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  1. Nice. I'm finishing up a trip in Seoul today.
  2. Not any long-lasting effects that I can discern. But the experience itself was lovely and I would definitely do it again in the future.
  3. I did a magic truffle and Ayahuasca trip last fall in Amsterdam. I hired a psychologist who specializes in psychedelic therapy to be my trip guide. Anyone can buy a bag of magic truffles there for $30 and trip on their own or with a friend. It was my first time taking a psychedelic and I didn't want to risk some bizarre reaction while alone so I paid a significant premium to hire a professional. I booked a comfortable and sound proof hotel room the guy recommended. It was the most intense experience of my life. Very fulfilling and emotional. The psychologist said mine was one of the more chill trips he had ever guided as I just quietly laid in bed with a pillow over my face listening to a playlist he had compiled based on my music taste. He said a lot of people have severe nausea and often vomit from chewing the truffles. Fortunately I didn't have any reaction other than disliking the taste which is pretty foul. I think I lost 5 pounds because my minimal amount of muscles were constantly tensioning and releasing the entire 5 hours and I was soaked in sweat by the end. The only thing I regret is he strongly suggested I immediately journal everything I remembered from the trip as it helps maintain the psychological benefits of tripping. I was so tired at the end that I didn't and instead went to a coffee shop around the corner and had a joint after a long nap. I'd recommend anyone doing it for the first time have a friend or professional trip sit for them as reactions to it apparently varies fairly dramatically. Also, lock up your phone and computer.
  4. About a month ago I bought a used Ford F250 from a Ford dealer for a carpenter/handyman who has done work for my family for many years. He didn't have the money on hand to purchase it, so I paid for it and he's going to work it off over time. The dealer issued the title in my name. Once I received it from the state, I signed the title and transferred it to my carpenter and filed the notice of transfer with the state. I saw on the TXDMV site that there's also a form for Application for Texas Title and/or Registration where one notes the sales price and tax due (https://www.txdmv.gov/sites/default/files/form_files/130-U.pdf). I would have purchased the truck in my guy's name originally, but he is from a different country and didn't have the type of ID with him that the dealer needed. I live out of Texas and was handling the purchase over the phone. So it was easier just to put the truck in my name and later transfer it to my guy. I'm not, I think, selling the vehicle to him. I am exchanging it for his work. So my question is whether I need to submit this other form and pay tax on the "sale" to my guy? I paid $20k for the truck so, if I owe a sales tax, it would be $1,250 based on their 6.25% sales tax. Does filing the notice of title transfer form automatically transfer the registration to the transferee, or is the Application for Registration, which has the tax stuff, the only way to do so?
  5. Any shows July 4th weekend?
  6. https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-law-schools/law-rankings A&M is #29 in US News law school rankings this year. WTF?! I imagine an audit of the data they provided US News would be ugly.
  7. I finally deactivated my account. I was perusing it this afternoon and didn't recognize most of the tweeters on my feed and only saw a tiny fraction of tweets from people I actually followed and would like to read. It's just too much of a beating to read now. Probably for the best of my mental health.
  8. Bumping this. I'm looking at going in the next couple weeks. AnotherUTFan, how was your trip? Any tips?
  9. Maybe nothing happens. But Karen the Thief is probably shitting bricks and will for a while. So IMO it's worth the effort to report her.
  10. Get thee to yoga son. Team hands flat to the floor no prob.
  11. I drove with family from Phoenix to SLC via Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. I had that same kind of amazement/vertigo type sensation. We were switching out drivers every 30 minutes because everyone had that same discomfort.
  12. 100% increase on a commercial property in San Antonio. If I hadn't seen this thread, I would have had a nice day. Thanks.
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