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  1. Maybe sand is her pet name for...ahh..nevermind
  2. that's one of Baylor's reputations. they have others
  3. "I knew about it but couldn't say at the time, it was the classy thing to do, insert self-aggrandizing lie here yada yada...clear upgrade for Jimbo" - Looch, soon
  4. Cruise took hip hop classes to learn those moves
  5. I just heard that the valedictorian and the #10 ranked kid in a class of about 500 at a very competitive suburban Houston high school both were denied for their preferred majors (Comp Sci and McCombs) and were offered Gender Studies and some other horseshit choices or undeclared. A similar thing happened with my oldest initially then a week or so later he was offered a spot in Cockrell, so hopefully the same type thing can happen for them. Both kids have very well-rounded backgrounds with extracurriculars, volunteering, academic honors etc and are imminently qualified to succeed at Texas. It will be a shame to lose these quality kids to somewhere else
  6. Attrition weakens their opponents while aggy is strengthened by their own attrition. Because Jimbo
  7. lol not sure I've ever discussed that with anyone. I think that's a common one
  8. the class includes 3 that are not rock and roll, without checking the 2 I've never heard of. it should be renamed The Random Assortment of Musical Acts That Certain Critics Like, but that doesn't sell many t-shirts
  9. Funny how those posts show a handful of aggy that seem in danger of becoming self-aware , then you scroll a little further and you realize why they have the term "2% er"
  10. Maybe he's a Chapelle skit and we just don't know ithe yet
  11. "She was told...." let me guess, by an aggy. So she was also told they have the bestest football and baseball teams in all the land. And the best band. And the best fans . And the best losses. makes perfect sense that the school with easier admission requirements would have a better engineering program, right
  12. this is absolutely BEGGING to be photoshopped... the Looch treatment, Stoops bag o' dicks...something...somebody...
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