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  1. In twenty four hours. 115 to 15. Death Valley to summit of Mt. Whitney
  2. Litig8r

    Getting old sucks

    Yeah, I just throw my dick out to help me get up..
  3. Litig8r

    Getting old sucks

    Fuck it I bought a Corvette yesterday. Good thing is I don't have to put my hand on the ground to get out of it...
  4. If I ever had a band, that's the name, Worms With Daggers"
  5. Some of my favorite Todd Quotes... "If I judge the judgmental, then who am I". Maybe this should go in the getting old suxes thread, but "One day you will wake up with more memories than dreams"..
  6. Litig8r

    Getting old sucks

    I have truck now but the 0-60 (which all old men do but never past 60) is too slow
  7. Litig8r

    Getting old sucks

    finally can afford that Porsche and can't get in or out of it
  8. Always a big (false) rumor in Gainesville that it was about chick who jumped from Beaty Towers on UF campus. I'd have to go with this song
  9. Litig8r

    #5 really hurt

    my bad. I also have a Play A Train Song guitar...and a Martin d-35 and Martin D-15 since we last talked...I bought and sold a sweet PRS semi hollow single cut.
  10. Litig8r

    #5 really hurt

    They left a half of case of Rhone and 1/3 of a case of Bordeaux.
  11. Litig8r

    #5 really hurt

    Some Richard Cranium, broke into my office and #1. Took a shit and didn't wipe or flush #2. Put one of my guitars in its case and moved it to the back door/ #3. Loaded up some cheap scotch in briefcase and moved it to the back door, #4. Took a laptop #5 Took my Reckless Kelly autographed fiddle.. #6. Took an etched bottle of gentleman jack.
  12. Ray Wylie Hubbard show front row seats and hear this song When I was a young manAbout 21 years old y'allAll I wanted was a stripper girlfriendAnd a Gold Top Les PaulBe careful of the things you wish forYou might get 'emThere was a night club in DallasCalled Mother BluesIt's where Lightning Hopkins playedAnd Freddy King even payed some duesAll the dealers and gamblersAnd young white hipsters, they all made the sceneThe girl at the door who checked ID'sWas just 16Aw, it was not a place for law biding citizensJackie Jones he had 'em a habit, he just couldn't stopAaid give me 500 dolla
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