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  1. Won’t matte® - partisanship and MAGA cult membership is too deeply entrenched. But the Dem ticket in PA is strong and the GOO ticket is going to look very shaky to moderates. Run a good campaign, avoid October surprises, and they could manage to hold the governorship and pick up a swing state senate seat in a down year.
  2. First time MG has approached anyone of voting age.
  3. I was not convinced he finished middle school until I saw the thread asking surly to pay off his student loans.
  4. This is all deeply, gut wrenchingly upsetting. The attack, the predictable GOP response, the lack of action that will come of it. There’s really not more to say than that.
  5. lmao this is pathetic. I expect better trolling on a Friday
  6. Well if that staff is confident, that’s good enough for me, and it should be good enough for everyone.
  7. Johnny Sack, trust fund baby of the people, ladies and gentlemen!
  8. Not a dad but at the age where if we decide to have a kid it is going to need to be in the next few years. It's definitely a reason we're looking to leave TX. The idea of navigating a pregnancy in a state so openly hostile to women, and the idea of raising any kid here with where the politics are going, but especially a daughter... Pass.
  9. Austin has a huge student population, a large, young, and transient tech workforce, an influx of transplants, has been among the national leaders in apartment construction, and home prices that have escalated rapidly over the past decade, pricing everyone except the wealthy out of the homeownership market... And you're surprised it's a majority renter city? And no CR, I am not making a value judgement, but it's a simple fact that as long as the state government is under complete Republican control (AKA the foreseeable future) there is no chance of rent control in Austin or anywhere else in TX. I don't know that it would get approved locally, but even if it did, the state would simply pass a law outlawing it.
  10. Are you serious? Do you think there’s a bunch of women waltzing up to abortion clinics at 33 weeks pregnant getting abortions because they just really can’t hold out any longer without a margarita? And do you think there’s a huge volume of people that support abortion rights because they want to conjure that into reality? 93 percent of abortions are performed at or before 13 weeks from gestation - so not even from finding out one is pregnant, not even from conception; we’re talking likely just a few weeks after the single most life altering revelation you can have - and 99 percent are performed at or before 20 weeks. The status quo was fine. Contemporary identification as pro choice essentially means being against going backwards. Myriad public surveys back this up. FOX News is a hell of a drug. Goddamn.
  11. Nothing. There aren’t and won’t be viable alternatives to public schools in rural areas. There may be some that choose to home school, but that’s about it. And those kids will be allowed to play football. This will impact big urban/suburban districts, and you know what it’s about.
  12. So, for one, he lost to Ted Cruz by 215k. Abbott ran 5 percentage points and ~400k votes ahead of Cruz in a very Democratic year. 2018 Beto-Abbott voters are ~5% of the electorate and I’d bet money on them breaking for Abbott at 60% or better. Second, Beto would have to win~56% of new voters to even close that 215k vote gap, assuming everyone else sticks with him. Based on what we know about transplants and the national political environment, probably not happening.
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