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  1. Wonder if the shooter was another LASD deputy.
  2. If a scam doesn't feel like a scam, that could mean that the scammer is good at scamming.
  3. I wanna talk about this "Real Life" concept. I guess OP means "off the internet." If so, you're just swapping one mask for others, maybe more of them. The thing that fascinates me about Disneyworld, theater sets, malls, and any American suburb especially ones with gates and HOAs, is how gloriously fake it all is. You want real, you gotta walk out back, sit on the ground, and watch the bugs crawl around living their real lives. Zepol87 already gave my answer.
  4. Phun Phact: Bondo is not what you want to use to patch a hole in a motorcycle gas tank #ThinksWeLearnedThatWeWouldn'tHaveHadToLearnExceptWeWereYoungMorons
  5. Other than the 15 minutes it will take to cut a similar hole on the passenger side to match things up, I don't see what's wrong with it.
  6. I can confirm. Knew a Tripp from New Orleans who didn't know how to use a washing machine. He would send all his shirts to the dry cleaner. In college.
  7. I'd rather own this than many an SUV that costs the same or more. https://military-ads.com/ads/m3a1-scout-car
  8. That's a lot of words to say that you started hanging out near the Junior High School again no matter what the judge said.
  9. And seldom-washed but liberally-perfumed fuzzy froggy ho-house stank.
  10. Well, Baby Hitler grew up to lose WW2. Replacement of Baby Hitler might grow up to win it.
  11. LeHavre, France, 1820. Not because the town holds any particular charm for me; I doubt I shall move much in whatever society it possesses, instead spending my waking moments working feverishly to the point of demoniac madness to perfect my various inventions, including 1. Steam-propelled auto-gyrocopter 2. Steam-propelled oceanic/riverine submersible 3. Steam-propelled rocket battery (one must be able to bombard towns into submission) 4. Magnetically-induced Spirit Communication Apparatus (back-up power: steam) After these and others survive their first trials, I shall no doubt summer in my ice-fortress in Spitzbergen, winter in Tahiti, and spend the temperate months between being feted in the salons of Paris, a tiresome business, but necessary.
  12. Reminds me of being a kid in Selma and watching balls of fire ants float past.
  13. Do Your Balls hang low Do they waggle to and fro Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? Can you throw them on your shoulder like a Continental soldier Can you do the double shuffle with your balls in a can?
  14. I like that exhaust schmutz.
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