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  1. so how many cameras did the Nationals have on Verlander?
  2. He was great, and damn near gregarious...for Maynard anyway. He's damn funny when he feels like it. Watch his appearance on JRE
  3. Until they kill some tourists and steal their F250
  4. Clowney reminds me of one of my old high school coach's phrases " Start slinging shit like a wild man with a rake" So freaking disruptive
  5. crazy formation on the punt, Goodwin almost made it pay off
  6. Ok I despite Baker and those stupid commercials as a whole but the smoke detector one is funny as hell. Only thing that would have been better would be to make it happen at 3 am
  7. Well so much for my Stafford/Latavius Murray surge from the last 2 weeks
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