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  1. Sark was treating that game as practice for Ewers, first and foremost. He knew he had a very thin RB room (remember there was a Brooks injury of some kind) and frankly the outcome of the game was not that important as opposed to getting Ewers a taste of really being the focal point the offense like he would be expected to in 2023. Texas defense vs Washington can be relatively instructive but I would really not place a lot of stock on the Texas offense from that game. The personnel, game plan, and stakes are all going to be quite different.
  2. Washington O vs Texas D is elite on elite. Washington should only run as much as they absolutely have to in order to keep the Texas defense honest because the Texas pass defense is an attractive matchup. Interestingly, that was the thought going into the Alamo Bowl and Washington ran it down Texas’s throat. Texas O has an advantage on the Washington D but the red zone remains a glaring issue. If they can close drives they will probably score a lot. Don’t bet either side they aren’t consistent. $9.95 plz
  3. Oh I agree, Texas as a slight favorite feels right to me. I’m just poking fun at the extra clownish takes
  4. So a 13-0 Washington team (25-2 over two seasons) that beat Texas in a bowl game last year should be terrified of Texas and it’ll be such a beatdown Arch Manning gets in the game. I see we broke out the Texags grade kool aid today lol
  5. I certainly don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that they won’t. Bama’s OL is going to have a very interesting time with Michigan.
  6. Point taken but Michigan would be favored over Georgia. They are #1 in most predictive analytics and power ratings.
  7. Well they probably weren’t worried about Texas as a CFP opponent before this season, when the sign stealing stuff broke. So maybe not so much.
  8. He was very clear treating that as practice for Ewers and the passing game first and trying to win second. He threw the ball 47 times vs 18 runs. Kielan Robinson led Texas in carries and rushing with 8/27. Texas also left points on the field via drops and bad throws. I think Washington being a tough matchup for the Texas D carries over from last year, but the situation when Texas has the ball is quite different now.
  9. So does DeBoer. This is going to be a fascinating display of offense. I’m excited for this game
  10. I am consistently astounded by how dumb you are. I never said they cannot put Alabama and Texas in over FSU. I said they cannot reasonably go Texas-FSU-Alabama 3-4-5 as you were suggesting because that makes no sense. You defer to the record and put 13-0 FSU and 3 and Texas at 4; or you consider FSU inferior without Travis and put Texas 3, Bama at 4. Lo and behold, they did the latter. Regardless of what I think of the choice I acknowledge their logic is consistent.
  11. For UGA absolutely. I could see FSU wanting to go 14-0 and claim a title. I would in their shoes.
  12. I am surprised they actually did it and left a 13-0 P5 champion out. As soon as you saw Texas at 3 you knew that would happen. If Texas is seeded over FSU, Alabama has to be. At least their logic was consistent - although honestly sticking to the present, FSU should honestly be way down the rankings. I don’t know how I feel about it to be honest. There are obvious competitive issues leaving a 13-0 P5 team out in favor of a 12-1 team. It’s also probably true that Michigan or Washington would have beaten FSU soundly; but we don’t know that for sure. Between that and FSU passing two tests on backup QBs and I think I come down on the side of them deserving their shot, but I do understand why the committee went with Alabama. There’s an argument there beyond just “SECSECSEC.” No clean, right answer on the fourth team with how the CCGs went, really.
  13. Man that shit made no sense to me. Washington -3 at home (i.e. neutral field pick'em) six weeks ago to Oregon -9.5 on a neutral now. Oregon -3 or something to account for Washington screwing around, okay. But 9.5 points? That was wild.
  14. Because it reasonably that's the only way it can be. The committee could always just go off the reservation with extreme, naked SEC bias but there isn't anything to support that so it isn't worth talking about But what you fail to grasp is that it does not mean that team goes automatically into the 4 seed.
  15. This is the only reason they would seed FSU #4. I don't think they would come out and say it but it would basically be "We felt like we had to put the 13-0 team in but it would be really weird to give the 2 seed a bye instead of the 1 seed." Their actual outward explanation, whatever it is, would make no sense.
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