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  1. Except sanity...
  2. From what they showed, the convicted coke dealer is probably the most reputable person in that business.
  3. So it would have been 1st and 10 at the USC 11...and Vince would have an additional rushing TD.
  4. Anything can be a guillotine if you're brave enough
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/_AllOutAaron_/status/1246208549946118144 Can't get it to embed but an MSU player gives his view
  6. HGTV observations: That Christina chick on Flip or Flop is hot as fuck. But a total bitch and off the charts high maintenance Love It or List It: this Hillary bird and that accent is starting to work for me
  7. Both plays backfired and he lost both games so how is one decision right but the other wrong?
  8. Dennis Taylor

    Gym Pet Peeves

    I have stockpiled a decent setup over the years, a cheap Weider power rack, a set (45s, 35s, 25s, 10s) of bumper plates (for the kids to do power and hang cleans for football) a nice adjustable bench given to me by a friend. then a neighbor gave me a 7' bar and set of iron plates when their kid enlisted in the military. And I got a cheap trap bar from a school that was getting an upgraded weight room. My son can get in his full program done in the garage ...I've added a pair of adjustable dumbbells and more smaller plates and I'm glad I kept it all now!
  9. Uhmmm yeah, Gonna have to sort of disagree with you...I never liked the short hair but peak JLC had an extremely hot, definitely female body
  10. It was obvious at the time...they're already losing at that point, whether its 1 point or 3 is barely relevant, and with very little time. A time out could have been huge in trying to get into FG range. Especially with Danelo having limited range.
  11. Pisses me off that some people claim Bama/Clemson was a better finish.. among other reasons it wasnt 4th down and Clemson could have tied with a field goal
  12. Come on, at least 1 guy leaves the box if Bush is on the field and motions out
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