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  1. Now we have the answer for why Home Dawg was holdin out. Maybe you should sell your pawn shop one on eBay.
  2. Tin Tan Vitola Gregorio Casals Chucho Chucho
  3. So what is it that got you interested in coins? For me it's not really an investment, I mean hell, I won't turn down gold or silver, but it's kind of dead opportunity-wise if you have other safe things for your money. I can see the mania of completing a set, and getting new coins in a series satisfies that bubble-wrap popping compulsion. There are the Big Moments in History, sure. For me, some of my favorite ones are beat-up ordinary coppers. I can see them clutched in tiny hands, their presence telling the owner "you won't go hungry today." Yeah it's weird. I'm weird. You're weird too.
  4. When I meet a dude like that, I don't watch his eyes. I watch his hands.
  5. I read it as Crazy-Like-a-Serpent-Being-Fox; if Hillary rails against Bernie, knowing how many Trump and Bernie voters hate her, she just gets that many more people out to vote for Bernie. But seriously, naahhhh. Probably just the same shit Bill gets to hear every waking moment.
  6. 23andMe confirmed my suspicions that I was at least part white.
  7. So what, to you, is the bad thing about lawyering? What, if any, are the good things about it? (And yes, you have to sit there and answer my questions; you're a dish-washer now, you're lucky I'm taking the time to treat you like a human.)
  8. I don't see Attila the Hun on that list so I don't see what the point is. Since it won't allow me to vote my Attila heart, I settled for that crafty Khazar, Bloomberg. Plus, he's the only one who has spent a $ for an ad in my town. You wanna do bidness? Let's do bidness.
  9. It's not like your offer was an insult. It was more than half the asking price, if not in that 75% sweet zone. I've had slackjaws offer me less than mailing price.
  10. I am going with Member of an Old and Respected Family Checking Phone at Country Club While Arching Eyebrow as Beloved Wife Mary Elizabeth Catherine Claire (He Has a Wife You Know) Carries On About Something Bless Her Heart You Know Our Mary Elizabeth Catherine Claire.
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