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  1. I don't know much, but I've heard that the theatres take it in the shorts on movie rights and their profits come from concessions. If so, obviously the theatres are dead, but the studios would have a hard time capitalizing on streaming because I doubt at $20 a household is going to make them their nut either.
  2. I See You via Prime. Solid thriller. Helen Hunt's face has not aged well.
  3. I'm pretty blown away with how cheap a baby tiger is. Dogs from a decent breeder could easily run you more than a baby tiger.
  4. I guess this particular business is continuing to pay workers despite not working? That's the only logic I can understand for doing this. Even then it's pretty shitty
  5. This is a little devil's advocate because I generally agree with you, but there is something to playing someone too early and essentially ruining them. Beyond physical development there is a mental development to redshirting as well. I would say that doing that early serves a much better purpose than doing it late. None of us can judge if that was the case here because we aren't close enough to the situation, but it's a plausible theory at least. Not that playing too early takes you from future all American to total scrub, but those guys that are just balancing the line of contributor and wash out it could mean something.
  6. Joe Exotic is the hero America deserves right now.
  7. Garrett wasn't making any personnel decisions as the HC of the Cowboys, and he's sure as shit not as the OC of the Giants. But he is a bitch
  8. Sir, I take these allegations very seriously. I don't want to live in a world where the internet of all places can't be trusted.
  9. What's the discrepancy? Threesheets #s not take in streaming? I noticed Junior mentioned his includes streaming, and I don't think I recall him doing that in the past.
  10. Where are the details for qualifications/restrictions?
  11. No where near the top is pretty dumb. I'm fine agreeing that he's not the best corner in the league, but he's certainly near the top. Unless you rank corners simply on interceptions. Every team in the league would sign Byron Jones. Maybe not at that high of a dollar figure, but they'd gladly take his corner skills and lack of interceptions.
  12. Morons can spread it to the non morons though.
  13. Seems like a horrible PR move, but I thought the gamestop wen the way of the dodo bird a few years back.
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