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  1. The people who buy this are the same people who are constitutional experts who never read the constitution or memo experts who never read the partial transcript of the memo. Why are you expecting something different this time?
  2. Is this the one with the face like vermin and the voice of a fascist? They are all starting to look alike to me.
  3. Not really sure what to say if you don't see his comments, see those cuffs on him, and you hear his obvious lie and decide that yeah, maybe he did just forget he had them. But maybe we're not arguing about the same thing. I'm arguing that I don't think it was hyperbole to state that the guy was wearing those cuffs in case he could take some hostages in support of the second revolution. You may be arguing that whether that's hyperbole or not, based on what he's been charged with so far, bail is a 99% certainty, so there's no point in bringing that into the discussion. If you are arguin
  4. Imagine being so hard up that you'd look to the opinion of a drug addict pillow salesman shuckster for your advice on your best next step to overthrow the government.
  5. Then I'm not wasting my time on that bullshit. I demand better stories about Japanese/Argentinians in the future.
  6. Dude did you see his social media posts in that thread? "Patriots need to shoot their way in," Talking about that woman that FAAFO with a bullet in her neck, "She's the first martyr of the second revolution." And you think it is hyperbole that he might have tried to use those cuffs to take a hostage if he'd found a hostage to take? Ok then.
  7. I love how people have turned the concept of taking responsibility for your own actions onto its head and are instead claiming that they are the victims of people who would hold them accountable for their actions. Don't want none won't be none you piece of shit Justin Hill. You are still missing the most important detail. I don't know how much time to spend imagining this until you tell me if those bartenders had penises or not. Isn't this the guy that claimed he found those plastic cuffs on the ground and was responsibly looking for a policeman so he cou
  8. If I recall from the times I listened to Rush Limbaugh. That's the shithole that produced him, so that seems like he's slumming pretty bad. Are we forgetting those twin cities of Paris, Tx and Paris, France? Checkmate libs.
  9. Nah, I got bit by a german shepherd when I was 6 and it required many many stitches. I still prefer dogs to people. Hell I still prefer german shepherds to people.
  10. And as he proved with his review, we know this is the only way his wife is ever going to get a WAP.
  11. Wait, am I to understand that if I see a picture of someone I know, and I say, "Hey I know that person, it's John Cornyn, here's his phone number" that I somehow broke the law? I guess Cornyn may not understand the First Amendment as well as he claims. Wonder if he's one of those senators that think private business must provide a platform for people to say whatever insane thing they want to say? Republicans are trying to turn the First Amendment completely on its head.
  12. So that’s assault and he should be arrested. If they aren’t willing to arrest him they need to find people to operate that station that will arrest someone who touches them without permission. Also, why do Republicans act like 4 year olds in public? Are they trying to shame their parents?
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