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  1. That is a cool snek, yep. Also nice to know I'm not the only one to catch weird shit on my Ring.
  2. Nice, clean, semi minimalist. Great job scaping it!
  3. thunderlounge


    Been with some Cookies Kush (Barney's Farm) as of late, along with some good ol Blueberry OG (also Barney's Farm.) Ahhhh, good times.
  4. I'd hit this one, if I were close: https://www.warehouselive.com/e/vixen-the-iron-maidens-rozy-65566843193/
  5. Starting to book out stuff for next year. Iron Maiden 7/23 - Lisbon 7/25 - Barcelona
  6. I hope she paints your junk well with her lipstick. If not, well, hope you don't end up on some show on ID.
  7. British Lion is doing some US dates in Jan/Feb. Houston/San Antonio/Dallas for Texas, if anyone is interested.
  8. thunderlounge


    They don't? No shit? (I'm rolling my eyes, can you see it. LOL) I was thinking more for people, not dogs. Last thing you want is some nosey nanny goody two shoes bitch getting a whiff of your bud. If someone wants to bring back flower, there ya go.
  9. 2019 outdoor conclusion: 1) The ants won the melon war. Got 2 cantaloupe and 0 watermelon. I had watermelons, but they got attacked by the fucking ants. I nuked the beds the 3rd week of September with roundup and followed that up with a heavy dose of sevin a few days later. I've left a few dozen tomatoes and a couple immature watermelon to sit for a bit, and have them loaded with sevin as well. Maybe I'll get the ant shit under control, but maybe not. Might have to skip the raised bed next season to deal with it, and just grow a couple tomato plants in buckets instead. 2) Tie score with the fucking mocking bird(s). I was able to finally get them out of my cherry tomatoes, and kept them off one of the slice tomato plants in the raised bed. Both my sauce tomatoes and my other slice tomato were a lost cause. Indoors: This shits went full on regarded, but I'll be fucking damned if there ain't tomatoes that will be ready to pick in a couple weeks. Biggest challenge so far has been keeping the temps up. Static room temp is running about 70* during the day, 65* at night. I added a small heater and have it set to a temperature controlled outlet, and have kept temps at 77* during the day. Working pretty good. Also ran a small humidifier for the 4-6 weeks since the RH was running 45%. Humidifier bumped it up to 58%, which I was fine with. Now with the plants bigger, they're creating their own humidity and it's running 62%. I'll have to knock them off after new years to get ready to sprout seeds for outdoors. That is if I decide to go for the outdoor thing, and if not, I may let them go longer. Plant height hasn't been bad. I've kept them topped and trimmed pretty well I think. They're more bushy than they would be outside, but I've also thinned them out a bit as well. Light penetration seems good, so all in all not a bad little experiment. I could potentially keep it going inside if I wanted to over the summer, so at least there are backup options if I want to get the ants under control outside. However, I'll probably do buckets instead. Why burn the electric up with lights when the sun is free.
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