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  1. They film themselves and release the evidence because they not only think that they did nothing wrong, they believe that what they did was the best course of action. No villain has ever been the bad guy in their own mind.
  2. I'm thankful that for the 34th Thanksgiving my wife has put the knife in the turkey on the table, not the one at the table. I am also thankful for having a wonderful, awesome family, and that my kids grew up to be much better people than me.
  3. Assholes who speed up to 70 to get on the freeway in front of you, then slam their brakes and roll 55 in a 70 from there. Why?
  4. Coach Royal is once again proven absolutely right: "Football doesn't build character, it reveals it."
  5. I went to junior college with a guy who played football at Smithville. He said that he hated playing Texas School for the Deaf, because their offence always went on a silent count (of course), but the quarterback would make a weird noise at random times and draw the whole defensive line offsides. Screwed up their timing something fierce. He also told us that having a deaf player sign shit at you was funny, but a bit unnerving.
  6. That's an interesting delusion. I don't know about great, but interesting.
  7. I got my booster (Moderna x3) two weeks ago last Friday, and I'm starting to think this whole vaccine thing might be a hoax. I was promised 5G reception, but my phone is still only 4G. I was promised that I would feel dead and empty inside from the shots, but that only happens when Texas football plays. I was promised that I'd be magnetized, so I could take the stuff off of the refrigerator and stick it to my chest, back, and arms, but nothing sticks. Man, if all I get out of these shots is greatly improved resistance to a dangerous disease, I'm gonna be pissed. Well, not that pissed. Maybe slightly miffed.
  8. Bound to happen some time. May as well be today.
  9. That's not enough. They are defying a direct lawful order. Bust each and every one of them, especially officers and NCOs, to private, sentence them to six months confinement, forfeiture of six months pay, and a dishonorable discharge. Anything less invites more defiance of orders and subverts good order and discipline.
  10. Not quite. There was a doctor in the East Texas town that I lived in many years ago who used forceps to position and pull babies out. After the heads were out, he would grab their heads with the forceps and "help" the baby come out. Said it kept the mothers from working too hard. There were several people in town with mis-shappened heads from his efforts. Legend has it that he pulled the heads off of a couple of babies doing this, but of course no one confirmed anything.
  11. The very first firearm that I purchased was a 1903A3. Still love it. I am extremely envious of that tool. I have my step grandfather's Garand cleaning rod and tool from WWII, but no Garand. Yet.
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