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  1. By chance has anyone seen any place to buy prints of the in-credit art? Youngest has birthday-present hinted about how much he'd like one for his room.
  2. Does it show the dates of the pnuemonia deaths? Wonder how many of them might have been Jan-Mar before Covid became a thing to test for.
  3. Well, it certainly sounds like you hate the Constitution. Probably also hate puppies.
  4. Took the family in fall of '18. It was really cool.
  5. I guess I missed something. What are you talking about?
  6. Well, going by the numbers, it will probably only be 2% of them.
  7. Yeah watch out for the unexpected gay sex orgy scenes. Yikes.
  8. I also have a contact in the intelligence community and he says "The crow flies at sunset. The crow flies at sunset. The child's pencil is broken. The child's pencil is broken' Take that as you will but its pretty clear whats going on.
  9. The same people screaming that we should have shut down earlier would have been screaming about totalitarianism had we actually shut down earlier.
  10. Also, have you seen those people? I think having an underlying condition is a job requirement for the TSA. Actually surprised the deaths weren't higher.
  11. He typed that with a straight face and everything.
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