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  1. That is obviously just employees fucking around
  2. Are they from Alief? The Alief Shuffle has claimed many a victim.
  3. Ivy Wall Dr, where the tiger incident happened, is actually in a sliver of Katy ISD. There's an elementary school you can see from highway 6 that is a Katy school
  4. He may not know that if you live in Spring you say you live in The Woodlands
  5. That's not Memorial, as in the Memorial you expect...That's at the very end of Memorial Dr all the way out to Highway 6. Not the same tax bracket as between 610 and Beltway 8
  6. What about store-bought plaques? How many of those do they need?
  7. Damn it , was really hoping it was untrue. So terrible
  8. They suck bro, a fraternity nobody wants to join
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