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  1. lulz...assault and battery on the ISU WR
  2. Today was another good example of why Klatt is the best color guy in the business. He's just been all over this Michigan / Sparty game. Guy knows his shit.
  3. It's always nice when things turn your way. I saw that at the end of the 1H.
  4. Marshall -6 They are 9-0 playing the game in honor of the 1970 team that died in a plane crash (throwback uniforms). This is the 10th game. Ja'mar Smith out for La Tech along with a couple other starters. Back up QB for LT has thrown 8 passes this season, one since mid October. Makes too much sense so treading lightly.
  5. Rudolph, 1 or 2 games, for not starting it? Lulz.
  6. Athletics HoF open on (home) game days?
  7. Correct. But bigger issue is that he's one of their best players. Guessing Pouncey's suspension gets reduced to one game.
  8. They're coached by Freddie Kitchens. A guy who has no business being an NFL head coach. Expecting anything less?
  9. Pouncey gone for 3 games? Wow.
  10. Except earlier this season when he punched Delanie Walker after the whistle. And earlier this season when he ended Trevor Siemian's season on a late hit.
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