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  1. Multiple lows tracking across the region?
  2. Lulz if you think that schedule will be adhered to. There will be a statement in 3 or 4 weeks from the city: "Unforeseen logistical and administrative issues have forced us to re-evaluate and revise our initial plan of enforcement." Oh, you can bank on it.
  3. Guessing we'll be tent-free by Labor Day. 2022. Phase 1 Effective Tuesday, May 11, a 30-day period of community engagement and education began. During this time, the Austin Police Department will provide verbal warnings to those found camping in addition to resource information. This excludes instances that are of imminent safety or health concern. Phase 2 Phase 2 will be another 30-day period, starting June 10, during which APD will begin issuing written warnings and initial citations. Phase 3 During Phase 3, starting July 10, APD may initiate arrests and/or
  4. In other words, Cronk, figure it out. But probably take your time. I wouldn't expect to see these tents all magically disappear, at least anytime soon.
  5. Man, that was a badass group in the backfield. RIP.
  6. The stripe-challenged guy was actually 2 aisles over and had a RUF/NECKS hat on. If you're going to carve someone up, carve the right one up. Bastard.
  7. Is the same Academy where the homeless animal stabbed a guy a couple weeks back? Some guy who had the nerve to be in the store minding his own business looking for fishing tackle? And who's lucky to be alive having had the knife inserted about 4 inches from his neck.
  8. The wet rag is done at the end of '22. Term limits.
  9. Great piece. Seeing McRaven, a hardened, military chief, get emotional about the Ft Campbell visit tells you a lot.
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