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  1. Yeah, I think Tyree Wilson has a pretty strong case for DPOY. I think his season ending early due to injury cost him there and I wouldn’t argue too much with him winning it over Ford. This KSU guy is pretty inexplicable.
  2. Could have lived with Tyree Wilson over Ford, don’t really get Uzomah. Oh well. Overshown on first team is generous, but RoJo is better than Eric Gray. Kelvin Banks as honorable mention for OLoY but on second team is odd too.
  3. gmr548

    Hudson Card

    More than anything it’s just aggy. This is a grown ass man thinking he’s clever with something an 11 year old would come up with.
  4. 7 LOS EE’s and your QB is so fucking money. Really they’re all big, but that part especially.
  5. Yeah, I mean I get that, but they’re not selling mustard. My thinking has been that the pool of people who can buy that car is pretty small, and anyone that would even consider dropping that kind of money on a car is going to be plenty familiar with and have an established impression of the brand already. Just seems a little odd to me that Bijan rolling in a Lambo would move the needle. But hey, they wouldn’t be interested in continuing the partnership if it was a flop so I’m not arguing with the results. Just find it interesting. Don’t want to threadjack beyond that.
  6. Interesting. I’m honestly surprised that associating with Bijan could have a significant return for that kind of brand/product/price point. Human beings are weird.
  7. Is the Austin Lamborghini dealership owned by a Texas fan or something? Because I doubt there’s a big pool of people that thought “gee, I didn’t want one before, but now that this college running back is driving one, I’m going to go buy a Lamborghini!”
  8. Purdue lost to Ohio State last year but aight sure
  9. Is there any word on Hutson's injury? If he misses winter conditioning + spring ball, he is the most likely candidate for replacement.
  10. I think he’ll be mentioned for Stanford and probably wouldn’t be a terrible hire for them. I imagine Shaw was getting pretty frustrated trying to navigate the way things have changed with NIL, the portal, and especially early signing day at Stanford. Stanford’s first call should be Chris Petersen, IMO. He didn’t want to deal with the stress/expectations of a top tier program, and while Stanford has its own challenges, it’s not the high pressure situation of a program that expects to be in contention for conference championships or more.
  11. The equivalent of an NFL cap casualty is kind of how I'd look at the Worthy situation. Worthy may be the first high profile guy we've seen push the envelope on NIL/compensation at Texas, but he will not be the last; as the landscape at the college level evolves into something more professionalized, this will continue to happen. The sour grapes from fans can get a little texaggy at times, but no soundly run pro team would hamstring their ability to acquire and retain elite talent at QB, on the lines, etc. for a WR. He's a very good player; if he leaves, it can't reasonably be spun as anything but a significant loss, but Texas has finite resources. Just as leaving would be a business decision for Worthy, it would be the same for Texas.
  12. You floated the idea of a one year rental to bridge the gap to Arch... When he would be a RS Freshman. We just watched another highly touted RS Freshman take his lumps. Arch is probably going to take his in his first year as a starter. Should Texas look elsewhere after that? The entire point is that kind of thinking is just enabling the cycle to repeat itself.
  13. No. Sark's reputation is built in no small part on his QB development track record. Throwing up the white flag on Ewers after three quarters of a true freshman season, with the talent he brings to the table and the flashes he did show, would create more questions than answers. Sark has to show he can get results out of a prospect like Ewers, otherwise the entire concept he's selling on the offensive side of the ball looks like a farce. Also, if Arch had a different last name, no one in their right mind would be looking to a freshman that will face a competitive learning curve out of the LA private school circuit to be the immediate savior at the QB position. Can we stop this? Like Ewers, Arch is going to need to grow into the job. The Mannings seem to know this better than fans do, thankfully.
  14. This is the bottom line for Texas next year. Does Ewers make a leap? If so, I think they're in business as far as contending for the Big 12. If not, they'll struggle to match this year's 8-4. Everything else is secondary, and by a pretty wide margin.
  15. I don’t think Texas being or not being a CFP team is going to come down to anything on the defensive side of the ball, honestly. There is a lot of experience departing and the unit will regress, but hopefully not drastically given the young talent in the wings, unless there are multiple impact adds from the portal. No defense except maybe Georgia’s could drag the current Texas offense sans Bijan and RoJo to the CFP; Texas‘s success next year is going to be riding primarily on offensive improvement.
  16. Maybe, maybe not. Everyone was confident year was our last year at one point. Then the consensus was this year. Now next year… regardless, whether it’s another year or two, the general sentiment is the same.
  17. Honestly watching OSU-Michigan and other games yesterday, I realized that this is the first season in a long while that I wasn’t watching CFP contenders at the end of the year and thinking “holy shit, Texas is so far from this…” which was both refreshing and frustrating. Out of conference play can be instructive. TCU demolished Colorado - eh okay, get in line. KSU demolished a .500 Mizzou team that is only a game under .500 in SEC play. They do have the Tulane loss, but at least Tulane is 10-2 and playing for their conference Texas went to the last play with a 10-win Bama team. Tech beat a UH team with a winning record and lost to NC State. Meh. OSU big win over ASU. Eh. Baylor OT loss on the road to 7-5 BYU. Not a horrible loss. OU demolished Nebraska, not a special accomplishment, but no one in their conference except Michigan laid a similar beating. KU beat UH and a 8-win Duke team. WVU beat a bad VT comfortably and lost in OT on the road to an 8-win Pitt team. ISU beat Iowa, who was is control of their B1G West destiny in the last week of the year. So, 9-5 against P5/BYU/upper tier AAC teams. I think the non conference profiles with the general sentiment on the Big 12, not elite at the top but the bottom doesn’t ever fall out completely and competitive across the board.
  18. Of those three, Ford is the only one that I think would be a roster emergency. They should be looking to the portal for the best available LB even if Hill commits. CB, yes Watts is the best they have but I think you can live with Brooks and Barron as starters (though I’d still be looking for a transfer to add some experience/depth). Sweat coming back is a pleasant surprise if it holds, but really a luxury.
  19. KSU has had a lot of opportunities to completely ice this and hasn’t closed it yet. I’ve seen nothing from Kansas that says they’re going to thread the needle to come back and win, but KSU is letting them hang around.
  20. Best 5-7 team in the country. Watch the tape.
  21. I didn’t really see the ball move but honestly not 100% sure on the rule. Hopefully KU punches it in and makes it moot. Damn, Daniels took a shot
  22. *gestures toward identical win total improvement at TCU*
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