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  1. Usually December through March or so, but there are a lot if variables. There can be a chain reaction to someone leaving a school creating another opening at the school the replacement comes from , board/sup politics, guys can retire late in the school year to potentially help one of their assistant's chances of getting the job- stuff like that. There is typically more turnover in a realignment year also, which just happened at the beginning of February
  2. they'd (Cuero) have to be idiots to not approve that hire
  3. former NFL player Pat McAfee doesn't believe Garrett
  4. this fucking pussy needs to worry about having an ops above .750...fake ass tough guy
  5. same guy that types up those bullshit "I was a visiting fan and got lost on the way to Kyle Field " stories...0.00% chance that happened
  6. Stealing an honor code about not lying, cheating, or stealing is one of the most aggy things ever when you think about it
  7. What's the altitude at Boulder? That thin air might literally kill him. well he might be so fat that he collapses tectonic plates and shit and Boulder is no longer at a high elevation. what if he brings Mangino in as his OC? They may get Boulder below sea level
  8. he is Baghdad BillyBob especially in the bathroom
  9. Fun game atmosphere. Major pain in the ass getting in here but then again they probably aren't used to more than 10k people coming to the stadium.
  10. Wife is looking around Facebook and says"oh wow so and so are at Papasititos..it says they're celebrating 47 years...I can't believe they've been married that long!" Me- how did you know them? Her- high school...you met them at blah blah Me- how old will you be next month? Her- 47, why? Me- you still think it's their 47th anniversary? Her- tone
  11. I saw King's Evil open for Saxon and Scorpions at the Sam Houston Coliseum in '84.
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