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  1. thunderlounge


    Love super lemon haze. Had one go fucking apeshit on me last spring. Football colas, and final dried weight was just under 18oz. On a plant that typically “should” give you an expectation of 1/4 of that.
  2. You got it pretty much. 1. Product change to CFU. 2. wait until thanksgiving to apply for the CSP outright. The product change will not trigger an inquiry, nor will it take a slot. This is pretty basic, but think of your account being in a basic spreadsheet. One column is product type. It’s pretty much just switching that value from CSR to CFU. Obviously more to it, but the account itself won’t change. The card number may not, even. Unless you tell them otherwise, they’ll keep your wife as an AU. Won’t hurt anything and everything will be as it is now with slots and so forth. Gas is not included, unless that is an extremely recent change. Tolls? Yes. Hotels? Yes. Air/train/bus tickets? Yes. Uber/cabs? Yes. Parking lots? Maybe, depends. The deciding factor on it all actually comes down to the category (code) the business classifies as on its payment setup. Example, you open a business and take payments through square. If you code it as a travel, or sub category of travel, business, it’ll trigger the extra points. A buddy of mine runs a shop and I keep trying to get him to recode his type so I get better points. He hasn’t bit yet. Gas stations code as just that. Gas/grocery. Unfortunately not part of the travel category.
  3. OK, you found your date. Get with Chase today for product change to the Freedom Unlimited. Wait the 31 days (which will be later than your 10/17 date above), then apply for CSP outright.
  4. Is there a date for the big bonus? If not, go by the statement date. Anyway, get with Chase quick and product change to the Freedom Unlimited. You won’t get the current bonus for it, but a mere 20k points isn’t what you’re after. Then set a reminder on your phone. The date will be the later one between 31 days from the product change, or the day after the statement closed (or bonus points if there is a specific date for it). Again, whichever date is later of the two.
  5. thunderlounge


    Firecrackers elude you? Que?
  6. It should show up on the statement where you met the spend. If there isn’t a date specific to the points, then go by the statement date. Guessing it would be the Nov or Dec statement.
  7. Eurostar. Wasn't a long trip whatsoever, and an enjoyable ride to boot. They also started going up to Amsterdam from London (stops in Brussels too) which would be a nice ride. From Brussels back to Chessey was a high speed TVG. Tickets bought well in advance, so was cheap for 1st. O'Hare isn't that bad. Really unless you're going I->D, or switching carriers, it's about as simple as you can find in a big ass airport. (United side excluded, fuck United and smisek, but even then it isn't horrid. Busy? Yes. Can get crowded around gates? Yes. So what. Go hide in the flagship lounge and free pour the woodford.
  8. Awesome. You're not fucked out yet! So we have a september opening. Good there. Next question is, when did you get your bonus? I'll have to double check, and will report back if its different than this, but I think the date goes by bonus awarded, and not the account date. Assuming that to be the case: a) call chase and do a product change (downgrade) to Freedom Unlimited in the next few days b) wait out the bonus anniversary c) apply for CSP a couple days later If the bonus goes back to 60k points between now and then, at least you're still getting UR points.
  9. Yeah. Even a little honda one. Just enough to run the tank, and maybe the fridge or somethin.
  10. Well, not really. Did it year before last and it was a blast. It wasn't a relax and fluff trip, but it was still a lot fun. Travel wise it wasn't bad, and that wouldn't be either. The only part that kinda sucked last run was the hotel in Paris was at the end of the line out in Chessey. It was a 10min bus ride to the station, then a 35 min ride into the Halle station. Not a terrible commute, but not super easy. However, in return the hotel was stupid cheap. Stupid cheap enough that I just kept the room the entire time so I could keep the bulk of the luggage/purchases there instead of dragging them along everywhere. That, plus a straight shot on a high speed to the airport, made for a decent trade off. Doing that again, I may look for something not quite so close to Disneyland Paris. It was ok, but a bit annoying at times. Something along the same train route to the airport would be alright, as long as it also has a line into the city center. Day passes are a good investment. Got passes for both ends of the trip in one stop at the kiosk when we got to the airport.
  11. Something I didn't think about last night, but have you had the CSR for 48 months? Meaning, on your 10/1 anniversary date, will the card have been open for at least 48 months, and starting month 49 of its life or higher? If not, you're fucked. There will be no CSP bonus whatsoever until it's been 48+ months since you opened the CSR. And Chase won't bend on that one (or much of anything else.) If this is the case, to avoid the AF of the CSR, call them up and ask for a product change from the CSR to CSP. Second, apply for the Freedom Unlimited. Now here's a few fun things. You may not use the CSP much. FU is better on dining as it's 3pt/$ where the CSP is 2pt/$. Plus there is 3pt/$ for drugstores too, if applicable. So now you'll put your dining on the FU, and the CSP pretty much becomes the travel card, as that is its only spending category that is more than the FU (by 1/2pt). When you finally about 15 days before you hit the 4yr anniversary of opening the CSR, you close your CSP (after transferring all points to FU), wait 31+ days, and apply for the CSP outright. Or do that at any time after that, if they are being tight with the bonus points and you want to wait it out. The good thing about the downgrade is that all the account history follows. So it won't be a new account, kill a 5/24 slot, trigger a hard pull, etc. Now, if you're good on the 48 month thing (or anyone else finds themselves in this situation) then you're in business. You would first do a product change on the CSR, but changing it into a Freedom Unlimited instead. You keep your chase points, then get more. Then you wait 31+ days and apply for the CSP outright. Once approved and everything is set up, you can move the points from the FU to the CSP. If the only spending the CSP is good for over the FU is for travel related purchases (not fuel), is it worth having at all? I think it is, honestly. OK, the purchases on it won't be as frequent, but even with a $95 AF it's still pretty decent. Where it's nice is in the additional perks. First the travel partners. Second, the travel insurance. It's a 12hr kick in and not a 6hr like the CSR, but it's still pretty decent insurance. If you took just 1 trip a year and would have bought similar coverage, you would be at or above the AF. That may or may not hold value for you, but it does for me. If you get in a situation and it kicks in, just put the extra expenses on the card. Once you file the claim, they'll credit your card. That part is pretty easy, getting through the claim can be like any other type of claim. A bit of a hassle, but you'll get there without too many bruises.
  12. I feel ya. I can't get setup the way I want to here, and I'll be moving in the next 5-7 years (slightly possible it's 3-5 years) as well. I keep thinking I could do a little nano reef, but I can't keep my habit in control with just that. Once I move it'll be a proper 300g reef of some sort. Might be pick and choose for a while, and build as you go, but it'll be 300g display, prob 100g sump/res.
  13. Hopefully you haven't done anything yet. You're going about it all wrong. More below after the multi-quote... This is part of the game, absolutely. If you're extending AA miles, this is a useful trick. Now, back to midtown's attempted acquisition of points... First, do you have a Freedom or Freedom Unlimited? If so, transfer your points from the CSR to the Freedom/Freedom Unlimited. Perceived value is bullshit. Points are points. If you have 100k Chase UR points, you got 100k Chase UR points. The card dictates any additional perks. For now, you're not worried about that bullshit. The total is what counts. You move your points to the F/FU card. Close the CSR. Wait 30 days, then on day 31+ (I like to wait 45 days just to be safe, but YMMV) apply for the CSP and get your bonus. Then once you have your new card, move all your points to the CSP. If you do not have a Freedom or Freedom Unlimited... a) why the fuck not? b) Get one. Use your 5th slot for that, then wait for another slot to open up. Not to the day! Remember, most reports show month/year it was opened and not the day. If you are technically good on September 16th, you may have to wait until October 1 to apply. c) Once you have one, do the dance above and move your points. Why???? Chase points aren't going anywhere. Southwest... well, you could lose those potentially. Not to mention if you end up needing them somewhere else, you're fucked. You aren't moving them back. If you need to get one of the cards, go for the Freedom Unlimited. They've added a few new tiers to the card (like 3pts/$ for dining... just like the CSR) which means more points to push over to the new CSP and then over to whatever partner.
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