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  1. Off topic, but the original flex seal shit works. I dunno about sealing a screen door in a boat, but for stopping a minor leak or sealing something else, I was surprised it was actually worked really well. Enough that I now make sure to have a tube on hand.
  2. Brisket tamales, brisket rollups (brisket in a tortilla w/fixins), brisket grilled cheese, brisket jalapeno poppers...
  3. Well if a body bag isn't leak proof, it sure as hell isn't smell proof.
  4. This. Can’t imagine the tetris-like arranging on an 18”, let alone the 14”.
  5. thunderlounge


    Just finished a run two weeks ago; I’m well stocked. Bring on the apocalypse,
  6. Well yeah, but you’re in a completely different circle of hell.
  7. Me too. I’ve let it sit for about 6 months. Been itching to go another round.
  8. Correct. There are some 3rd party controllers that don't have the gyros though, so certain aspects within the game (not trying to spoil it for Twice, but you know the few places I'm referring to) would be impossible with another controller. The joycons are fine, and the nintendo pro controller is also fine. I have two others (a wired and a wireless) that aren't.
  9. thunderlounge


    Off the street, yes. From a reputable dispensary, not so much.
  10. Welcome to the addiction. Be careful with controller selection. You’ll want one that has the gyros in it. Found that out the hard way. Not all games take advantage of that, but Zelda does (in places) for sure.
  11. I thought I would mostly play handheld mode as well. I've found that I don't. I do, just I tend to have it hooked to a tv more than not.
  12. Maiden hasn’t cancelled anything yet. They don’t start until May though. Sitting on plane tickets to Sweden and Portugal/Spain for end of June and July makes me a tick nervous Any of the other shows I’m hitting this summer haven’t either.
  13. Zelda plus a full switch. Grab a pro controller (real one, make sure it has the gyroscope) and have at it. Entertainment for months on end. I’m not overly high on the lite version. It may be ok, but can’t really say. Not sure of its longevity or capabilities.
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