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  1. Not sure how much that hurts in TX-6 to be honest. It might energize black voters out of Mansfield but I'm not sure that's much more than a wash with the confederate flag demographic that will eat it up. There are no bigger victims. It's incredible. Just look at a poster like onboard or incredulity. Aggy as fuck. Eh. Two way street. It's a presidential year Stephenville was already gonna show up for Trump, and by proxy, Williams.
  2. Also in the majority: "While only a portion of the state is considered a reservation, this court makes clear that all of it still sucks, especially its 'flagship' university."
  3. The point of combined pto/sick is to get employees to take less time off. Whether by not using their PTO with the the thought process you outline - and then they end up working sick anyway, or working more later and negating the time off, because that's just kind of a culture norm in American business - or the inverse, working sick to not burn PTO that may or may not all get used in the future.
  4. Yeah, I'm not necessarialy faulting employee or employer. Policy surrounding sick leave in this country puts both in an insane spot. Wrong no matter what.
  5. SEC- only college football season is far worse than no college football season.
  6. Yeah, I feel both of these. I'm going to vote tomorrow and probably waiting until the gut takes over at the machine to decide.
  7. @maninblack I'm struggling to see your point. Are you arguing that because there will be an election in spite of COVID, that the response to it when it comes to other things is overblown? As for the thread in general, I am curious about the NH lean red thing now. There hasn't been much polling but Biden does lead the RCP average of this year's polls by 4. I'm not saying it can't be close or even flip, there's definitely not enough to say it can't, just wondering where the data on the R lean is coming from.
  8. We've come full circle. This is what it was like in March into early April. I'd met the CDC criteria for recovery for several days before receiving my test result (negative). Fortunately I have a job where I can work from home so it didn't put me in a tough spot, but many aren't so lucky. Or, alternatively, many are too stupid/selfish to quarantine for more than a day or two while waiting for a result.
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