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  1. We had a similar experience. Top loaders all the way!
  2. Anyone know what the latest N. Korea coronavirus update is? Fully recovered I'm sure! I would think that with their lack of infrastructure, they have been hit hard!
  3. My experience is only anecdotal. I’ve seen people get better on treatment and people get worse. I’d say the sample size of our hospital is too small to make any judgements , but nothing close to what I’d call impressive. That’s a bit how it goes treating severe lung infections. Improvement is often slow. Even with appropriate antibiotic treatment of typical bacterial pneumonias once you get a lot of inflammation setting in, improvement is like turning a battleship. It’s slow. Can people use expectorants at the sign of early lung symptoms to lessen the severity of lung implications?
  4. I love her. And I want her to juggle my balls
  5. Sat am at Costco. You are f@!%ng nuts!!!!
  6. They have a better training table than everyone else * wink*wink*
  7. Aldo, I like the way you put that. It changed our lives as well. We had a VERY similar experience!
  8. Take a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class and if you follow the plan, you will dig your way out of this mess.
  9. Sleep settings might be something that is going on as well. Sometimes it seems like it will remember the address. Other times, it makes me reconnect.
  10. Thanks TwiceHorn. I'm going to give that a shot. Should I expect my laptop to blow up 10 days from now?
  11. No I do not. It is only at home or in coffee shops, etc....
  12. WTF does this mean and how do I make this shit go away? I have a new laptop and every time I close it and then reopen it to start working again, it kicks me off of my home internet. My old laptop would just reconnect to my wifi as soon as I opened it up. This new one makes me re log in every damn time I open it. It's driving me nuts. Halp PLZ!
  13. Holy shit that guy has a chin!
  14. Man, the ring of fire has been really active the last few years
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