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  1. There's never time or money to do it right. There's always time or money to do it over.
  2. The lives of everyone who works in utilities just got more complicated. Electrical and drinking water operators especially are about to get a reality check.
  3. I'm sure that there will be no racial, ethnic, or gender disparities in the application of "tear their ass cheeks off" discipline. Right?
  4. You have to be sure to type out "woodpecker", not just "pecker" or "peckerwood".
  5. Lol. Nothing. It is a species of small woodpeckers, and this one has been staying in one of my trees for a while.
  6. I look at the Gepard and wonder what could have been if the Sgt. York had been properly planned and developed.
  7. Sitting in my back yard smoking a couple of slabs of bacon with pecan, watching a Hairy Woodpecker work over the bark of an oak that died in the drought, and listening to two Sandhill Cranes circle overhead. Nice, peaceful way to spend a vacation day.
  8. I am pos repping every post on page 1000. That doesn't indicate that I fully agree with all of them, but I do agree, at least in part, with the vast majority. Carry on.
  9. That would be one massive shit plant. More likely hundreds of smaller, but still massive to our eyes, shit plants. We currently use water to transport the wastes, but at that scale water would be inefficient. Maybe compressed air transports the waste to massive composting facilities. Incineration would be too wasteful of energy and remove too many nutrients needed to complete the food to waste back to food cycle. Wastewater technology has evolved as cities have grown and evolved. It would be fascinating to game that out. Some of the Surly engineers have seen some ideas, I'm sure.
  10. An ammendment dissolving College Station and making it part of Bryan needs to be attached to this bill. aggy heads everywhere would explode, and it would put a stake through the heart of this damned foolishness.
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