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  1. Yeah. I thought for sure she was going to spring it him during her “and that’s the truth” speech.
  2. I agree, makes it more likely for that character to be in a "relationship" with his mom.
  3. Have the same one, it is really great. Have also convinced several friends to buy one and they all love it.
  4. I still think she was raped by Homelander, but chose her kids life over Butcher just like she did again in the 4th episode.
  5. Well if I switch them to "on" I do understand what they are talking about but then I see the subtitles for the English as well. As long as those scenes are I am pretty sure they wanted us to know what they were saying.
  6. Is anyone else having a issue with subtitles? I am watching on Apple TV and when Kimiko and her brother are "talking" I need to switch on subtitles. Shouldn't those just be automatic?
  7. I would likely just pay the price difference for the new bike if that was the option and could keep the same date.
  8. I saw on reddit people getting that email but I did not, I wonder since mine is a Oct delivery date that it is far enough out they did not auto refund. Customer support said I need to wait until tomorrow and then they will contact me with options.
  9. Hmm I have one on order now, I guess I need to reach out to see if I can get that $350 credit or maybe upgrade to the new bike.
  10. https://nordvpn.com/blog/free-anonymous-email-account/
  11. hornbri


    Soto is really good (both locations) Osaka as mentioned is our go to. Haru Sushi in gateway is good, lots of lunch combo choices. Tomo is a fun place when we can go eat out again.
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