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  1. Was really nice out. Took advantage of it and checked on the boat. All good.
  2. I’ve now seen this a few times. What is this? I mean I know thru the comments it’s for irrigation but what’s it called. I’ve had several homes with irrigation and never seen this. Building a home now and working in some stuff I learned this week.
  3. I bet. Twice over summer we are hanging out grilling and one cruised by and the rolling waves follow minutes later. I Look over at my buddies slip and I see the ass end of his boat at like 30 degrees. Second time same scenario but the bow was sitting way up. Both times it was welds that failed. Both are top of the line lifts. I don’t know how my buddies boat didn’t slide down the bunks and bury the bow under his deck. It was crazy. Second time was old news. In both cases we were able to rig them back to level. Took around 20 people. Majority to weigh the lift back to level. I think they’re co
  4. Nice. I like that you went with wheels to match the paint color.
  5. @troph we are up in the same area of lake Travis. I’m north shore though in Lago vista at Waterford. Who else is up our way? I can’t keep track. The reason I’m asking is because we are having major issues with the 50’ yachts that have exploded in the last year. Their rollers are tearing our marina apart. I’m curious if y’all are seeing the same thing? It’s very common that someone has one of the bolts that attaches their lift to the marina is sheared off. I mean one time they rolled thru and the 37’ foot formula next to us destroyed his anchor light and tower when it hit the marina roof. Afte
  6. yeah my son is in a student apartment in san marcos. Their power went out monday morning and stayed out until thursday around noon. then quickly off and been off since. When the power came back on it broke something. What? We don't know. Can't get any information. They're nice new apartments so the lowest temp indoors was around 46. I was going to go pick him up yesterday but he assured me he's fine and didn't want to chance it. He's tired of the dark (no candles) and cold food. I found an asian place that was open and they delivered he and his roommates dinner wednesday and yesterday. Hopin
  7. When I see a cruiser yacht in a slip, I’m like that’s a phat ass. I’ve never looked at the specs but that brand appears to be a lot wider than others in the same length.
  8. Here you go. 400 horse. https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2021-bennington-qx-series-25-qxsb-windshied-arch-7679446/
  9. panic lead to A run. There were lines to get in to groceries from what I could tell. So more demand on that one day than probably several days combined. Probably lack of stockers and products to refill the shelves.
  10. Now your rocking. Just sleep in a ventilated area. We would hate to lose you to your own gas after all this.
  11. My wife is great about this. She doesn’t touch it ever and asks me to adjust it if shes hot or cold. Most times I don’t even adjust it and say that I did. Time passes and she doesn’t bring it back up. I think she’s catching on though after a dozen years as she’s called me out on it. While this is going on I’ll adjust the temp via my phone app and then tell her to go check the thermostat. Now lights and open/cracked exterior doors, that’s a different story.
  12. There’s been a meeting or two where I wanted to go off on some condescending prick. We sure that didn’t happen here? seriously, that sucks for them and I hope y’all don’t have issues as we get thru this.
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