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  1. To be fair that ends in 2021. They have spent most of the last two years in the poll and a big chunk of this year in the top 5. They are at least to the right of aggy through 2023 I’d think. But clearly they’re not sending their best to surly.
  2. I’m in the 11k range, consistently get decent OU seats and got Sugar Bowl tickets in 2018. Different level of excitement this time for sure but I’m holding out some hope. Also really annoying that it takes a week to let people know. You have everyone’s loyalty point rankings and ticket requests, it isn’t rocket surgery.
  3. Second team All SEC. If he were an IDL I imagine Texas would be all over it, as it stands I don’t know if they’d prioritize him between guys on campus, Trey Moore, and Simmons coming in. I could see him getting a payday from aggy
  4. This is like maxing the recruiting skill tree in NCAA 14
  5. Yeah I'm sure Texas had to tamper real hard to get the attention of a kid from Austin. K.
  6. Well you’re bolder than I am, I’m not willing to throw down that kind of money until I know whether Texas is actually playing. These $2k prices would actually have me rethink going but we’ll cross that bridge if/when we get there.
  7. $850 in 2005 is worth $1,371 now so that actually sounds pretty comparable.
  8. Agree at first glance but in my mind I justify it by saying your team doesn’t play in a national championship very often, and doing so in the city you live in is very possibly a once in a lifetime thing. So tickets may be north of $1k but if you compare against the cost of tickets and travel, meals, etc. to any potential future national championship game, which is also not guaranteed to ever happen, it feels like the cheapest opportunity that will ever be presented to see Texas play for a championship.
  9. Surly would keep bidding against itself and end up offering $20MM without Sark's agent even unmuting on the zoom call because We're Texas™️
  10. There are a shitload of upperclassmen brought in by Herman contributing on this team, including most of the LOS which has really made the difference. That’s just how it goes in CFB. Sark has absolutely done a great job putting together a staff that could maximize what was there and turning over the roster to get his guys in, though. If I’m the AD I’m not necessarily rushing to negotiate against myself and extend him with three years left on his deal after this one. You are getting a relative bargain at this point, might as well see what this looks like next year. But a conference championship, especially one this meaningful, and CFP appearance is rare air as a college HC. If Sark wants to extend he’s earned a top 10-15 salary in line with that, no questions asked.
  11. I mean, these days you go to the NFL for the work-life balance.
  12. Kyler Murray and Cee Dee Lamb sat out their game against Alabama until garbage time, aka the second quarter.
  13. It is never not funny when politicans pander and very obviously have no idea what they are doing or talking about. That is truly bipartisan.
  14. The Florida Panhandle hasn’t been this hot since 1861
  15. Already burned his shirt so that’s the only logical move. Plus Gabriel will probably just want to follow Lebby
  16. I think they deserved their shot and should have been in. The committee just couldn’t bring themselves to leave out the SEC though. People were worried about Bama jumping Texas because of SEC bias. Right about the root cause, wrong about how it would manifest. It’s not Texas who is in at the expense of FSU so I’m not losing any sleep over that but I’d be livid as a FSU fan.
  17. Sark was treating that game as practice for Ewers, first and foremost. He knew he had a very thin RB room (remember there was a Brooks injury of some kind) and frankly the outcome of the game was not that important as opposed to getting Ewers a taste of really being the focal point the offense like he would be expected to in 2023. Texas defense vs Washington can be relatively instructive but I would really not place a lot of stock on the Texas offense from that game. The personnel, game plan, and stakes are all going to be quite different.
  18. Washington O vs Texas D is elite on elite. Washington should only run as much as they absolutely have to in order to keep the Texas defense honest because the Texas pass defense is an attractive matchup. Interestingly, that was the thought going into the Alamo Bowl and Washington ran it down Texas’s throat. Texas O has an advantage on the Washington D but the red zone remains a glaring issue. If they can close drives they will probably score a lot. Don’t bet either side they aren’t consistent. $9.95 plz
  19. Oh I agree, Texas as a slight favorite feels right to me. I’m just poking fun at the extra clownish takes
  20. So a 13-0 Washington team (25-2 over two seasons) that beat Texas in a bowl game last year should be terrified of Texas and it’ll be such a beatdown Arch Manning gets in the game. I see we broke out the Texags grade kool aid today lol
  21. I certainly don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that they won’t. Bama’s OL is going to have a very interesting time with Michigan.
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