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  1. Plohetski is a great reporter / journalist. Can't believe he's still working at the Statesman.
  2. Are your coaches on defense equally embarrassed? Curious.
  3. Has Babers done his missed tackles / yardage analysis? Must have been a dozen or so for 150-200 yards.
  4. He sounds like a funeral home director.
  5. Yes, he's an idiot and your point is spot on. Not sure what he's drinking and / or smoking.
  6. Crackers are really good. Really good, in all aspects of the game. 18th in the country? Lulz. They're aren't 10 teams better.
  7. But he's better at bubble gum, wielding a baseball bat, headbutting and all other candy ass shit than the others. Right?
  8. When it comes to social justice reform. Scoreboard. Game planning? Technique? Execution against a shit opponent? Not.
  9. You take all of your timeouts to the locker room at the half. You've burned two before the end of Q3. Fucking Mack Brown clock management.
  10. don't fucking take timeouts to the locker room
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