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  1. So I mean I understand the thought process of the guy here. I want to be a lazy fuck when I come home from work, too. But how in the fuck does the woman go along with this outlandish behavior?
  2. I'm no drag queen, but I can appreciate a good burn, even if that burn is coming from a villain. I'm still going to want the good drag queens to win overall, but Imma still point and laugh when that villain wins a round. For instance, my favorite burn ever on Drag Race came from a villain. I wanted her to fail, but she definitely slayed in that round. Her victim got the last laugh, because she ended up winning the whole thing that season.
  3. I never made an argument that a cop shouldn't carry a gun. I was responding to your argument. You didn't say cops getting shot at, you said cops getting shot. Like I said, your example sucked for the point you were trying to make. To reiterate, I only made an argument that your example for why cops should carry guns was terrible, which it was. For the record, I do think that cops should carry guns. I'm generally ok with gun ownership. In fact, I even have guns in my own house. So whatever it was you thought I was arguing, hopefully the first two paragraphs are clear enough that my response was about the quality of your argument. That's it. Improve your arguments and you might be able to persuade more people to agree with you. And as a bonus lesson, if you read what people are actually writing and not what you are scared they might have meant to write, it will be good for your blood pressure and make people more willing to have a real conversation with you.
  4. Umm, if they got shot, they weren't using their guns to respond to a genuine threat. Their guns may have been on their person but so was a hole where a bullet went in. My point was that your particular example was not helpful to your point that cops need guns to keep bad guys from shooting them, because the specific example you used was in fact a situation where bad guys did use guns to shoot the good guys with guns. The good guy's gun was not a deterrent to the bad guy and furthermore did not keep the good guy safe against the bad guy. Go back to the drawing board and think of other examples to make your point, because that one was terrible.
  5. Yes. And those cops were all carrying guns. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make.
  6. Hey everyone, I've found a foolproof way to avoid going on trial in Washington DC. Don't do any crime in Washington DC. And the dumbass is nodding along like his lawyer is speaking sense. God dammit people are stupid.
  7. That guy on the left is not grabbing his junk, he's grabbing his thigh. He gone. Link no long works
  8. Now you listen here motherfucker. There is no goddamn debate to be had on whether or not beans belong in chili. You shut your whore mouth with that nonsense.
  9. But the target demographic for who buys Teslas does know what's going on. That can't make Tesla shareholders happy.
  10. That doesn't look like someone dying of COVID.
  11. Also first show to portray for little NAIU what hotness looked like. Plus it had helicopters and cars.
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