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  1. Definitely qualifies as, "Stupid Shit" in pretty much every book out there.
  2. Well we knew it wasn’t ending with a blowjob.
  3. Mine did similar a few years ago. Minus the 3-point, and straight up backed right into the trailer the neighbor across street had parked (and even coned off) on said street. Smack right into it like it wasn’t even there. Punched a nice hole in the bumper, that’s still there today. The trailer? No scratch at all.
  4. Brisket kolache, specifically. To each their own, it is. Sinners be damned.
  5. No. But putting sauce on good brisket sure does.
  6. Brisket quesadillas are pretty fucking amazing. Don't forget brisket tamales. (Try using brisket tamales to make tamale dressing. Fucking. Amazing.)
  7. I’m not sure where the error lies, but it would seem there are some pics of the chick missing.
  8. Ribs and sausage, ok. But wtf did you do to that poor brisket while you had the knife chainsaw, apparently in your hand? Looks like it owed you money.
  9. This cannot be stated enough. PreCheck light is not what I signed up for. Beats full cavity search though.
  10. Ah yes, the old drift thing. Unless I’m thinking of something else, it’s an easy fix. Keep your fingers off the sticks and buttons as it loads up. If you find your cursor drifting without touching the stick, shutdown and turn back on while leaving the controller(s) sitting down out of your hands. I rarely use the actual joycons, but same deal with a pro or other controller.
  11. You want me to give up brisket? Hold my beer bowl while I call Hornian, pronto.
  12. Careful with going above the fireplace. Neck strain from looking at an elevated angle is real. I started out the same way, and ended up having to turn my living room arrangement 90 degrees.
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