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  1. Known attention whire claims to text head coach after crushing defeat...
  2. Adorable little game winner by Crosby tonight. Pales in comparison
  3. When they said next year, they didn't mean this next year. They mean next year. Until it means the next next year. It's kinda like a non-clever sign at a bar that says Free Beer Tomorrow
  4. You're obviously new. That's not even in the top 25 for them. Aggy...to know them is to wonder what the fuck is wrong with them
  5. It's like he never left...he's still got his magic touch
  6. Bridgeland 48 Langham Creek 16 Stratford 30 Cy Fair 17 Cy Fair looks to be 3rd or 4th place team in a district with 2 layups.
  7. Not that much was expected of the rexans, but they were hallway decent with tyrod playing for about 6 quarters this year
  8. Yes you should do that. Make a few calls, rattle some cages. Let us know how that works out
  9. A hurricane forced the change of aggy v la tech to October, so aggy season opener ended up being UF instead of LA Tech. And Muschamp dropped a classic line in the post game
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