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  1. Always loved that line. Last time I saw him, his voice had gotten so gravely it actually took away from it. Of course, Lyle was killing it so the contrast may have made it worse.
  2. Ahem. He’s saying take a year; a joke.
  3. Lol. Sort like working with a bunch of guys who were afraid to go to…KL? Between that story and the way you are here, seems your employer put little bitch at the top of the priority list.
  4. For a second I read this as an actual place. Was already warming up the truck.
  5. Nope. Slippery slopes don’t exist. Ask any opponent of the 2nd. Has been stated hundreds of times on this site by the ledgelord.
  6. You should look into which of all listed is responsible for more deaths each year. Hint: it’s going to be the hardest to procure, and the one most Americans have in their night stands.
  7. Meh, I’ll leave that to the open carry guys. To me, a tool for enjoyment. Some of the only things I received as inheritance. But I sure af believe in the right for law abiding citizens to participate how they see fit.
  8. Fair enough. I don’t feel any guilt at all. Frustration of the sacrifice it takes to make a better life while others are handed it by the govt? Yeah. An arbitrary line that not only punishes those sacrificing, but a slap in the face of making them fund it as well. Yeah. Frustration, sure. I have nothing to feel guilty for.
  9. You should leave the CR and head to hobbies board every now and then. Nowhere near a nut, but I’d guess > 2 would be a nut to many. I’ve been into shooting sports (clays, long range target) since I was a kid.
  10. I though the Bud Adams story was on point.
  11. No way I could do that. Not with my real money accounts.
  12. I went back and forth with 2 other posters. The realized it and actually apologized. I guess you did the same for them being off topic? Nah. Cool, cool.
  13. Let me know when I hit 17-20 of your posts without a response.
  14. Fuck you. You are a garbage person.
  15. Good luck with your fantasy. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts my grandkids will have mine passed down to them, legally. Grandfathered 30 round mags and all.
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