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  1. I’ve had the same experience.
  2. My little brother knows the family. I can't imagine.
  3. One of these fell about 2' from one of our lease members kids last season. They filled it, took it back to the top, and were around the winch discussing where to go next, and wire rope gave out. They were all replaced with stand and fills this year. Hell of a good feeder, at a really good price, it just scared the bejesus out of everyone there. FWIW, that guy never had issues with squirrels, coons, hogs, or cows previous to that.
  4. By this you mean sales, correct? Because I can't think of any other metric for Glock and #1.
  5. I hit CR on a semi regular basis. Y’all like it so much, fuck back off over to it.
  6. Ha. Well let’s see. Me and @Brisketexan @bad_teammate @Thatguy and a half dozen others that frequent this thread have different views. But we can discuss it like adults, here.
  7. I dgaf about name calling or dissenting positions. I literally repped @GRHorn 15 fucking times because @UpperWestside decided he needed to beg every single post of his. Bitchmade and provides nothing of value.
  8. Funny, the only regular dissenter over there has one poster who literally negs every single one his posts. Every. Single. Post. Fuck the CR. At least we can have back and forth conversations in DT without being crowdsourced for a differing position.
  9. How is this the first time I’m seeing this. Holy. Shit.
  10. Because you presumed she had several white friends? Not a hard stretch to believe she’s got more intuition into white society than he (admittedly does) for black society, but she has not lived 30+ years as a white male. Just as he hasn’t as a black female. I guarantee both have assumptions that are way off. She may be better balanced, but I’d wager neither know much of shit about the others experiences.
  11. I understand all of this. I’ve lived short term (~1 yr) all over the world. I just think it was stupid af for this thread, and just another tool for 50-100 long cat troll posts on subjects ranging from climate change to the plight of the Midwest auto laborer.
  12. Please explain. He can't know how she feels because she's black. OK. She, however, can know how a white person feels. Interesting.
  13. Or, work with me here, because I think we agree. If you block a ROAD like an asshole, then decide to bash the fuck out of some random persons car like an asshole, while threatening it’s participants like an asshole, you deserve an ass-kicking right? J. F. C.
  14. One day, when those numbers line up...
  15. I know you have a strong dislike of police, but is this a serious post? To roll a bicycle over someone’s helmeted head? If that’s the case, there’s a bunch of attempted murderers out roaming the streets each night, “protesting”.
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