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  1. I hope the fat people fat shame her for not being a huge fatty any more. Love it when they get their giant fat asses all in a twist.
  2. At least they did some flashbacks to when they were younger. Kick in the nuts when his son tried to hold his hand and he refused.
  3. Good stuff. Mom and dogs seem awesome. Need to put together a Derka playlist on Spotify.
  4. Must have gotten decent enough response to the Raya movie to think they'll recoup enough on it.
  5. Don't think I saw anyone talk about their decision to release Black Widow via D+ on July 13th. Glad it is finally seeing the light of day.
  6. Yeah, I thought Reyna's body language was horrible. Maybe he's really feeling his slump but thought he did indeed act like a little bitch.
  7. Although I'm not sure I'm onboard with their insistence that the sitcom episodes were soooo funny.
  8. Anything for Village of the Year.
  9. Hopefully that doesn’t include 9 minutes of fucking credits like WandaVision.
  10. The heart doesn't want his fucking brother to write another one. Last one sucked.
  11. Michael B Jordan can't act for shit but I'll watch any way.
  12. Damn. Why did they age up the kids so dramatically? The son's freakout scene about fires and burglars was one of the best parts of last season.
  13. Was introducing my kids to the 1985 action classic ‘Commando’ last night. The great Bill Paxton has a bit part as a radar controller. Wonder if that’s his first step to greatness. https://media0.giphy.com/media/ZuRkV9FEo1dra/giphy.gif?cid=5e214886a9oc9ustk3basra0ba3cukzewa5e3jwxvquwbgs8&rid=giphy.gif
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