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  1. have you seen Grease? She almost got Travolta to switch teams
  2. Seemed to help the 5'8" 13 year old with stubble my son used to play with
  3. We had a power outage yesterday and we both WFH. Power outage obviously meant no home wi-fi. I'm no technology wizard but I know how to use my phone as a hotspot and connect my laptop and get shit done. I tried to explain how it works to her and get her set up to do the same. It did not go well
  4. Puberty is an incredible performance enhancer. Its crazy how much faster and stronger kids get when they hit that stage. For some its 12/13 ish but a couple years later for others.
  5. This aged well...lol. Still have the best looking unis in the league
  6. TFL for Malcolm Roach! Good lord the Raiders are really really bad
  7. He doesn't even need the gunners. He is unbelievable
  8. Quinn should have been fired 5 minutes after giving away the super bowl. Wtf man
  9. 290 construction in Houston/Cypress has been a colossal clusterfuck for years now...on ramps/exits are unsafe as hell, water ponds up with the slightest amount of rain . Pavement was so bright you couldn't see the lane lines so they had to come back through and paint black borders around them. All sorts of delays and way behind schedule. Undoubtedly over budget too. Williams Brothers Construction.. .anybody want to guess what school they're tied to?
  10. He can sell movie rights to his story. Lord knows Hollywood is out of ideas
  11. that happens before they get to Apex.
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