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  1. Every accusation is a confession with these people.
  2. Yeah this is the only thing that could move the needle in this debate. Trump's mic being muted is a godsend for Trump. Without a bad soundbite/video clip, Biden will win the debate handily and it will not matter one bit.
  3. If Joe Biden does win the election, the GOP is going to have an enormous House victory in the midterms. Democrats aren't passing shit in 27-28.
  4. Debates do not and will not matter. Public opinion polling has consistently shown Trump as a decisive loser in every presidential debate he's participated in. They fade in the news cycle like everything else and everything can see what poo flinging shit shows they've become. If they debate, Biden will crush Trump, and it won't matter.
  5. Republican incompetence in its implementation gives me more solace than the Democrats' willingness/ability to frame and attack it for what it is, or the American public's or appetite to recognize and reject it. Sad place to be. 46% of the electorate will vote for this, whether out of malice or ignorance; just as 46% of the electorate voted for the less well articulated version of it in 2016 and 2020. Whether that's enough, who knows?
  6. 11am road game at Arkansas is great. Piglets do not have all day to tailgate and the environment will not be as rowdy (at least at first); and for most of us watching on TV, game is first thing.
  7. What we know as Texas was very literally founded by carpetbagging white bois that weren't too fond of brown folks. Seems to fit the mold.
  8. Until you lose good talent over draconian policy
  9. Tuition hikes at public colleges are directly correlated with state funding cuts. In Texas, that ratio is actually < 100%; i.e. universities have increased tuition by less than funding losses. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/fancy-dorms-arent-the-main-reason-tuition-is-skyrocketing/
  10. It's pretty well documented that this is a myth.
  11. We're all losing our minds as of the first incompletion against Colorado State and you know that.
  12. If this is what they are reaching for to fire up the outrage machine things may look pretty bleak to FOX.
  13. We recently relocated out of Texas and I really wish we did this. We got rid of a decent amount of our belongings but still brought some furniture, kitchen gear, clothes, etc. Pain in my assholes. /Borat. Considering the time/effort that goes into packing/loading then doing the reverse, cost of transport, and the fact that we beat PODS up here by like a week, it would have been more cost effective to lose nearly everything.
  14. That still makes sense though, because the trend of educated voters making up a higher proportion of the electorate in specials isn't because all of the same people that show up for a general election show up- there are fewer voters with college degrees too - it's because everyone else's participation falls off an even bigger cliff. That's how you get a very small piece of the general electorate in a district like this exercising hugely disproportionate influence in a special. Will be interesting to see the voter demographics if anyone is reliably tracking them.
  15. Silver & co. were pretty consistent in 2016 in saying a 70-whatever percent chance of a Clinton victory in their model is not at all a sure thing and a Trump win was very plausible. They were basically the only outlet that wasn't treating the election as a foregone conclusion and the only modelers that didn't have Clinton at like 95%. Texas was favored against OU and UW and was an underdog against Alabama. Play those games again in the same settings and the same teams would be favored (though it would be more like Alabama -2 or -3 than -7 or whatever it was). Clinton was favored for a reason but underdogs win sometimes. As usual, wrong. Democrats have absolutely been overperforming in low turnout elections since the start of the Trump era, because college educated voters do make up a greater portion of the electorate in midterms and especially special elections, and those voters have shifted notably toward Democrats. This is well documented. Olds do vote at higher rates. Disparities still exist along the typical lines - education, race, etc. - but controlling for all that, olds do still vote at higher rates. Always have.
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