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  1. Well said. It's still a hell of a place to go to school, can get into all kinds of shit. I graduated 2014 and ave just as many fond memories as someone who graduated before Dell. It just caters a lot more to the educated professional over the past 20-30 years. I say that with no value judgement. It is what it is.
  2. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you're not sharing this stupid ass aggy-IQ take because it's yours, but for some other reason.
  3. Lol that won't go over well on surly
  4. I'm not biting on your trying to inject politics. It's well documented that the resources haven't been in place to get an accurate death count and that the number is higher. The debatable bit is to what degree.
  5. This really isn't hard to grasp. I hope people come to understand it. We'll see I guess.
  6. I haven't made it through a full diatribe, but the obsession is downright aggy. Dude needs to get laid.
  7. It's one thing to CR the thread, but to Shaka it? Have you no decency?
  8. They're saying it for certain locations and with the qualifier that it's directly tied to distancing measures being effective. What exactly do you think happens if you just turn everyone lose and let 150k people tailgate all day?
  9. I'm not going to totally derail this thread since it's supposed to be about football, but this is flat wrong. It's not the level of undercount as the number of cases, but there are suspected deaths going undocumented.
  10. It's much more effective if you do it the other way around.
  11. No link because I'm on mobile right now but there's a piece on the NYT sure today by a well known epidemiologist/med school dean from Hong Kong essentially saying we should be locked down until we get our shit together - how long that is is probably too sensitive a discussion for this thread - and then going through a cycle of relaxing a bit and going back to more restrictive approaches as the virus makes its way through the population. Particularly in a big country like the US that will never fully restrict freedom of movement, a two year game of whack-a-mole has always seemed pretty likely to me.
  12. I would be shocked if it did at this point. I really don't see how a crowd of over 100k is okay five months from now. There has been some reporting that ADs/conferences are thinking of moving the season back to the spring. I am kind of hoping we live in that timeline It could be nice for that to be a night game in January or February and not have swamp ass the whole trip.
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