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  1. hornbri


    NYT with a article on delta-8 today. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/27/health/marijuana-hemp-delta-8-thc.html
  2. I would have said Nashville but I think they are already there. The Nashville metro area is already 2M people and they have pro sports. I do think it is a area that will still see significant short term growth though much like the last 5-10 years in Austin
  3. I like the Boise answer, it appears to already be on its way there with the movement from CA. I think Boulder might have a chance, still only 100k people and with the new work anywhere tech industry we are looking at I think it has a chance.
  4. Wendy's ramping it up with their new Jalapeño Popper Sandwich, The $5.99 sandwich, which was released Wednesday, is covered in jalapeños including in a flavored cream cheese spread plus six slices of the pepper on top. It also features three slices of bacon, two cheeses (cheddar and pepper jack) and a toasted bun. I think I am going to try that.
  5. Raided the freezer yesterday to make some Fat Tuesday Gumbo
  6. Yes - the ice can just block the pipes without causing cracks. Keep your fingers crossed and look all around the house, the crack could be elsewhere.
  7. I know someone living there, they did not have power for sure.
  8. We have a 1000 gal tank, in this case bigger is better. When you build make sure to have the plumbing for the LP run everywhere you might need it (water heaters, stove are obvious but outdoor kitchen, pool equipment, laundry room, patio areas you might want heaters on etc)
  9. We live very close. That thing has to be a sheet of ice right now.
  10. LISD just called it for in person school through Thursday.
  11. I have been trying to decide if this is worth watching.
  12. HEB at four points was busy but not a zoo at all about a hour ago. Everything in stock still and all cashiers open so it went quick.
  13. Not sure how it works in your family but when I send my wife to the grocery store and tell her to get some "coke" she manages to get the correct thing. If It is curbside of course you need to specify the flavor of "coke" you want.
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