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  1. I don't think there is a flavoring that can penetrate the casing of Vienna sausage. The flavors just flavor the grease juice.
  2. It is amazing how many threads this show pulled together for me. Also I'm amazed how many different music worm holes it sent me down. Here was one I posted on facebook on my birthday I saw the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at Rip Hewes field in Dothan Alabama in 1974. It was the first concert I ever went to. All I really knew was they sang "Mr. Bojangles". Todd Snider really filled me in on the history of that song and I sort of forgot about the NGDB. On the episode I watched last night (it mainly focused on Willie and Waylon) they had a segment on NGDB three disc album, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" and what a classic all-time all-star recording it was. This morning I listened to parts of the recording on Itunes and the first song I listened to was "Tennessee Stud" which featured Doc Watson. Doc Watson played in Marianna in the late 70s at the Sand Hills Blue grass festival which I attended. So that tied some things together. The NGDB Circle album was a lot of live recordings and in the into to Tennessee Stud, there is a call out from one the musicians that repeats a line from the song “I whipped her brother and I whipped her pa”. I have been a fan of John Craigie and did a show for him in Marianna (my hometown in the Florida Panhandle. One of his songs which turned me on to his unique songwriting was “Michael Collins” which tells the story of the Apollo 11 landing from the perspective of the one guy on the mission who didn’t get to land on the moon”. In the intro to Michael Collins/out take to Tumbling Dice, there is a shout out from one of the musicians that is exactly the same as the call out as the NGDB record. Craigie responds with, “Nice Call Out.” I now see what a great call out it was!. Thanks for Birthday Wishes. Give yourself a present and watch Ken Burn’s Country Music.
  3. If you want to see the best beaches in Florida, want to see John Prine, Todd Snider, Grayson Capps, John Fullbright, Paul Thorn, Elizabeth Cook, Shawn Mullins, Will Kimbrough, and ton more cool musicians, most in small venues https://30asongwritersfestival.com/
  4. Litig8r

    Funky Donnie Fritts

    The lean man from alabam
  5. Heard from some other sources that it is bitch to get tickets. You have to call and hope you get through before it sells out. Oh well...
  6. Stay away from that Motel with the blue doors or you are going to jail..#livepd
  7. It maybe that I finally get to go to my dream gig, the Musicfest. I see from past years that the package price is per person and includes 4 day lift tickets, "accommodations" and concert tickets. The price is based upon a per person price for the max number of the people for the accommodations you select. From what I can see, all the accommodations result in a crowded deal with somebody sleeping on a couch or sharing a room. Example Two Bedroom condo sleeps 6. If I go full 3/4 shag and get a two bedroom condo and only take four people can i sell the other two lift tickets and get some money back? Cody Canada is the honored act this year.
  8. Litig8r


    I know I don't hear like I used to but damn some of the shit they say can only be heard by dogs. Music is great..
  9. My buddy who's dad is the country music hall of fame said, the difference is one is built by Mexicans in Mexico and the other one is built by Mexicans a few miles from Mexico.
  10. I book shows from time to time. I really want to do Ray Wylie as maybe my last show. I talked to his booking folks and asked to see his rider. It really doesn't matter if you can cover the fee for the artist if they want to be flown to gig in a private jet, only want truffle M&Ms and shit. Ray Wylie's rider was totally reasonable but he wanted to be provided two Fender Twins. That made me scratch my head as every other show I have done they brought their own amps. Well I have a friend who just collects neat shit and on hunch, I asked if he had a Fender Twin. Well he did and I asked to borrow it to see what the deal was. I went to his house to pick it up and almost busted both nut sacks. Fucker weight 83 lbs. I can see why RWH wants that to be provided...
  11. On a golf course dude talking to his lady in the golf cart, "Honey, I'm not lying, I just don't remember what the truth is"...
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