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  1. Would rather hear your review of Mexican takeout, Simple.
  2. Ward is back April 13, from 9A-12. On something called the (American) Statesman News Network. jeffwardshow.com
  3. Get your Sopranos fix, all seasons / episodes. Veep, 6 Feet and other options. A few movies and documentaries as well. https://play.hbonow.com/
  4. For those who haven't seen this / don't have HBO. they've opened up a good deal of free content for April, including the documentary. https://play.hbonow.com/page/urn:hbo:page:home
  5. What (specific) documents did you provide? 941s, payroll registers, what else?
  6. Didn't see any way that they'd be ready for this by now. We'll see if by next week at this time. App isn't going to materially change. Just have your info ready to populate whatever the / your bank provides.
  7. "And maybe I'm just, I don't know, a test case for the simple minded." Yes. you are.
  8. 50 - 60 stadiums on Saturdays with anywhere from 25,000 - 100,000 people in each venue. Not going to happen this year. Sucks exponentially, don't get me wrong.
  9. But he spent it in a much more economical way than Clapton.
  10. Hinch getting credit for his year off sounds like, even w/ no baseball. Collective Christmas card from Astros (former and current) to COVID keeps getting longer.
  11. Just grab the # off your GL if you're funding 100%. Or just grab it off your GL if you're subsidizing a piece. Either way you're grabbing the company's portion of premiums that are out of pocket.
  12. "brother"? What an unbridled asswipe. More evidence this AM that Wade Phillips is a good guy. Felt a little uncomfortable off the top.
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