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  1. Well, if we win then good fuck aggy. If we lose we get a (potentially) new, competent coaching staff.
  2. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    You’ll change fuel filters more often. Other than that? I guess DEF if you leave that on. Oh and an extra battery when the time comes. Bigger concern here. Although you’ll recoup a bunch when you sell it. Check the price on well used ones, ignorantly high. I don’t know who’s paying that but obviously someone is.
  3. Sam better feed Dev and Rojo the fucking ball. Audible at the line idgaf. But if he loses that game, Herman is 100% gone.
  4. Hahahhahahahahahahah. I’ve seen some dumb shit tonight, but fuck me.
  5. Well, for 5mm/yr, Herman has 1 4th down play. Run Sam for 0 yds.
  6. I have a friend (that posts here) with some family land up in Limestone county. They do the best they can to manage and shoot deer of age. Their neighbors, lol. As of last week, a neighbor with a postage stamp they talked to has taken 5 deer between 3 hunters. A deer for every few acres.
  7. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    I can understand that. I set the cruise control and the only thing you hear is the turbo spool up a bit on inclines. It takes a helluva incline and load to drop out of 6th. That’s where the real towing gains are realized imo.
  8. I don’t believe it’s required for long arms at gun shows. But like you, everything I’ve ever bought has been called in and checked. The only ones that aren’t are grandpas guns that I inherited.
  9. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    I’m biased, obviously. 1/2 tons don’t even enter the equation for me, like a dually wouldn’t for someone who loves Tacoma’s. But I can understand how people would be apprehensive about having them in the city. I’ve never had any issues, personally. eta: you should easily be able to handle that with a 1/2, if that fits you better. And as long as you tow it responsibly (unlike the guys that pass me at 80 with a toyhauler behind them) it shouldn’t even strain your truck. 8-10k and into the wind and you’ll be feeling it, but nothing a bit of slowing down and taking it easy wouldn't handle.
  10. fattyflattie

    Truck Nuts

    You may be able to get what you are looking for in a 1/2, but it’s not going to be in the same ballpark as what a 3/4 will do. Towing capacities on paper are great and all but when the tail starts wagging the dog, you’ll know it. And pay attention to the brakes in particular, the ability to stop >>>>the ability to move forward if you have any real load on. I’m assuming that’s what drove you off a 3/4 diesel?
  11. This is a really nice knife. My brother bought me one years ago. But I edc either a little stockman MM or a 3” fixed (which was also a gift from him). I haven’t carried anything with a clip in a decade or so now.
  12. I apparently can’t rep today, but I was thinking the same thing. Then I remembered they have the ranches and MLD and deer hunt a ton, so the kid will kill ALOT before it’s said and done. Hell I was 30 yo before I killed a 150. Good luck to Sack Jr. I have seen buddies kids who kill a huge buck early then once it doesn’t continue, get frustrated. I doubt that would be the situation here, tho. Conversating with a vendor yesterday about their place and Los Cazadores came up. I went back to look for my last trip to Muy but they don’t archive back that far Note: do not peruse the Cazadores and Muy sites if you currently don’t have a place to hunt. There are some beautiful deer coming in this year.
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