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  1. Consider a electric one. I have both a gas and electric and I use the electric far more often. They have come a long way. I have a Ryobi 40W that gets plenty of use.
  2. Well they could be looking at the info outside of China where the mortality rate is much much lower. Then you don't care how bad China is under reporting the number, it looks like outside of China very very few people die from this. That would mean that yes China has much much more infected then they know, however most of those are going to be just fine. Even hundreds of dead per day in the country the size of China is going to have no long term impact. TLDR As long as the mortality rate outside of China does not rise significantly it does not matter how badly China is reporting numbers.
  3. I am in the camp the market has most of this baked in. I think the money on Wall Street has better info, then the rumors and what the sky is falling crowd are saying.
  4. I think it is no one wanting to go into the weekend uncertain.
  5. I had the HEB Al Pastor on these yesterday, first time I had seen the corn version and they were quite good. Added Onion, Cilantro, Salsa, and a little pineapple to the tacos and they were great.
  6. As soon as we saw them my wife said look "Vulcans" and I said "maybe could be Romulans too" just a hunch.
  7. Looking to join one, Anyone need more players to their group?
  8. Seems like a good day to buy. The markets are either overreacting to the virus which means they will bounce back quickly. Or this virus is going to destroy mankind in which case money will have no value anyway.
  9. down 0.8% is a crash? I knew this thread was full of alarmist but wow.
  10. That is interesting, this is one of my favorite soups. I made some the other day on the stove and it takes almost no time, I bet it took more time for the instant pot to get hot then to just make it on the stove.
  11. The Bar at Restaurant R'evolution would be a good addition to this list.
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