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  1. He won his SBs pretty early and he was pretty much a bus driver those years, especially the first when his job was to not turn the ball over and let the D and run game handle the rest, but I agree with the overall sentiment. He wasn't a bus driver his entire career.
  2. Agree. I think it's just some sloppy writing if later it's revealed that she wasn't raped. I was all was all geared up for her to drop the she wasn't raped during that exchange it was a perfect time to drop it, but instead it was I was raped but I really wanted to keep the child, and if she were in fact raped the entire setup is really weird.
  3. 17 is legal in Texas not sure about PA though, but yeah the Clark bit was Jan liked the young guys. I don't think the show tried to insinuate pedo level young though.
  4. Yeah Texas was never going to be able to go up and raid Ohio/Michigan recruits, but California is a different story.
  5. Is the 8 kids get and the program shuts down true? If so, how are they not going to shut down?
  6. Yep. He's a terrific athlete compared to the general population, but amongst his peers, DI football players, he's not. The only time he can shine is if he's left uncovered and the QB throws it too high.
  7. He doesn't look physically imposing though. He's tall and skinny, so he pretty much plays like you'd expect.
  8. Even if you were fixing to be drafted 1st overall, if it's to the Browns, you'd be better off releasing some gas mask photos the night of the draft.
  9. He can, but I doubt he comes back barring injury. If he can't get it done this year (win the conference), he's not next year either. Good or bad, after this year he'll have gone as far as Herman and company will allow.
  10. The character Thanos is loosely based on Aaron Donald. Donald is a freak, but the Rams did lose 7 games last year. It's possible to beat them.
  11. I'd give the edge to Larson (acting wise) mainly because I don't even know what Allison Brie is in outside of Glow and Community, but I agree with your point any hot girl would done fine in the Marvel roles.
  12. I also don't recall what the PI review rules are, but I would guess inside 2 minutes have to come from upstairs, and they hardly every overturned the on the field ruling. It should have been reviewed if that's the case, but there is zero chance it's overturned. There was clear arm extension and Ramsey sold it by leaning backwards. It was a weak call at best, but evidence is there for a by the book OPI ruling.
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