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  1. If Gavin Newsom were an independent leader he would be President of France.
  2. Word on the Street (yo) is that the peg lady was part of the Roy Moore camp and that Moore's son somehow launched this story at Merrill as payback. The only thing that makes me not believe it, is that it would be the first time any of the Moore crowd managed to accomplish something.
  3. She's probably got a couple of other politico peg-ees on her service route who saw this and are just happy to keep her happy. A generation of Alabama kids will get to go to college because of her, if their daddies sell Range Rovers or Orange Beach Fantasy Get-Away Beach Communities.
  4. These might be the people you are looking for: https://www.reselleryatx.com/
  5. Dudes voted however they wanted to vote. Whatever the outcome, my plan was to avoid using Amazon as much as possible because Bezos looks funny. OP can still make money off me by investing in Amsterdam Acrylics, Speedball Art Supplies, or Bota box wines.
  6. Hmm. He was a cop. And he's in jail for beating up a cop. Prison status is... https://external-preview.redd.it/Gygl3zWsiPoEgVWVcGUtEi5TCah9zgKQbNDd3lP8GJg.gif?format=mp4&s=f9cb4155277ae67d286e6e5d65085ef38e017c7d
  7. Tack on a year for being named "Quaglin."
  8. Are there quotes of Merrill's racism? I need to know which words are current in case I get stuck in an elevator with some Trumpists.
  9. It's not that they are disgraceful, it's that they are disgraceful and don't even accomplish anything. I mean, you had John T. Morgan, probably a KKK big wig, but he also pushed through the construction of the Panama Canal. George Wallace, basically gives the state radiation poisoning with his school door stand, but later pushes for the completion of Junior Colleges including one that jump-started my own humble post-HS education. These cats now, they are rotten, and their ambition seems limited to seeing who can best walk in slow-motion through a field, carrying a never-fired shotgun.
  10. You can't blame the flag-makers. Once you've sold a dude a Confederate flag, a Gadsden flag, a Snake flag, and a Blue Line flag, what are you supposed to do, just furlough your employees and lock the doors? That's irresponsible. You gotta make up new flags.
  11. Say what you will about the tenets of showboating religiosity, at least it's an ethos.
  12. Friday is too far along in the week to be interesting. For Gaetz, I expect it to be a young fresh day full of promise, like Monday or maybe Tuesday.
  13. Is there a Bible verse that means more or less "Stop being a Dumb-Ass"? Because I want to make a sticker out of it in either Greek or Hebrew so the cops can pull me over because it's foreign.
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