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  1. So with an open QB comp all the time, with limited practices do you split all your 1st team reps evenly among your incumbent starter, backup, and 3rd string guys for the competition?
  2. Agree if you want to fixate on something fixate on his unanswered high 5 attempts.
  3. I believe 16 is the age of consent in several states already, so no we can't even agree on that.
  4. Regardless of what his faced looked like his movements and hunching made him seem like an old geezer. That's a limitation of this technology. I'm sure it will get better, but it probably should just be reserved to make a middle aged guy look young vs an old guy look middle aged. That way it won't look so ridiculous if you need to show the character doing something remotely action oriented or even walking quickly.
  5. Generally I agree with you. If you don't like something your voice and your wallet are your weapons, but I don't think that's what happens today. I don't think that many people are outraged, but plenty see an opportunity to get a lot of attention. I think the great majority of those on the outrage side really don't care about this ad, but absolutely love all the internet high 5s when they slam the company. To combat that, I agree with your second paragraph. Quit feeding them by giving in. Rich people will continue buying Lexuses and rich fit chicks will continue buying pelotons.
  6. Pretty good chance Texas and USC jobs are open. Possible on UM. Next to zero that Saban and Riley leave.
  7. Fat people fail to understand that people that are really fit and in shape love to exercise. They don't understand that their goal isn't to lose more weight but continue being as healthy as possible.
  8. His contract with Texas and or raise from USC is going to be fully guaranteed. Harrell's future has little to do with Herman or Helton. UNLV or a program on that level will always be there.
  9. 20 years ago you'd want to be HC, but now with OC salaries and the fact that plenty of programs are willing to hand the keys over to someone with no HC experience I would probably just stick with OC. I'm not even sure what the UNLV HC would make but I would guess it's less than what Harrell can leverage out of USC or Texas.
  10. But that’s also what Herman has to do here, no? I guess Harrell gets a few more dollars here though.
  11. Whatever level of stupid is required to leave Clemson you'd have to double that to get to the level of stupid needed to willingly be the next coach after Saban.
  12. The NFL is a really weird place right now. Seems like outside of the Patriots everyone is just hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. I mean it's too early to tell on the Rams dynasty but look at all the non Patriot recent super bowl teams. Eagles/Falcons/Panthers. They've become non factors pretty much immediately afterwards. It's like it's too easy for the Patriots, but then for everyone else it's too fucking hard.
  13. That's fair. I agree I stranded from the context of who should we have hired. I disagree that logic is limited to comparing what's available. It's pretty much a thing on the internet that if something isn't the best it sucks.
  14. I'd say that makes him not elite for sure. I wouldn't say that takes good away from him. Which good coaches (to you) at P5 programs have better records against ranked teams in that timeframe? I'm not trying to be pro Franklin, but it's more of a language argument. You are using the term good to probably mean elite. That's fine but there a whole lot of degrees between the top and bottom. It's not all either elite or they suck.
  15. This is our logic. A good coach is one that has either won championships or a young guy de jour that's at a smaller program that can't compete with the big dogs because of program disadvantages. Everyone else is spare. So cross off any guy at a P5 program that's not winning championships.
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