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  1. Made some ribs, both the pork and beef turned out great - first time making beef ribs, simple salt and pepper rub.
  2. nothing about this market amazes me anymore.
  3. Yeah I was about to post futures on S&P bouncing down 1.2%-1.5% right now
  4. Website is down, hope thats not a bad sign.
  5. I don't think we see them until about 5 o'clock on Sunday evenings.
  6. Some gumbo, messy bowl but you get the point .
  7. Ours did not do that and we are paying full tuition. On top of that (and this is the part that bothers me) the teachers working are getting paid, but those that are not due to low attendance or because they are self isolating are NOT getting paid. In my mind if I am paying full tuition all the teachers should be getting paid.
  8. I bought some call options this morning when we were at lows this morning and just sold them for a short term profit.
  9. It may not meet your expectations but It does kinda make sense, when you consider the market is forward looking and everyone thought the news was going to be even worse.
  10. It will - the number priced in was closer to 4M, thus seeing the market up today. The bad news was "less bad" than expected.
  11. It's phased out right? So that person will still get something.
  12. Yeah it is coming out the stimulus bill is not done.
  13. I don't know that everyone thinks that, I have seen multiple people on the tube today saying just that. And others saying we may have seen the bottom. I think everyone thinks there will be continued volatility, what they dont agree on is will there be bigger down days or up days in the future. TLDR - no one knows shit.
  14. We listed a house two weeks ago we were renting out, got multiple offers and got a buyer through, they backed out last weekend but at least they released the earnest money to us. Now we have to relist and I worried the market has shifted dramatically. (In cedar park)
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