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  1. The Dairy Queen in my home town was a throwback to the early 60s, where rebellious utes would run off to hang out after arguments with dad. So I hear-- that's a little before my time. It took some body blows from the opening of Hardees and McDonalds. Last time I went in was 1976 and some Dazed and Confused kid was smacking the pinball machine like he wanted to fight everybody in the place. Then a couple years later, Popeye's opened up and stayed open until 3AM. DQ caved in and died. Stoners only have so much disposable income. Like Stonehenge, it still sits there today. If anybody knows where to find some wobbly concrete tables, we could turn the key and I bet it would crank right up.
  2. If you don't use social media to sell shit, then you're doing it wrong.
  3. For jewelry that's only marked up. say 2x, you want to stick with coin/gold/pawn shops. DON'T tell her you got them at a pawn shop, because every woman on the planet not named Mrs. Canecutter will insist that you pay full markup so she'll feel special. Tell her they are "vintage", because they will be.
  4. When I wandered into Quebec in the dead of winter, I froze my ass off wearing some stylish hat. The locals all wore piles of toboggans and maybe turbans made out of scarves. They looked funny. They also looked warm.
  5. I'm willing to work hard until I'm in a position of trust. Then I'll do a little embezzling.
  6. And today my Etsy account woke up and decided, for the first time ever, that it wanted to go places and do things.
  7. Need to drive my ass over to Cali and steal some shit.
  8. Cosigned. Play better, you win. Can't complain about that.
  9. The real tragedy is that because of the fight, the students were denied the 50 minutes of valuable education they would have had from sitting in the room with a non-attacking substitute teacher.
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