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  1. Whitey got one in that time, butI wouldn't put it past the Native Americans to have come up with some zingers. Here's some pale dude staggering off a giant canoe, wearing a possum on his face-- no wait, that's his own hair-- waving around at stuff and obviously asking questions. Hey-- bet he's asking us what this place is. Tell him "Dickbutt." OK. Hey buddy, it's "Dickbutt." [white stranger]: tadaka laka maka "Deekbot?" Yeah dude, "Dickbutt." Fast forward 400 years. The Native pranksters are long gone, and various1/32 Deekbot Tribal members (31/32 Yorkshire, but that doesn't count) are yelling at other people, also mostly from Yorkshire, about, hell, who knows what. (Me I just want my farm back from the Normans, and not have to use all these gotdam French words just to speak my own language.)
  2. Seriously, if mascot names offend, how do people even put up with the names of cities and states? And I mean, fuck the Redskins franchise, sure. But the state or city names are all either names of invading people/cultures, or else native names yanked up and used without so much as a by-your-leave. (Maybe not California. I think that was from a popular fantasy novel of the time. As if we named a place "Narnia" now.) Somebody earlier pointed out that "Washington" is the real problem in the name. Doesn't bother me, because I am an uncaring conqueror. But they're flipping Washington statues, so it's gonna come up. Don't shake your head just because I'm out there doing recon, General Custer.
  3. I drank some homemade wine with some Choctaws once. Learned how to say the wine was very good, in Choctaw. It's either "achokma lawa" or "lawa achokma", I can't remember because I was gettin buzzed. Anyway, all these arguments about what the new name should be are silly because, Anglo-Colonialists that y'all all are, y'all think you're gonna just breeze in and come up with something new in English, or even worse, in Spanishx. That merely continues the extinction. Why not get matching Robert E. Lee tattoos on your man-titties? No. First of all, everyone who is not Nacotchtank needs to be driven (maybe Uber'd) out of what WE call DC until the Nacotchtank themselves decide who should live there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nacotchtank If the Nacotchtank decide they want an NFL team, I would not be surprised if they choose to name it in the Piscataway language, which is (for now) not exactly widely spoken. But maybe they can puzzle out something. But then again, who gives a fuck. It's Washington.
  4. All that's missing is hemophilia and Hapsburg jaws.
  5. Well, Dan Patrick's not really Dan Patrick either, so identities can shift and whatnot.
  6. They can play what they want and I'll never notice, since the Colts left Baltimore in the middle of the night.
  7. 7/8 of the letters. Get the hell out of here with your elitist counting/calculating/sorting/judging/oppressing system.
  8. In my day we didn't get fancy-foo-foo neon yellow t-shirts with our tactical gear.
  9. Hey, Tubbs sat him out against App State, potentially gutsy move.
  10. Can't help with getting back the $900, but if you need help cheating on the ethics exam, give a holler.
  11. I knew a chick at UT who named her kid "Matisse." Neither she nor her husband liked Matisse's paintings, they just wanted a kid named Matisse. She also wore tiny glasses to be fashionable. They weren't even reading glasses, totally fake fashion statement. They fucked her eyes up so she had to switch to real glasses. If that's your mom, sorry. And pics please.
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