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    New Delhi

    Some photos from my time in Delhi the last few days. I'm starting the Golden Triangle tour (Taj Mahal, Jaipur forts) today. Delhi is a chaotic place, but also fascinating. The Gandhi Museum located in the villa where he was assassinated in 1948 was the highlight of the city.
  2. The commercial insurance industry is a hot mess at the moment. Our broker sent out requests for quotes to 15 carriers and only two responded (with significant increases over current premiums). So, unfortunately, we're not in a position to be choosy beggars.
  3. I have a commercial property that I re-platted from numerous small lots into two larger lots years ago. The deed is dated some years before the re-plat and shows the pre-plat small lots in the legal description rather than the post-plat two larger lots. This is creating consternation for our property insurance carrier for some reason, so I need to update our deed showing the correct current legal description. I am both the grantor and grantee (an LLC I created) in the deed, so there's no issue getting all the parties to the deed on board. I am under the impression I need to record a corrected deed in order to correct/update the legal description. Does this sound about right? I'll probably find a local property attorney to assist, but just want to know what I'm dealing with before starting their billing clock.
  4. If you're tight on time, I'd skip it. I was there in early November and had a reserved entry time. The line was still at least an hour long to enter despite being there a half hour early for my time slot. It's cool to see, but as you note, there are lots of really cool smaller museums. I really enjoyed the Musee Carnavalet in the Marais district which is a history/art museum specifically about Paris. Tons of really cool objects and art in a beautiful old building.
  5. How was El Salvador? That's on my bucket list but it's been so dangerous for years.
  6. Orale

    New Delhi

    Liar ; ). I'm headed to New Delhi later this month in combination with a visit to Nepal to see the Himalayas. I'd like to do the Golden Triangle but am waffling between a driver/tour versus going by train and doing my itinerary with a local guide in Agra and Jaipur. Was the drive a pleasant one or would being able to stretch out in first class on a train have been more comfortable?
  7. You should absolutely do it. BA may be my favorite city in the world. I'm partial to Palermo which has amazing restaurants, architecture, and streets shaded with massive trees. It's very safe and quite affordable by U.S. standards, particularly with inflation there as it is. You might also consider a long weekend to Patagonia weather permitting. Bring lots of cash in hundreds as the ATMs were often out of cash or limited how much you could take out last time I visited. Plus you can exchange it for the blue rate which is much higher than what a bank or official money exchange will give you. This expat forum is a good place to learn more about a longer stay. https://baexpats.org/forums/expat-life.6/
  8. Here's a link to the tiny house project I did on our land this year. It was a pretty straightforward process.
  9. So when terrorists are attacking the seat of our democracy, you don't think the government should be the one stopping them? I'm seriously at a loss trying to understand what it is you're arguing. The whole situation is ugly, no argument. But the source of this ugliness is 100% on one side. Both-sides blaming the side trying to stop/prevent the ugliness is bizarre.
  10. This past year I put in a new well and new septic on raw land we have in the hill country. I'm happy to share whatever you want to know. We have power from the county, but I have a large grid-connected solar system on my primary house in the city so I know a bit about that. Our well is on a hilltop, so we had to go 800 ft deep which cost about $50k. The septic was pretty reasonable at $15k. Because our land has hard rock a foot under the soil, we had to do an aerobic (electric/mechanical) rather than a conventional passive septic system which is ideal. Permitting for both was pretty straightforward. If you can find land with an existing water source, that would save you a lot of headaches as water is key no matter where you find land imo.
  11. I like you bro, but that's some both sides bullshit. Democrats have passed more substantive positive legislation under Biden than any era since LBJ.
  12. I've cut a lot of rebar with a chop saw with a metal blade for home projects. It never occurred to me to use a torch, not that I know how to safely use one. Seems like it would be a lot slower.
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