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  1. all this sounds vaguely familiar... oh yeah
  2. this one is great. always been one of my favorites
  3. as a former sergeant in the Army Air Corps my dad was a very by-the-book no nonsense guy, so I was stunned and thrilled when he removed the filters that blocked HBO, Skinemax etc from our cable. On vacations he did a ton of haggling with hotels as well, but he was a dyed in the wool AAA TripTik guy. I remember flipping through these things while lounging unrestrained in the back of the station wagon on the road to Florida
  4. Separate phone number was a baller move. With call waiting especially...who is old enough to remember the ' cli-click-whoo' sound of the fascinating technology of another call coming in?
  5. Pool Video camera Laser disc player Had no idea what a country club even was til i got to UT. A friend found out his dad (a Dr) was a member of one that reciprocated with one in Austin. We drank like fishes and didn't pay a dime until his dad got wise to it about a month later and that came to a screeching halt
  6. I've been reading books on the outside so I can keep up with you
  7. Karen never heard the adage "If you're in a hole, stop digging "
  8. I'll take a wild guess that he was playing golf
  9. Go fuck yourself Not a problem, except dropping that much coin at HEB brings an expectation of some kitchen activity
  10. Anybody want to guess the mascot of Needville HS (Ft Bend County)?
  11. we're not parking it, we're abandoning it I sure hope this is the mess hall...how's it going, Eisenhower? I got the shit kicked out of me in Wisconsin once. Forget it!
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