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  1. We ended up going with Uber and it worked out well.
  2. This is our first time to Moody...what's the best parking option? Or is Uber a better option? Thanks
  3. Looking for 3, thanks
  4. 16 on the practice squads, I think he will get a spot somewhere
  5. joined and $20 sent via PayPal from Ray W
  6. Any paintless dent repair recommendations in the NW Fort Worth area?
  7. Texas Motor Speedway has a three day NASCAR race/All Star event that weekend. Plenty of room and tens of thousands of people from all over the country attending. I would love to see events like this combined.
  8. What kind of advice? Where to sit? Scanner? What?
  9. I've been to every IndyCar race at TMS...this was the least promoted race ever. Love or hate Gossage, he was a promoter. And this was the best race at TMS by far since the repave/PJ1.
  10. I'm in as Jim Krivacs and paid via Venmo
  11. This being the next to last game at The Drum (that's what we called it when I was a freshman in 1982-83) and the fact that I haven't been there this century is why I am braving the latest Texas ice storm to drive from Parker County tomorrow.
  12. What's the best way to get 2 good lower level tickets? StubHub?
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