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  1. There's a lot happening there. Is that the same lady that pops up in front of KD in that deal with it gif? Fuck if I know. Was looking for the scooby doo version but this one and the home alone kid were the only two that popped up so I went with this one.
  2. Voting by mail isn’t an option on a whole bunch of places, no matter who pushed for it. Also, you say there is no evidence of it happening after seeing a link to the article where Republicans are saying that’s their plan and they are spending millions on it. You are usually a reasonable person spanky, once you actually think about things after getting over your initial knee jerk reaction nonsense. Maybe look a little deeper into this topic and give it another try.
  3. Maybe 20 years ago? Times have changed. It used to be the Democrats were more racist than Republicans. That’s different now too. In my lifetime republicans have become drastically more racist and drastically less capable of thinking critically and drastically more willing to let anything slide as long as it’s their team that is breaking the law. Democrats have become drastically less racist and drastically less willing to let their team members get away with shenanigans. Let’s call it a push on critical thinking skills so you’ll have a bone to chew. You are quite simply incorrect on this one, man.
  4. This is the thing, Republicans are team over everything. Always. So they assume since they are still supporting trump after allegations of child rape that democrats must also stick with Clinton despite allegations of child rape. The difference is that rational people know that child rape is wrong and won’t support anyone who is partaking in child rape. Republicans let their desire for team wins overcome their rationality, and just assume that since it happened to them it happened to everyone else too. Just once, Republicans, try to put yourself into another person’s shoes and remember what rational thought is like.
  5. Holy shit that’s real. What happened to reasonable leaders?
  6. In an average year, how many illegal immigrants do you think actually show up at a polling station with the intent to vote?
  7. Think like everything else he touches, his brand went bankrupt.
  8. I think this thread title is wrong. Is should be I’m not saying he’s an asshole, I’m saying he likes to get fucked in the asshole.
  9. Bass is on camera saying nice things about Scientology at a Scientology ribbon cutting.
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