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  1. They haven't recovered from the iceberg ol Jimbo ran them into. Every year at this time I get a couple guys who realize their kids are relegated to aggy or Blinndergarten and start reading Looch. With no background, they will toss Loochisms at me not knowing I know what he will say before he says it. One came at me with the "TU is overrated every year Yada Yada Yada lol" so I countered with this article Aggy gonna aggy showing aggy has finished lower than their preseason ranking exactly 100% of the time. And that FSU is #2 in that category with Jimbo at the helm for many of those seasons. So congrats on that hire and subsequent raise. Facts are so hard for aggy to process because they're programed to regurgitate what Looch et al say without question ..it's really hilarious.
  2. Did Fisher get a new kicker?
  3. Jeez Todd Haley looks like a big fat homeless asshole now, instead of just a homeless asshole
  4. Actually if aggy wins somehow, it will look like Saban was right.
  5. IIRC he was basically playing on 1 leg in 97 and had 183 and 2 tds with the entire stadium knowing he was getting the ball
  6. Met Mike Baab at graduation yesterday. All SWC center and 11 year NFL vet. Really cool guy, could not have been nicer. In amazing shape both physically and mentally.
  7. I've highlighted the flaw in your logic
  8. Nick Saban: Ric Flair:: Jimbo Fisher: Buddy Landell
  9. I met a coach that worked with/for Fisher for 18 years. We were having a great conversation, and I asked him about Jimbo. His jovial demeanor changed in a heartbeat...he said he was his right hand man all that time. Been there when his son was having all the health issues. Jimbo would walk over to his house when he was going through the divorce from Candi. He legit thought they were best friends. Then jimbo started getting lazy in recruiting, not working hard, basically running FSU into the ground. They all knew something was going on...jimbo called a staff meeting. Jimbo stood at the head of a conference table, this coach sitting to his immediate right. Jimbo never once looked at any of the staff, just stared at the table and told them he was taking the aggy job and leaving immediately, and that he'd be in touch in a couple days. He hasn't heard from him since... He minced no words in saying what a selfish piece of shit backstabber Fisher was..
  10. Son #1 gets degree #2 (BS Petroleum '21, MS Finance '22) Friday. Son #2 moves in on 5/29
  11. Only with part time teachers at Alamance Community College
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