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  1. I am in London tonight. This is fascinating to watch and listen to locals discuss at the pub.
  2. I have never had those from Trader Joe’s...but 14 minutes seems like a really long time to grill and filet.
  3. hornbri


    Family also from valley. But this is where I order from every year. Just got 6 dozen delivered.
  4. Not only should you say that, it is possible they realize they will be more comfortable staying elsewhere but feel obligated to stay at your place since you keep telling them it is not a problem...
  5. I am curious on this as well.
  6. That has more to do that Boomers were always a bigger voting block and millennial's will be a bigger voting block then Gen X by the time boomers die off. There is a point that Gen X can be the swing vote between those two groups though.
  7. That's funny, I am going to need to see a picture of the hand written recipe to determine if it is really called "Cock Spaghetti" or if the first step is "cook Spaghetti" - in his comments at the end he calls it out again as "cock Spaghetti" but then says it does not mention cooking pasta, so I am guessing your edit is correct.
  8. Methodology We gathered a list of college towns and narrowed it down to cities with fewer than 250,000* residents. We kept in mind that the metro areas surrounding the smaller towns would also include the student population. Using data from the United States Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we analyzed overall population, student population, rental costs, college education rates, transportation access, unemployment rates, and bar availability. From there, we narrowed it down further by weighing the cost of living, unemployment rates for 20–24 year olds, and easy access to the city. *Maine, Hawaii, and Alaska did not have college towns with a population of less than 250K that met our criteria, so they are the exceptions. That explains a lot.
  9. I heard that - so he is admitting he called the running plays so he did not have to answer questions about why he passed if it did not work.
  10. Yeah up until he started to kick him he might have avoided also being suspended. But he is going to get done games to now.
  11. I have liked the first 3 episodes. I am going to guess if you enjoy it or not depends if you are closer to critics opinions or general audience. Here are the scores from rotten tomatoes.
  12. I am about to hit 20 years doing the same. I started the job before I met my wife and it is what we have always known. Is it hard? Of course it is sometimes, and you and your spouse need a plan and clear communication. But it can work for a lot of people. For us it helped a ton my wife was able to stop working and instead focus on the kids and all the daily household chores/errands that need to get done (she has to be happy about that though as well, if that would make your spouse miserable it is going to be a problem).
  13. Another good start for the market.
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