they reach 4.0 straight 6 legacy. That was a very reliable motor, it didn’t even come with cam phaser issues.
  6. Nah, Neals. The families we travel with love it there for whatever reason. Hopefully next year or so we will be doing it from a 5th wheel...
  7. Same. I guess I've had mine for over 25 years now. Crazy accurate.
  8. 12 days and counting. cantwait.gif
  9. Sir, you are not alone on the CG. I assume you are talking about Mr. Crocker? He's typically got quite a few on gunbroker. I got VERY close on a Maxum once but chickened out.
  10. Damnit. I was trying to figure out what to coin that face. Well done sir.
  11. Well yeah. Doesn’t really matter if Bama beats Clemson, or if aggy does. Same same to them.
  12. That’s probably what I’ll end up doing. One of those Etchen 20/28 combos with fantastic wood and will continue to lust after my P. Or split the middle and grab a CG.
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