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  1. Yeah I was skeptical at first. But it's like a hamburger helper version of fideo - it is good fast meal. You can doctor it up as you see fit as well.
  2. Yeah thats how I read it, we are supposed to head down Monday. I think we are still planning on it unless they make further changes to beach access. Would love to hear how it goes this weekend for you.
  3. Pfizer with vaccine news + positive jobs news driving that.
  4. I thought the first episode was good. The 2nd was alright but got boring in the middle. I will give it one more.
  5. Yeah I have a glove and it works pretty well. I got tired of cutting my hand up.
  6. Pretty much this, there is not a lot to them. You can also have a some raw ones as you are shucking. Get your self a good oyster knife and it is not that bad. You can get them at Central Market, Whole Foods, Quality seafood most of the time. Most of those places will have gulf and some coastal oysters (I would not grill the coastal ones).
  7. We are going down the week of July 6th. Like others I grew up in the area and know most of the pros/cons. Its easy to spread out on the beach as long as you are not right at the entrance to one of the park. We are renting a condo about halfway up the beach and since you cannot drive on that part it will be easy to spread out. My only fear at this point is Texas keeps spiking and they shutdown airbnb's.
  8. I have it as well and it is pretty great. Just the history stuff makes it worth reading.
  9. Huh I kinda thought it was legalized gambling.
  10. Thanks for the support from everyone. I will make sure to hear from Heide Jo as well. How much we can change is crazy, I am looking forward to listening to a sober woman, on a Friday night.
  11. I had stayed sober for 90 days and lost it this week. Wife left town and I decided to drink. Back to day 2 now. This shit is hard. i know from you all it’s possible. Did the meeting northland this morning (virtual). That’s great group of people.
  12. yeah, I had options I sold at a 50% profit yesterday. If I had kept them till this afternoon.....
  13. well there was a 2.5M gain in jobs vs a 7.5M expected lost so I would expect an increase.
  14. I am somehow up 7% on the year, got really lucky on the way back up. Still down from the peak of mid Feb. What a fucking rollercoaster.
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