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  1. Going to New Orleans this weekend. Probably won’t die if I get a third dose, right?
  2. Selling a house in a HCOL area. Or, hell, at this point, selling a house in central Austin/Dallas.
  3. Lol. Cute. No one’s starting a third party and it’s going absolutely fucking nowhere it was tried. There is no significant faction of Republicans who wants to follow Liz Cheney and Jeff Flake. Trumpism is who Republicans are now. And it’s not going anywhere.
  4. TCU and WVU are probably the value plays IMO. There are timelines where one of them grabs the #2 spot. After that, just one game. Embarrassing that OU gets those kind of odds.
  5. "That you can't keep kicking extra points." - Tom Herman
  6. This. Except I’d add that this is America and this is how you get a very stupid electorate to like you.
  7. We’re about to get a lot more shitposting from grhorn and babayaga once they enter quarantine
  8. No. Above all else, these people are pussies.
  9. Supply I’d imagine? I’d also guess a lot of hospitalizations are the result of cases that aren’t caught early. Or maybe group 2 had better thumbs.
  10. Yep. These folks have shown to actually be persuadable if it isn’t a problem if access in the first place. You’re never going to get the Trumper in Giddings to get vaccinated.
  11. Do you have to be receiving state unemployment to receive the federal supplement?
  12. “Thank God for College Station.” - Hempstead, probably
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