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  1. Good call on turf toe. Saw report that Mahomet is not 100% today. He has turf toe. Yes, good call. Rappaport reporting turf toe.
  2. Disappointed in Sager's jacket that evening but credit him for seeking an interview with Aaron right away.
  3. It probably bothered Aaron more, at least temporarily. Had just broken Ruth's record and not everyone was happy about it in the south, especially. Two cracker dudes come out of nowhere, from behind him....Glad they were just happy for Hank and wanted to share in the moment.
  4. Shocker. On another note Rogan looks to have found a liking to Austin cuisine. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/elon-musk-joe-rogan-dave-chappelle-pose-for-pictures-together-at-downtown-austin-hotspot/
  5. Meh, he said Patterson had a nice excel schedule for calculating season ticket price increases, which he did. So maybe Davis is right another time.
  6. The house isn't going to be cleaned in this city. I'll stay on the lookout for the Easter Bunny knowing that's likely to happen sooner than Austin voters making sensible decisions. Nothing's going to change. In fact, it's likely to get worse.
  7. Holy shit. Most people would probably settle for crabs.
  8. And now the lunatic Kelly is going to have to convince Mayor wet rag that the repeal of the ban was and is a good thing. Played out just as expected.
  9. The wet rag finally admitting what he should have many months ago. Facing the possibility Austin voters could reinstate the city's homeless camping ban in May, Mayor Steve Adler said the city's existing plan of action has failed. In a conversation with the American-Statesman, Adler acknowledged that the 2019 repeal of the city's camping ban "is not working." "Going back to where we were we know doesn't work – and what we're doing now we also know doesn't work," Adler told the Statesman. In December, the American-Statesman reported the city did not spend $31 milli
  10. More wasted time by Mackowiak and company. God bless 'em but, even if they're good signatures, you can bet the city clerk will find a way to keep the reinstatement off the ballot. And if by slim chance it did find its way, just imagine how that ballot language would look. After failing last year to reinstate the city's homeless camping ban, an Austin group says it has collected the required number of petition signatures to bring the issue before voters in May. Save Austin Now says it turned in more than 24,000 signatures to the city clerk Tuesday, continuing its push to ov
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