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  1. Covid + they all keep talking about "Cabo-ooh".
  2. Sorry to hear that. One thing that helps me is going out back and digging holes. I call it "gardening," but so far, it's mostly just digging holes.
  3. Might have added a couple of weeks to my life by not eating out.
  4. I have been getting into Spanish-Italian Spaghetti Sci-Fi. Mario Bava's world of Mediterranean Stylish Space Exploration with crews full of young Greeks, Portuguese, French, or whoever else the producers were dating that week. Thanks to that feature where you can drop down and see every other movie every actor was in, I have enjoyed other masterpieces such as Caltiki, The Immortal Monster (the version I saw was in Italian without subtitles. I don't speak Italian. I think that made it even better.) I also ended up in an Alan Ladd Spaghetti Roman epic. Before Rocky, this is the sort of movie that made Italians want to fight everybody. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOPOplvlBP8
  5. Yep. Guitar came back out today, practiced some songs I haven't thought about since high school. Rereading some cool old paperbacks. Dog guards me and regulates my activities so I don't forget her mealtimes. Had been digging extra garden beds, noticed that from upstairs they look like a fresh graveyard. Planted two rows of ancient radish seeds, get me some zombie radishes maybe.
  6. I was not allowed to throw our butter knives, so I took the hatchet out back and chopped down various saplings at the fence line. One section of mulberry worked into a handy little spear. It is fun to throw the spear. Chopping up various parts of the back yard to make extra garden beds. One area has a surprisingly deep layer of black earth. Maybe it was an Indian burial ground. We have a couple dozen pepper plants started inside, but I want to let them get a little bigger. Meanwhile I found all kinds of packs of seeds as much as 12 years old. I figure, fuggit, I'll dump them all on one of the beds and see what grows. Have developed the ability to absorb information with no distraction of urgency. Used to be, if I had to talk on the phone, I was all let's get this damn call over with. Now, if somebody wants to talk, hell, why not, let's talk, it's something to do. Last night surfing Youtube we found a young Hippy Man with Mr. Rogers mannerisms slowly doing presentations on basic Scottish Gaelic. We sat through three of them like infants drooling at King Friday. Gle mhaith, seo snog.
  7. Czech Guy shows you how to fix bent throwing butter knives. You bang the bent part between two rocks until it's sort of straight. Then you also have two rocks you can throw after you run out of butter knives.
  8. Counterpoint: If you stay inside in B/CS, you can imagine you are anyplace else you'd rather be.
  9. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is how far apart people in different countries stand in a line. In the US, our "normal" may be a smidge closer than Germans, but a little farther than the French. Hell, the Italians don't even line up, just all mash towards whatever they want, no hard feelings, but if you're not mashing up there too, you must not have wanted it all that bad and so they aren't really cutting in front of you. I got the impression in Germany that you could read a book and nobody would break in front of you. Or would feel intense guilt, at least. The French, how to describe it... act like they respect a line, but there's always somebody circling like a wolf around the buffaloes, looking for a weak spot to rush in. Learned how to throw an elbow in France. Anyway, wonder what the effect of standing 4' vs 3' vs 2' could be.
  10. We end our sentences by saying "see", see? https://images.app.goo.gl/hnbkW1FCrEf7yfLDA
  11. I had half a keg of Celis left over from a party (health oriented friends I guess) and at the end of the night we poured that stuff into all kinds of bottles and drank it for a week. I'm not sayin it was good, but it was good enough.
  12. https://images.app.goo.gl/EyRsghKpxfgK1BAu9
  13. Found some knife throwing how-to videos from a Czech guy who seems like he'd be at the bus stop bitching about how he liked it better in prison. Butter knives! I think I'll be massacring some cardboard boxes out back in a minute. Wife doesn't want me using the silverware. She'll change her tune when I save her in the upcoming Zombie War.
  14. I'm not saying that a guy should blindside his neighbor on his riding lawnmower and break his ribs. That's illegal. But I sorta understand.
  15. Might want to save it to barter with, once we all run out of Mercury dimes.
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