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  1. The emails that get me are the ones that started coming in March saying, in essence, "Hey, lots of folks are fixing to die. If you die, don't you want to leave most of your estate to The University?" I work at a shit plant, how much do you think I can leave you? My wife and kids are kinda my priorities, and I never attended UT, so I have to pass on that.
  2. While that cat was alive, it was a beautiful, noble creature. Now, somewhere in the afterlife, he's looking down and saying, "Son of a BITCH! It's not Chuck Testa!"
  3. Hell, yeah. Fight The Power Kitty is a permanent part of my lexicon because of that thread.
  4. January 1, 1962 Cotton Bowl, Texas vs Ole Miss. I was 6 months old. My folks had two tickets, figuring that they didn't need one for me since I was a babe-in-arms. The ticket guy at the gate said that they couldn't take me in without a ticket for me and was quite insistent. My Mom handed me to him and said, "Watch him until we come back." and started to walk in. He hastily changed his mind, and I got to "see" the game. Of course, I don't remember any of this. This is according to my Dad.
  5. I know that cops have been ambushed in their cars, or like in Dallas a few years ago. That's not the type of action that I am talking about. What I am wondering about is not an individual deciding to take out some cops. I'm talking about a sudden, unplanned, immediate response to a situation like this. Someone sees their neighbor, whom they know to be a decent person, being abused like this and tries to defend them with deadly force. It seems to me that those kind of situations have the greatest potential to spiral out of control, or start a broader conflict.
  6. I have been wondering how long it will be before a bystander opens fire on the cops. One of these incidents is going to happen in a neighborhood where the police will be outgunned, and shit will hit the fan. I am not advocating for that to happen. I hope that it won't, but believe that it will.
  7. From the Groundhog Day that is working from home... FIGHT!!!!
  8. Because it's in the script. Duh!
  9. So is this what it felt like to be a sane person in the US in 1860?
  10. If you leave four or five circus peanuts in a ziploc bag in your truck on a summer day, they become soft and very tasty by the end of the day.
  11. I am sooo typing "poop" on chat at random times tomorrow.
  12. Guess. Go ahead Yob tvoyu mat is a close second.
  13. I can't speculate on any of the others, but dr, perky has to be a plastic surgeon. And we all know what his specialty is.
  14. @Sawbonz I wish that I thought that a lot of folks had brains to use. Evidence is pretty slim for some of them.
  15. Thanks for sharing that, asshole. Earworm indeed.
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