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  1. I like that bronze vinyl. Here’s my centurion.
  2. I believe his girl is trapped in Brazil due to the travel restrictions so I hope anal is off the table. But I guess he could be lonely.
  3. I haven’t seen it since I don’t FB but I believe it’s a meme for essential as it relates to the covid shelter in place.
  4. I agree. I’ve only watched a few UM games this year and was never impressed with their qb. How can you be Jim Harbaugh and not be able to recruit a high level qb to UM?
  5. It’s been a while since I posted a pic let’s see if this works https://ibb.co/3fVwXXw
  6. We recently traded in our tige for a centurion. Planning to go out tomorrow.
  7. They don’t want to play us. With the current setup they can talk a bunch of what if’s, SEC, talk about WRTS and not have to back it up on the field. I have a bunch of aggy friends who are good people. Who I love. It gives them the entire year, instead of 8-9 months out of each year, to lie to themselves. This current set up has enabled them to be much more obnoxious throughout the entire year. *i love my individual aggy friends. Get 2 or more of them together and that’s a different story.
  8. I captained my son through high school in this same club in Round Rock and occasionally we were short boats. I imagine your not in central Texas since faith angler seems to be established here, but we would hit up the Keep Austin Fishing Facebook page when short on captains and they always stepped up. There are a lot of different fishing forums out there that you could also try. What area are you in?
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