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  1. It does when you are trying to run a complete 36 race season
  2. WTF??? I had no idea
  3. I play in the Surly league that Foreskin man mentioned above, y'all join so I can take your money. I let Grit Laps win last year. Also I run another league (different rules) that is $125 entry...let me know if anyone would like to join. Grit Laps also plays in that league.
  4. Yeah I do plan on going tomorrow to look if I don't get anything today. Any scalping tips such as location? Feel free to pm.
  5. Can meet in Dallas today or The Fair tomorrow morning
  6. The Tower Building/Food Pavilion has at least five 6 coupon beer booths.
  7. Why do people who think NASCAR unwatchable or do not pay enough attention to know who won the championship take the time to post in this thread?
  8. Lurker checking in...I'm going to the drag races in Ennis Friday...might stop by.
  9. Washington wasn't fired, he quit.
  10. Jim Krivacs

    Dallas | BBQ

    407BBQ. Located at 35W and 407. BYOB.
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